Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bloggers in Vegas: Tips and a Video

The bi-annual gathering of the poker bloggers is only a few days away. If you attended the last one in December or will be attending this event, you should check out the video I spliced together called... Bloggers in Vegas: Dec. 2005.

The video is six minutes long and features video clips and photos from that epic weekend and from the blogger tournament at Imperial Palace. The video on YouTube plays faster than it streams so you might have to pause it to allow it to "catch up."

If you have never been to Las Vegas before and are looking for some advice, you should read this old post called: Bloggers Invading Las Vegas Tips 3.0.

My overall advice is to drink lots of water, pace yourselves, and try not to get arrested or rolled by a hooker.

* * * * *

Here are some of the other videos I recently uploaded:
Grubby's Secret Drawer
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Bonnaroo Part II

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