Monday, July 17, 2006

PLO Snafu

I am playing today after all. Event was pushed back 30 minutes. I'm at Table 144, Seat 4. This event is no rebuys. Harrah's added another event at 4pm with rebuys. This is a clusterfuck. Stay tuned for updates.

12:30pm... I have a last longer with Michael Craig. Cards are in the air. I'm wearing my lucky Steal Your Face hat.

12:45pm... I have Noah Boeken in Seat 1 and Ayaz Mahmood in Seat 9. With A-A-2-3 double suited I raised the pot, got one caller, and a short stacked moved all in for 200 more. We both called and checked it down. I won with Aces up. I had 2025 in chips.

1:20pm... Pauly hits the rail. I just made it to Level 2. Boy do I suck camel testicles or what? With Ax-Ax-Kd-9d I raised the pot preflop. I got two callers. Flop was Jack high with all rags. I bet the pot and Eurodonkey called me. Turn is a baby diamond. I moved all in with a King high flush redraw. He called me with pocket 7s and two diamonds. He was on a Queen high flush draw. He rivered a 7 for a boat which beat my Aces up. I'm out. I outlasted Gavin Smith, Clonie Gowen, and Cyndy Violette.

Thanks to everyone who backed me which includes Grubby & Change100, Senor, Derek, Ryan, John Caldwell, Brandon Schaefer, Seatle John, CBGCs: Kat & Jules, Iakaris, Alan, Miami Don & SinCity Carmen, AlCantHang, Iggy, Joe Speaker, and Big Pirate. I really wanted to go deep for Charlie Tuttle. I'll have to wait until next year.

Photo courtesy of Amy Calistri

Editor's Note: I sent my mother a copy of the pic of me in the PLO event. She wrote me back, "How come you were wearing so much clothes? Isn't it hot there?"

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