Monday, July 31, 2006

WSOP Main Event Day 1D

I'm back at the Rio after a couple hours of sleep to cover the final flight of Day 1. There have been rumors that there will be a Day 1E for a fifth day of first round action. This is just a rumor and the few suits I asked looked at me like, "Lay off the crack pipe, kid!"

Then again this is the same corporation that stiffs their dealers and provides shotty security service in the parking lots, so I don't take anything seriously at this point of the WSOP.

As of right now, almost 2,400 lucky fuckers survived the first three days of the WSOP main event. Toay, the last batch of brave fools are jumping into the mix for a shot at $10 million, fame, glory, and 17 virgins.

Here's the top 10 chipcounts from 1C:
1 Adam Jones 123K
2 William Thorson 115K
3 Brenden Lewis 112K
4 Dario Minieri 103K
5 Richard Gryko 100K
6 Per Sjogren 98K
6 Daniel Pelletier 98K
8 Bob Binsky 96.7K
9 Charlie Sewell 95.7K
10 Shannon Shorr 95K
10 Mike Petrillo 95K

Notable Stacks from Day 1C:
Greg Raymer $48K
Daniel Negreanu $85.8K
John Gale $39K
Tom McEvoy $39K
Daniel Larsson $31.7K
Josh Arieh $31.4K
Al Ardebili $29.2K
Melissa Hayden $28K
Playing today are... Joe Hachem, Isabelle Mercier, Chris Moneymaker, Lyle Berman, Barny Boatman,Joe Cassidy, Peter Costa, John D'Agastino, My Main Man Freddy Deeb, Quinn Do, Chris "Triple Draw" Fargis, Amnon Filipi, Scott Fischman, Ted "Suicide King" Forrest,Jean Gaspard, Alan Goehring, Mike Gracz, Harley Hall, Matt Hilger, Robert Nardi, Chip Reese, Frank Kassela, Michelle Lewis, Erick Lindgren, Marcel Luske, Eric Mizrachi, Cecila Mortensen, Donnacha O'Dea, Stuart "Donator" Paterson, Max Pescatori, Dean Cain, David Plastik, Allie Prescott, Blair Rodman, Matt Savage, Huck Seed, Erick Seidel, Sean Sheikhan, Rodeen Talebi, Robert Varkonyi, Ram Vaswami, Cyndy Violette, Celine Dion's husband, Vince Van Patten, Lennox Lewis, and Hank Azaria.

My buddy from NYC Adam Stormwind is playing along with bloggers Zeem and Lucko21 are also in today's field too.

Stop by PokerStars Blog and check out some of the cntent I've been providing for them particularly a piece called The Post-Modern American Dream: The WSOP. Also for the best 2006 WSOP photos, go ahead and check out Flipchip's hard work.

* * * * * Live Blogging Update * * * *

12:01pm... God himself Jeffrey Pollack introduced "Mosaic" who did an accapella rendition of "Proud to Be an American." They did a good job, but that was a travesty with an international field. I wonder how much they got paid to do that? It could have been used more wisely to provide better security in the parking lots.

12:05pm... Cards are in the air after TD Robert Daly uttered, "Shuffle up and deal!"

12:10pm... First player is out. Not a record. Yesterday the first player was out 3.5 minutes.

12:11pm... Joe Hachem is at the featured TV table.

12:40pm... WSOP Photo Dump: Spent the last twenty minutes snapping photos. Here's a quick dump. Click on the photos to see an enlarged view.

Tao of Poker's Pothead of the Day: Stormy




Michelle Lewis and Barny Boatman


Joe K.

Isabelle Mercier is fashionably late

12:45pm... Media Room Prop Bets: I entered a Hendon Mob Last Longer bet with two Brits. Jen from Blonde Poker has Barny Boatman. Mad from PokerStars Blog has Ram Vaswami. And I have Russ Boatman.

12:50pm... Recent Elimiantion: Sean Sheikhan is out.

1:15pm... 8,778 players entered the 2006 WSOP Championship event. That's several million dollars in dead money.

1:25pm... My buddy Jason from Full Tilt had his Aces cracked by 10-10. Shortstacked, he went all in on consecutive hands with junk and caught back-to-back straights with 10-8o and 7-5o. Moral of the Story: the best starting hand never wins. Jason is always wearing flipflops and a bathrobe today.

1:30pm... Bouncin Round the Media Room: It's feeding time at the Zoo. Harrah's tossed us a few stale sandwiches on the banquet table in the media room. The animals swarmed. Once word is out that there's free food, these cheap and hungry bastards peck at eat other and eat anything in site. Mad is a vegetarian and she asked for some sandwiches without meat products. I'm positive that Harrah's puts chemicals in the food that make you want to donk off chips at the craps table.

2:00pm... WSOP Photo Dump: Here are a few pics from today. Click on them to enlarge.

Jason in his bathrobe

Ace from Calagary Sports Radio

Hat of the Day

Stuart "Donator" Patterson

Isabelle's toes

Moneymaker's cardcapper and pic of his kid


2:15pm... Recent Elimination: Erik Seidel hits the rail. His A-A were cracked by the Hilton Sisters

2:30pm... Screwdriver time. Otis and designated 2:30pm as the time when we start drinking. I'm off to get some cocktails.

2:45pm... Ah, sweet liquor eases the pain.

3:00pm... Joe Hachem busted a guy at the feature table when his A-A held up against Q-Q.

3:15pm... Sleeping with Celine Dion gives you ESP. Rene Angelil folded K-K face up preflop to a huge raise. His opponent showed A-A.

3:30pm... The Post-Modern American Dream: The WSOP has been published over at PokerStars Blog. Take a peek.

3:45pm... Recent Eliminations: Lyle Berman is out. He flopped a straight but his opponent caught a flush on the turn.

4:00pm... Chipcounts: Here are some chipcounts for random folks I've been sweating:
Isabelle Mercier 9.1K
Joe Hachem 18.7K
Chris Fargis 12.2K
Zeem 7.5K
Stormy 11.5K
Lucko21 9.1K
Oliver Tse 18K
4:10pm... Lenox Lewis doubled up with Aces against Cecila Mortensen.

4:12pm... Recent Eliminations: Vince Van Patten is out. He'll be signing autographs at the Hooker Bar shortly. Jason Newitt is also out. He lost a last longer with Joe Sebok and looked pissed. Amnon Filippi is also gone.

4:15pm... According to Nolan Dalla, the number of players is 8,774 (give or take a a dozen or so). The top 873 players will get paid.

4:20pm... Smoke break with Change100.

5:00pm... Recent Elimination: Erick Lindgren busted out when his Jacks ran into A-A.

5:20pm... When I was sweating my buddy Stormy's table, I saw Robert Varkonyi rake a huge pot. He's got 32K.

5:40pm... Chipcounts: Joe K. missed a gutshot straight flush draw. He's got a little under $6K. Here are some chipcounts for random folks I've been sweating:
Glenn $5.6K
Zeem $4.5K
Joe K. $5.8
Isabelle Mercier $7.3K
Stormy $14.5K
Lucko21 $7.7
6:00pm... WSOP Photo Dump: Here are a few I took over the last hour or so.

Vintage Slim

Former Star Trek actor stealing water to feed his Black Tar habit

6:11pm... Recent Elimination: According to CJ reading Bloglines, he noticed that Chris Fargis is out.

6:40pm... Recent Eliminations: Max Pescatori, Sam Grizzle, and Lennox Lewis all hit the rail. Pescatori lost a race. Lennoz Lewis' A-10 ran into Celcia Mortensen's A-Q.

6:45pm... Players are on a dinner break. Time to head out to the Kikted Tilt with the gang for pints of Stella, which I'm told is called "wifebeater beer" in England.

8:00pm... Pimp my book! And if you don't know, DoubleAs finally released his book Pressure Poker.

8:30pm... WSOP Photo Dump: Click on the photos to see an enlarged view.

Lennox Lewis


Tao of Poker Blonde of the Day: Pokerwire Amanda

9:00pm... Recent Elimination: Dean Cain is out.

9:15pm... Chipcounts Updates: I walked by and saw that Glenn scooped a pot and that Joe K. doubled up. Zeem is on life support. Lucko21 went up to 25K and took a huge hit.
Zeem $2.2K
Stormy $22.3K
Lucko21 $5K
Isabelle Mercier 9.6K
Joe K. $12K
Glenn $9.5K
Joe Hachem $17.2K
9:45pm... Recent Elimination: Bill Edler is out.

10:15pm... Both Robert Varkonyi and Chris Moneymaker are looking strong. They both busted out on Day 1 the year after they won their championship, but are sitting with big stacks. Varkonyi is up to 40K, while Moneymaker has 30K.

10:45pm... Back by popular demand!
Last 5 Pros I Pissed Next To:
1. Humberto Brenes
2. Phil Gordon
3. Arnold Spee
4. Freddy Deeb
5. Keith Sexton
11:15pm... Chipcounts Updates: I couldn't find Lucko21 and I hope he is still in and only got moved. Zeem doubled up and Moneymaker took a hit when he ran into A-A with A-Q after he flopped a Queen.
Zeem $5.6K
Stormy $17K
Lucko21 ???
Isabelle Mercier $6.7K
Joe K. $11K
Glenn $8K
Joe Hachem $27K
11:25pm... Recent Elimination: $50K HORSE Champion Chip Reese is out.

11:45pm... Official numbers have been released! 8,773 players bought in which is an obvious record. According to BJ's math, "that should create a prizepool of $82,466,200." The top 873 players are going to get paid prize money.

12:01am... Recent Elimination: Chris Moneymaker and Hank Azaria are both out.

12:25am... Bloggers Update: Zeem was moved tables. He has 3.6K and is sitting at the same table as Marcel Luske and Robert Varkonyi. Both have massive stacks. Isabelle Mercier slipped to 4K. Stormy has 27.5K after he won a race with 8-8.

12:30am... Recent Elimination: Toto Leonidas and Scott Fischman are out.

12:40am... Recent Elimination: Zeem is out. He pushed with a draw and missed. So is Isabelle Mercier. She busted out by a three-outer.

12:50am... Recent Elimination: Johnny Chan is out.

1:00am... "The (poker) monkey is staying in my hotel," Michael Craig recanted to me in the media room.

3:00am... Recent Elimination: Victor Ramdin and Martin DeKniff are both out.

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