Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday's WSOP Photos, Random Bloggers, and Hellmuthian Update

Fox Sports published one of my articles called Top 10 Poker Personalities. Take a peek. That was one of the articles I toiled on late last night.

A few of my friends in the media played in today's $1,500 NL event. There were almost 3,000 players and they took alternates again.

As of 4:20pm Vegas time, Spaceman has 4300 in chips. Caldwell has 4K. Otis and Ryan are out. Ryan already posted something about today's event.

Back by popular demand!
Last 5 Pros I Pissed Next To...
1. John Juanda
2. JC Tran
3. Barry Greenstein
4. David Singer
5. Padrig Parkinson
Here are some pics I took this afternoon. Feel free to click on them to see an enlarged view.



The pooch is now a Full Tilter

Jen from Blonde Poker

John Caldwell

Isaac Galzan

Jen Tilly

Snoopy from Blonde Poker

Vintage Spaceman

Updates: Spaceman Cometh and Hellmuth's Chasing #10!

4:30pm... Hellmuth lost the lead early after Juha Helpi took a pot from him on the very first hand. Since then Hellmuth busted Ralph Perry (8th place) and David Plastik (7th place). Hellmuth's J-J held up against Perry's 9-9. Then Hellmuth found A-A and knocked out Plastik who had J-J.

4:40pm... With 6 players remaining, Hellmuth has almost 1M in chips and has a 2-1 lead over Daryn Firicano in second place.

5:30pm... Four remain. Hellmuth is still in front.
1 Phil Hellmuth 930K
2 Daryn Firicano 550K
3 John Spadavecchia 520K
4 Juha Helppi 500K
6:20pm... Spaceman is out of his event by a bad beat too. A-9 to A-7. His opponent spiked a 7. Prior to that he lost two races and most of his stack. Spaceman had a good run and finished in about 500th place and just missed the money. I think he won the last longer with Gavin Smith. If Smith busted out before Spaceman, he was gonna donate $750 to For Peyton.

6:40pm... Players are on a dinner break until 7:40pm.
1 Phil Hellmuth 1.315M
2 Daryn Firicano 501K
3 John Spadavecchia 357K
4 Juha Helppi 328K
8:54pm... One after dinner break, Hellmuth is in the lead with 1.185M. With four playes remaining, Juha jumped up to second in chips.

9:40pm... Down to 3 after Hellmuth's A-10 busted John Spadavecchia's Q-8 in 4th place. Hellmuth leads with 1.475M. Juha Helppi 530K and Daryn Firicano 425K trail Hellmuth who has almost a 3 to 1 lead on Juha.

10:20pm... Hellmuth still ahead with 3 to go. I'm done for the night. Heading to Tao with Change100 for the BoDog party. Check Poker Wire for the updates.

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