Friday, June 03, 2005

Vegas Update Two

The saga of passed out bloggers continues. Here is more proof:

Nice boxers, Al.

Man, It's 9:27am and I'm still fucked up. My head hurts like Rosie O'Donnell sat on it. I met some of my favorite poker bloggers for the first time. Poker Nerd, Gracie, Joe Speaker, Human Head, the Minnesota bloggers, and one of the Aprils. Good folks.

I watched Heather play Pai Gow poker. I met some of the wives. Derek and I went to check out the Wynn.

We have a kick ass suite at the Plaza and after the drunkin' HORSE games at the MGM Grand (I played with Al and Bill's chips), we returned back to the suite for a late night party. I passed out early, but Derek, Iggy, and the gang played no limit until 9am. I heard Iggy was offending everyone at the table, Fat Guy included, with his brutal anti-semetic remarks.

By the way, Mrs. Cant Hang is passed in my bed!! She has extremely cold feet.

Oh and yes, I saw Felicia knock back a shot of vodka while holding her nose. More blogger hijinks coming soon. Here is a random picture dump:

Pocket aces during RAZZ sucks.

The view from our suite.

The Horseshoe

In front of the Wynn Casino.

Bill's alive!

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