Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dutch Boyd Is Getting Laid Tonight!

It's true. Dutch Boyd just won a bracelet. And I missed it, dammit! I'm still in Hollyweird for one more day and followed the final table via Otis' kick ass coverage of the final event on Poker Stars Blog. Joe Hachem almost won his second bracelet as he proved he's not a fluke and made a final table in just the first week of action at the WSOP.

The event was one of my favorites at the WSOP... Short-handed NL with 6-max tables and Dutch Boyd battled Joe Hachem heads-up. Read all about the final table for Event #5 on Otis' Poker Stars Blog.

Congrats to Dutch Boyd and to Rafe Furst who picked up a bracelet on Friday night. I'll write more about both epic victories when I get back into Las Vegas tomorrow.

Don't forget to check out Flipchip's WSOP Photos.

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