Monday, July 17, 2006

It Was Supposed to Be Charlie Tuttle PLO Day

I lost Grubby's car in a prop bet. We wagered on the second weekend of grosses for Pirates of the Caribbean II. I took the under (at $55 million) and he went with the over. If I won, I would have gotten his couch and his TV. I lost and Grubby won his car back. He's looked very happy.

We had to wait ten minutes to get a seat at the Grand Cafe in Green Valley Ranch. Grubby and I headed there for breakfast and it was busy. During our wait, I went over to a slot machine and won $10 playing Mr. Cashman. That's Grubby, Mrs. Spaceman, and Carmen's favorite slot machine. Mine too since I never play slots and only the occasional video poker machine.

I was supposed to be gambling on Monday when I played in the $1500 Pot Limit Omaha event. I bought into my first 2006 WSOP event at 4:45pm on Sunday afternoon. There were less than 150 entrants registered and Heather from Poker Wire said there would be no more than 400 or 500 tops.

I got an email from Wil an hour or so ago saying that the event was changed to a rebuy event. Since I was bought in by friends and because I don't have the bankroll to play in a rebuy event, I have to sit out on Monday. Instead I will play the $1,500 NL on Tuesday.

Last year, 293 players enetered this same PLO event and Barry Greenstein won a bracelet which he dedicated to Charlie Tuttle. I wanted to play that event specifically for Charlie. Spaceman told me tha Charlie was gonna help guide me the way to the final table. Well that's not going to happen because less than 24 hours before the event was started to kick off, management changed the schedule from a freezeout to rebuys.

I had been hearing hundreds and thousands of complaints about this year's WSOP. You can now dd me to that list after this last minute change. Harry Demetriou was so upset with how Harrah's changed the NL Shootout event on Sunday from 10 or 11 handed to 6 handed, that he went apeshit and security had to escort him from the building. I'm not going to do that, but I'm irked because this event had a special meaning for me and several of my friends.

I can get my money back and I'll buy-in to Tuesdays event. So my backers can feel a little bit better since I'm a better NL Hold'em player than PLO. Actually if I were to rank my best games I'd say... Limit, Stud, NL, and PLO. I should have played a Stud event but I'm an action junkie and NL or PLO is much more fun.

Anyway, Charlie Tuttle Day will have to wait one more day. Hopefully he can guide me through some rough spots on Tuesday. Thanks again to everyone who wanted to back into the PLO event.

Since I'm not playing PLO on Monday, I can watch the final table of the $3K Omaha Hi/Lo at 4pm. Phill Hellmuth made his second final table of this year's WSOP and is chasing his 10th bracelet.
$3K Omaha Hi/Lo Final Table Chipcount (courtesy of Poker Wire):
1 Scott Clements 244K
2 Phil Hellmuth 158K
3 Ronald Matsuura 120K
4 Alex Limjoco 116K
5 Peter Costa 108K
6 Stephen Ladowsky 97K
7 Thor Hansen 86K
8 Martin Corpuz 76K
9 Brent Carter 49K
* * * * *

Congrats to Ryan and ZeemJR for winning their seats to the WSOP main event on Full Tilt and Poker Stars on Sunday.

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