Sunday, June 19, 2005

Event #19 $1500 Pot-Limit Omaha -- Event #18 $2000 Stud Hi/Lo -- Event #17 $2,500 Limit Hold'em Day 2

I wrote one of my best pieces to date about the World Series of Poker. It's called WSOP: First Impressions and it appears on Fox Sports in their poker section.

It looks like Fox finally got their act together and is adding WSOP coverage from me and Nolan Dalla. They also included Flip Chip's World Series of Poker photo gallery. Check it out. He's got some of the best WSOP photos on the web. Make sure you take a peek at the WSOP Top Money Finishers.

I finally got some sleep, although it was not as much as I would have liked. I was up until dawn again last night and I wish I could say that I was partying it up. Instead, I spent a lonely night at my apartment in the Redneck Riviera working on some articles. I'm taking a semi-half day off today and just finished up some more writing and doing my laundry. I also won an SNG on Noble Poker and also on Full Tilt. The deck was hitting me in the face on Full Tilt. I got AA, KK, JJ, and AQs in four consecutive hands. And yes, I know how lame it is to be playing online while I'm living in Las Vegas. I felt like such a loser last night while I was working and my buddies were in the cash game area playing with drunken tourists. At least I got to bump into Tanya who was playing satellites. She's hilarious!

HDouble, Otis, and Wil all told me that I need to slow down and pace myself. I would love to take their advice. My problem is that I only operate on one speed. I party hard and I work even harder. Its dfficult for me to slow down when I'm doing anything writing related. If I commit to something, I go all out.

Enough about me...

There are three tournaments going on today. This is the first day when two tournaments begin on the same day. The PLO began at noon and the Stud/Hi Low started at 2pm. The second day of the Limit event is also resuming action at 2pm.

Here are the tournaments I'm supposed to be covering today:
1. Event #17 $2,500 Limit Hold'em Day 2
2. Event #18 $2000 Stud Hi/Lo
3. Event #19 $1500 Pot-Limit Omaha
The prize pool for the Limit event is $857,900 and 373 players signed up. For the PLO event, there are 291 players competing for a prize pool of $423,405. And if you really dig Stud Hi/Lo, you will be happy to know that there are 279 players gunning for a prize pool of $513,360.

****** Live Blogging Updates ******

6:30pm... Limit Hold'em Day 2 update: We started with 20 players today and now we're down to 10 and a final table. Here are seat positions and chip counts:
Seat 1: Noah Boeken $20K
Seat 2: Quinn Do $77K
Seat 3: Sammy Arzoin $61K
Seat 4: Rodeen Talebi $171K
Seat 5: Greg Debora $44K
Seat 6: Mike Davis $87K
Seat 7: Spencer "Here Comes the" Sun $115K
Seat 8: Chi Chang $212K
Seat 9: "Captain" Tom Franklin $124K
Seat 10: TNT Nasr $33K
Carlos Mortenson and Mark Gregorich were both knocked out today.

6:50pm... PLO Update: Players are on a dinner break. There are 44 left and John Juanda appears to be the chipleader.

8:50pm... Limit Hold'em Final Table: Players on a break and I'm sitting next to Otis who is blogging for his outfit. When players go on a break, the dealers are required to sit at the tables and watch the chips. It's an easy down for them. There's a dealer at one of the tables nearby who's talking smack about going to the first Woodstock. He's shouting across the room to another dealer and telling him about the weed he used to buy. He said four fingers worth of weed cost $20. Damn. I wish I lived in the 1960s.

9:20pm... Stud Hi/Lo: 135 players are left on 17 tables. Jen Harman, Fossilman, Kristy Gazes, Mike Matusow, Gavin Smith, Kirill Gerasimov, Howard Lederer, and Chris Gregorian.

Here are some photos that Flipchip snapped a few moments ago:

Fossilman ponders a call

"All you can eat, baby!"

Mike Sexton minus VVP

God and Jesus

Barry was cool enough to call Charlie

Liz Lieu and Evlyn Ng

9:50pm... PLO Update: Paul Maxfield and Barry Greenstein are among the chipleaders. We're down to 31.

11:10pm... Limit Hold'em update: Noah Boeken was knocked out by Quin Do in 9th place. Boeken was shortstacked and moved all in with AQ. Quin Do had A8 and flopped an ace. Quin D0 is now the chipleader.

11:37pm... Limit Hold'em update: Quin Do is en fuego. He went from one of the short stacks to the chipleader. He added to his stack when he knocked out Spencer "Here Comes the Sun" Sun in 8th place. He wins $25,735.

11:54pm... PLO update: We're down to 16 players and we've been in the money. Phil Hellmuth just tied Barry Johnston's record for most cashes at the WSOP. Toto Leonidas, Barry Greenstein, Chris "Jebus" Ferguson, Julian Gadiner, and Phil Hellmuth are all still alive.

12:01am... Limit Hold'em Final Table update: Capt. Tom Franklin just knocked out Rodeen Talebi in 7th place. Rodeen wins a set of steak knives and $42,895.

12:20am... Limit Hold'em Final Table update: Quinn Do knocked out another player. This time it was Sammy Arzoin who was shortstacked. Arzoin finished in 6th place with $42,895 and he also won a set of steak knives.

12:25am... Stud Hi/Lo update: We're down to about 64 players. Jen Harman looks like she's the chipleader.

12:31am... Limit Hold'em Final Table update: Capt. Tom Franklin was just knocked out. He had A4s and flopped an ace against Quin Do's pocket tens. The poker gods have been smiling on Quin Do all night long. He caught a set on the turn and sent Capt. Tom home in 5th place. He won $51,475 for his hard work.

12:45am... Random Thoughts: I saw Minneaplois Jim Meehan in the bathroom. He was taking a piss and smoking a cigarette at the same time while balancing a Heinekin on the urinal.

1:02am... Limit Hold'em Final Table update: Chi Chang knocked out Tony Nasr in 4th place. He moved all in blind with his shortstack and Chi Chang flopped a set with 99. Tony won $60,055 for 4th place.

1:17am... Bouncin Round the Room: The advantages of wi-fi and a decent battery ... I am sitting in the stands next to Grubby and we're talking about MTTs on the Strip. I was sitting next to Otis in press row. So it's a mini-bloggers convention. I'm going to walk over and sweat Phil "God" Hellmuth in the PLO final two tables.

1:22am... Limit Hold'em Final Table update: Tom Davis was kncoked out Quin Do. Davis won $68,630 for third place. We have reached heads up play, which in Limit poker could take for hours to crown a new champion.

1:55am... PLO update: We're down to 12 players and Phil Hellmuth is bouncing back and forth betweenn almost tilt and tilt. I caught him jawing with one of the players at his table.

1:57am... Stud Hi/Lo update: We're down to 38. Jean-Robert Bellande is the chipleader with about $37K in chips. Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Gavin Smith, Mel Judah, and Erik Seidel are still alive.

2:09am... PLO update: We're down to nine and I witnessed my first live "Hellmuthian Blowup."

"Have you ever played this game?" Phil Hellmuth yelled at Tim Martz who called his raise and busted him when he ccaught runner-runner for a flush. In true fashion, he threw a temper tantrum after he was knocked out. He was cussing up a storm and even kicked a chair. I wish I had video footage of that. He really wanted to make the final table. On his way to the payout table, Hellmuth was bitching about losing to a guy who called his raise with 9JJK.

"Play perfectly all night and get beat in four hands by some donkey who can't spell the game," he said to members of the press. Play at the final table will start on Monday at 3pm.

2:40am... Stud Hi/Lo update: Play is done for the night. There are 32 players left and play will resume at 2pm.

2005 WSOP $2,500 Limit Hold'em Winner: Quinn Do

3:15am... Limit Hold'em Final Table update: After about ninety minutes of play, we had a new champion. On the winning hand, "The Mighty" Quinn Do flopped the nut flush with A7s against Chang's J9o. He won $137,265 for his efforts. Quinn Do won his first bracelet and won $265,975. Congrats to Quinn.

For a complete recap written by yours truly, visit 2005 World Series of Poker News. Three tournaments will be going on tomorrow, so check back here for more living blogging updates.

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