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Back to Work: Omaha Hi/Lo Event #5 Final Table and Short-Handed 6-Max NL Event #6

Man, I'm exhausted after last night's marathon event. I didn't leave the Rio until almost 5am. I wrote for a couple of hours before I crashed. The final table started today at noon for the Omaha Hi/Lo event #5. It is the largest Omaha Hi/Lo tournament ever played with 699 players. Darrell Dicken started the day as the chipleader. We're down to 8 players. Currently, Minneapolis Jim Meehan has the most chips at the final table.

I was surprised to see that only 548 players signed up for the 6-handed NL $2500 event #6. I figured we'd hit at least 1000 or even possibly 1500. The prize pool is still well over $1 million. The current chip leader is Isaac Galazan.

****** Live Blogging Updates ******

8:01pm PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo Update: The Final Table is still on their dinner break. There are eight players remaining. Minneapolis Jim Meehan is the chip leader with $191K. I saw him eating a slice of $5 pizza in the hallway a few minutes ago. Boris Shats is the short stack with $17K. Players will return at 9pm local time. I'm praying that this event ends by 2 or 3am so I can get some rest!

8:15pm PCT... 6-Handed NL update: I just watched a huge hand at a table with Humberto Brenes and Mel Judah. Humberto raised UTG to $1200. Mel Judah, who sat to the left of Humberto, re-raised him to $3000. Everyone folded, including the blinds. Humberto thought about his decision for several minutes. I was positioned right behind both players and I could see that Mel Judah breathing very heavily. Humberto passively made his trademark gesture and motioned that he was moving all in. As he stood up, he sighed. Mel Judah thought about it for a while. Then he mucked. I caught a glimpse at one of his cards but I dunno how ethical it would be for me to mention it here.

8:30pm PCT... 6-Handed NL update: Mike Matusow was knocked out by Minh Ly. Antonio Esfandiari just won a monster pot and quadrupled up when pushed all in with two pair and filled up a boat on the river. Philip Hilm and Alex Prendes were all in on that flop of 10-9-4. Antonio held 10-9. 72 players are left on 12 tables.

9:06pm PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Before the players returned to action, Nolan Dalla spoke for a few minutes about the 2004 WSOP Omaha Hi/Lo Champion Curtis Bibb. He died two months ago and Nolan asked the crowd for a moment of silence. Click here to check out a photo of Curtis Bibb from last year's WSOP.

9:33pm PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Boris Shats was eliminated in 8th place by Dan Heimiller. Boris won $28,940.

9:34pm PCT... 6-Handed NL update: We reached the money with 66 players remaining on 11 tables. Stan Jablonski bubbled out in 67th place. Eli Elezra is the current chipleader.

10:14pm PCT... 6-Handed NL update: John Ward moved all in with the Hilton Sisters and ran into pocket aces! If he cracked them, he would have won a Pauly Painting! There are 54 players remaining.

10:38pm PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: The players are on a break. Pat Poels is the chipleader with $229K. John Lukas has $221 in second place. Jeff Duvall is next with $190K, then Dan Heimiller with $151K, followed by Jim Meehan $92K and Bahram Kianfar $91K. Darrell Dicken is the shortstack with $80K.

10:56pm PCT... Andy Bloch has been sitting next to me in media row the last few hours. He's been writing code for Poker Wire. We've both been sweating Jason Spaceman who's been playing a free roll on Party Poker.

11:12pm PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Darrell Dicken was knocked out in 7th place by Jim Meehan's pair of nines. He won $38,585 in prize money. Two drunken female railirds showed up to cheer on Dan Heimiller. Pat Poels is the chipleader with $230K.

11:28pm PCT... 6-Handed NL update: 41 players left on 7 tables. David Singer has over $100K in chips. Antonio Esfandiari is looking strong with $88K along with three or four smoking hot women coming by to sweat him. Cindy Violette is still in and she has $28K. Looks like she'll cash in two WSOP events this week.

11:50pm PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Jeff Duvall is the chipleader with $240K and Jim Meehan is the shortstack with $65K. 7 players still remain.

11:53pm PCT... 6-Handed NL update: Humberto Brenes was knocked out by Martin Green from England. Humberto's Big Slick lost to Green's A9. They both flopped an ace, but a 9 spiked on the turn. Great Britain 1, Costa Rica 0. There are 37 players left.

12:20am PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Pat Poels is the chipleader with $295K.

12:55am PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: At the break, Pat Poels still held onto the chiplead with $340K. Minneapolis Jim Meehan and Dan Heimiller are both shortstacked. I chatted with Dan at the break. He's won a WSOP bracelet in 2002 and this is his 11th final table at the WSOP. By far he has the most vocal railbirds.

1:00am PCT... 6-Handed NL update: We're down to 24. Tommy Grimes is the chipleader with $128K. Antonio Esfandiari has $98K. Cindy Violette is the shortstack.

1:03am PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Minneapolis Jim Meehan was quoted saying, "I'm so good, I send chills up and down my own spine."

I saw Felicia. She came up to play stud at the Bellagio and for the Thursday Stud WSOP event. She introduced me to Chris from Twenty-one Outs Twice and he introduced me to Matt Matros. I also met Mike Sexton.

1:15am PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Minneapolis Jim Meehan was knocked out in 6th place by Jeff Duvall. He won $48,230. On the next hand Dan Heimiller finished in 5th place. He won $57,875.

1:22am PCT... 6-Handed NL update: Cindy Violette had a severe shortstack. She doubled up twice and now she has some chips. With Mike Sexton on the rail sweating her, he shouted out, "Make me proud!"

2:04am PCT... 6-Handed NL update: We are down to 18 players and three tables. Cindy Violette was knocked out in 20th place.

2:20am PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Jeff Duvall eliminated Bahram Kianfar in 4th place. He won $67,525. The players are currently on a 15 minute break. Pat Poels continues to add to his massive stack with $655K in chips. Jeff Duvall is second with $185K. John Lukas is last with $105K. During the break he walked over and told me, "I can't hit a hand."

2:30am PCT... 6-Handed NL update: Antonio Esfandiari knocked out two players on one hand. Martin Green was all-in preflop and John Juanda re-raised all in. Antonio called with 55. Juanda showed KK. Green had 66 and Antonio was way behind with 55. On the river, he spiked a 5 to scoop the pot with a set. Miami John Cernuto was just knocked out as well.

2:43am PCT... 6-Handed NL update: There are 13 players left. Play stopped for the night. David Singer is the chipleader. Here are the remaining player chip counts courtesy of Jen and Michelle from Poker Wire:
1. Andrew Black $197,500
2. David Singer $191,000
3. Antonio Esfandiari $173,000
4. Harry Demetriou $160,400
5. Isaac Galazan $154,000
6. Del Toledo $103,900
7. Tommy Grimes $85,600
8. Luis Santoni $74,200
9. Abe Almahi $72,800
10. David Barnes $59,500
11. Randy Holland $51,000
12. Mel Judah $31,600
13. Alex Prendes $16,700
Play for the 6-max NL event will resume at 2pm PCT on Wednesday.

2:50am PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: Jeff Duvall from England was eliminated in 3rd place. He wins $77,170 for his efforts. Pat Poels leads with $675K. John Lukas has $380K.

Pat Poels is the 2005 WSOP Omaha Hi/Lo Champ

3:31am PCT... Omaha Hi/Lo update: John Lukas finished in second place when he was knocked out by Pat Poels. John Lukas won $139,870 for being the runner up. Pat Poels collected $270,100 for first place and added a gold bracelet to his collection. Congrats to Pat Poels and John Lukas.

For complete results visit the 2005 World Series of Poker Tournament Results page. Make sure you visit the World Series of Poker Photo Gallery. For recaps and other tidits, check out 2005 World Series of Poker News.

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