Saturday, June 04, 2005

Vegas Update 3: WSOP Event # 2 and Other Things Degenerates Do in Vegas at 4am

First of all, I made the money in a tourney today. I took fourth place at the noon NL tourney at the Plaza. Buy in was $110 and I made the final table with Maudie, Bad Blood, and Mrs. Blood. Wait, did you say Mrs. Blood? Yes, I did. She was running all over her table and was talking smack to me! She played great and I was very impressed with her skills. Bad Blood taught her well.

I think I knocked out Bad Blood. It's 4am, I'm shitfaced, and I'm too lazy too look at my notes. Who cares about hand histories anyway? Drizz and G Rob also played. I had Joaquin, HDouble, and AlCant Hang on the rail along with Maudie and the Bloods cheering me on to my 4th place victory.

Felicia and Glenn drove us over to the Rio. I picked up my press credentials and we sweated the bloggers who were supposed to play. HDouble and the Poker Nerd were both shut out and were not registered in time.

Everyone else was knocked out, but I don't know what happened to Russell Fox and if he made the cut. I heard that Easy Cure was knocked down to just a $25 chip on the second hand when his KK ran into AA. Joe Speaker's Hiltons could not hold up a against his favorite hand: AJ. Wes didn't last too long either. Bobby Bracelet's 88 lost. Otis lasted until past 7pm. He was KO'd with a short stack and AK when he didn't win a coin flip against pocket tens.

I found Flip Chip and he showed me the media area where I can get free wi-fi access and free drinks. Flip Chip snapped a great picture of Evelyn Ng. Speaking of which, Derek saw Evelyn Ng crack AA! She read a magazine at the table for most of the time I stalked her.

I caught glimpses of Greg Raymer and Phil Hellmuth. Derek almost knocked over Greg Raymer by accident. I also randomly bumped into my friend, NYC Poker Babe. Daniel Negreanu was knocked out before the first level.

Afterwards we all hit the Excalibur's poker room. About thirty or so bloggers were there. After today's tournament cash and a decent win at Excalibur, I'm up for the trip. I got to play with Derek, -EV, StB, Austin Drunks, Bob, Maudie, Mr. Reed, and Chad. I met the Poker Geek and JP for the first time. I finally put faces to the April sisters. Derek hit quad 4s. Oh, and the Poker Geek wore a shirt that said, "I am blogging this."

Here are some random pictures:

-EV does a Hellmuthian imitation.

I got chills when I first saw this banner.

In mid-flex, Bad blood watches Otis.

The logo is on the felt of every table.

BAO = Bad Ass Otis

This will be my office the next six weeks.

Damn, I still gonna party until sunrise and we have the tourney starting in less than five hours.

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