Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Pimp Day

Sean posted a weekday nugget on his Lord Admiral Card Club podcast called TJ Cloutier Interview. Check it out. This was a bit I helped him tape. It's excerpts of an interview with TJ Cloutier a few minutes after he won the WSOP. I didn't conduct the interview. Nollan Dalla did, but I was able to put my voice recorder on the final table during the interview. It's the first time I used the recorder so the sound quality isn't great. But check it out nonetheless.

My brother Derek posted a hilarious recap of his trip to a card room in Chinatown back home in New York City. I'm bummed out that I missed all the fun and hijinks that he had last weekend with F Train, Joaquin, Bobby Bracelet, Sox Lover, and Ferrari! Make sure you read: NYC Card Rooms, No Rake, the Rooster and Razz. Here's a bit:
Chinatown is a crazy place to be. The smell down there is also quite lovely especially after years of selling seafood, fireworks, assorted "other" meats and not being able to contain stumbling drunks from pissing on the streets. See, OTB isn't the only place that has it's problems!

I was surrounded by criminals, tourists, bloggers, Tony Soprano wannabees, and a bunch of old Chinese ladies sitting on a stoop, yet our waiter Roberto was the sketchiest person around. He had that Scientology look. Know what I mean? lol. After our meal, Roberto almost tackled us while we were walking down the street. He was yelling something about us signing the wrong receipts. I thought SoxLover was going to punch him!... More
If you think I work a lot, you've never met my brother. He's logging long ass hours down in the trenches on Wall Street. If he had more free time, he'd post more, but I know he's doing his best. He's been blogging some great shit on his blog since he's been back from Vegas, so don't miss out. He's also had the fine distinction of being mentioned on Oddjack twice in the last two weeks.

Amy Calistri got in trouble because she was linking up fellow bloggers here at the WSOP. She got a slap onthe wrist. It sucks that her boss is a mean witch who has her panties wedged so far up her butt she doesn't understand what a blog really is all about. Bloggers link each other up, that's we do. Amy is one of the coolest folks I met here so far and it's sad that she must blog under such Draconian measures. My day is not right until I see her and get the latest gossip. I feel sorry for her and Steve and Charla. They are working their asses off. I was going to protest and not link up Poker Pages anymore but I'm above that petty shit. In the end, the smug owners of Poker Pages are super bitter that we've been kicking their ass in WSOP coverage with my poker blog and that's why they really brought the hammer down on Amy.

Lastly, congrats to Wil Wheaton. He'll be playing in the main event here at the WSOP. Check out what Otis had to say about Wil and Team Poker Stars. Coming soon... the Wil Series of Poker. Stay tuned.

Don't forget to visit Flipchip's World Series of Poker photo gallery. And if you want the latest World Series of Poker News, I am posting recaps of every final event over at Don't forget to check out the Poker Prof's hard work on his World Series of Poker tournament results page.

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