Friday, June 10, 2005

Event #9 $2000 NL Day 1 -- Event #8 $1500 Seven-card Stud Day 2 -- Event #7 $1000 NL w/ Rebuys Day 3: Final Table

Quick thanks to Wil Wheaton who linked me up today. He's been hanging on my every word. Thanks, man! And thanks to all my fellow bloggers who have been mentioning us on their blogs, specifically my live WSOP blogging, Poker Prof's 2005 WSOP Tournament News, and Flip Chip's 2005 World Series of Poker Photo Gallery. It is much appreciated by all of us. Thanks again.

I left the Rio before sun up last night. Weeeeee! I've been logging some long ass nights. I haven't played any poker since this weekend when my only highlight was cashing in a tournament at the Plaza. I was worried when I took this job covering the WSOP that I'd be out at all hours boozing hard and playing poker until my bankroll evaporated. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to do either.

Yesterday, I played some poker in a casino. It was my first session as a "local." I played NL and lost $35. I should have dropped more, but the players are so bad that I got away with a few mistakes. Tourists are the ultimate fish. Their skill level is far from the pros I get to see everyday. The short day on Thursday allowed me to get a chance to write for myself, talk to my brother, and catch up on well-needed sleep.

Whenever I arrive to work, I always recant the sordid tales from my apartment complex that went down the previous night. One of my fellow writers at the WSOP, Jay Greenspan mentioned me, "Doc, get the hell out of there!"

He's lucky and gets to stay at the Rio for free. He told me about the chicks commingling at the pool. Smoking. Hot. Damn. I have to stop by and do a little drooling. Jay's the man. Go read his kick ass reports over at Poker Wire. He has first class accommodations at the Rio while I'm staying at the Red Neck Riviera, which I'm positive I saw on a previous episode of COPS. You know the episode I'm talking about, the one where the naked guy sprints through the parking lot and a cop the size of Mean Joe Green tackles him to the pavement.

I can't leave my apartment. I dig it. Lots of material for me. Plus, I found out there are a couple of strippers who live upstairs. Last night, I was about to introduce myself before they got into a fight in front of my door.
"Why didn't you fuckin' wait for me?" one yelled.

"I didn't know you wanted me to?"

"Stupid bitch! I told you when we were in the bathroom!"

"No you didn't. You're fucked up, coke slut!!"

"Fuck you, bitch!"

"You always get fucked up and think you said things when you didn't!"

"Shut the fuck up or I'll drag your ass down the stairs."
I wish I was making this stuff up. I wanted to invite them inside to my place to drink malt liquor and watch The OC. Maybe next time.

Let's get to the poker. There are three poker tournaments going on today here at the Rio.
1. Event #7 $1000 NL w/ Rebuys
2. Event #8 $1500 Seven-card Stud
3. Event #9 $2000 NL
In the live blog updates I will try to use color coding to distinguish the three different tourneys that are going on. Red = Stud Day 2 event #8 and Green = $2K NL event #9. The final table for Event #7 is being taped for ESPN and will be aired on August 30, 2005 at 8:00 PM. Event #8 is in the second day. We're down to two tables. Event #9 is underway with 1404 players. Everyone seems to be playing in that huge NL event.

****** Live Blogging Updates ******

1:50pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: It's fascinating watching the ESPN crew set up the TV table for the NL Rebuys event. These are some professional guys. It's cool to see them it action. Here are the seat assignments and chip counts for today's final table:
Event # 7 $1000 NL Rebuy
Seat 1: David "The Dragon" Pham $323K... He's won Card Player Mag's Player of the Year.

Seat 2: Shae Drobushevich $248K... He's from Moline, Illinois and brought his wife and kids here.

Seat 3: Phil "Tilt Boy" Gordon $91K... The host of Celebrity Poker Showdown is the tallest person at the final table.

Seat 4: CT Law $516K... He's originally from Hong Kong and lives in London where he owns a restaurant.

Seat 5: Mike Gracz $173K... He's a professional player from Raleigh, NC and he's friends with Chip & Karina Jett. He won $1.5 million on the Party Poker Million Cruise a few months ago.

Seat 6: Shane Schleger $134K... Shane is a semi-pro from NYC who's former jobs include various ditch digging duties.

Seat 7: Pascal Perrault $225K... Pascal is a pharmacist from Paris, France.

Seat 8: Chuck Thompson $544K... He's a writer for Card Player and a member of the Senior's Poker Hall of Fame.

Seat 9: Meng La $71K... From Torrance, CA, Meng La won a WSOP bracelet in 2002.
2:27pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: The players are sitting down as we speak. I just shook David Pham's hand. He's got a cool shirt on with a "dragon logo." Where can I get one?

Here's the payout structure.
Event #7 NL w/ Rebuys Payouts:
1 $594,460
2 $311,555
3 $176,145
4 $154,125
5 $132,110
6 $110,090
7 $88,070
8 $66,055
9 $44,035

Total Prize Pool: $2,201,810
Total Rebuys: $1,495,000
Total Entrants: 826
2:51pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: The blinds are $3K/$6K with $1K antes. Phil Gordon moved all in preflop and got no action. He picked up the blinds and antes.

3:11pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: The board read: 2-7-8-K. Phil Gordon moved all in with KQ. TC Law called with KTs. The river was a 4 and Phil Gordon doubled up.

3:15pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: We have our first bust out. Ming La moved all preflop in with KQ. CT Law called with A8s. CT flopped an 8 and hit another 8 on the turn and filled in a full house when an ace spiked on the river. Ming La won $44,035 for 9th place.

3:28pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: We have our second player busted. David Pham raised and Phil Gordon pushed all in preflop with AA. David Pham called with TT. The flop: J-3-2. Gordon was looking good until a Ten hit on the turn. A slew of "ooohs" and "aaaahs" fell over the crowd. Phil had two more outs but they didn't hit. He was out in 8th place and won $66,055 for his efforts. David Pham is now the chipleader with $528K. Chuck Thompson is second with $512K. The short stack is Shane Schleger with $155K in chips.

3:33pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Flip Chip turned to me and said "Pham has chips and is steaming rolling over the table." Yeah, before we started today Flip Chip said that Pham was the favorite to win. Chip Jett is sitting in front of me sweating Mike Gracz. Chip brought him a bottle of water. After Mike Gracz downed it, he tossed the empty bottle back over to Chip. Karina Jett is also sitting in front of me.

3:39pm PCT... Seven-card Stud Day 2: Hugo Mejia was the first player eliminated today. He finished in 20th place. David Levi was just knocked out in 19th.

3:45pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: On a flop of 8-3-2, Chuck Thompson moved all in. David Pham though about it for a while then folded. Pham mucked his cards face up and showed A8. Chuck flipped over 8-3 for two pair. Good laydown by Pham. Top pair with top kicker is a hand that pros can and will fold.

4:12pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: David Gracz made an amazing call on the river with 99. Pham raised $25K preflop and Gracz called. The flop: K-7-4. Both players checked. When a 5 fell on the turn, Pham bet out about half the pot. Gracz called. The river was an ace and Pham bet about $70K which would put Gracz all in. He sniffed out a bluff and called with pocket nines. Pham showed QT.

4:20pm PCT... Seven-card Stud update: We're down to two tables.

4:21pm PCT... $2K NL update: 1404 players signed up today. Scotty Nguyen was knocked out when his Mrs. Slick lost to Victor Ramdin's AK. There are 800 players left and players are getting eliminated so fast it's hard to keep up. Man, It's tough trying to cover three tournaments at once. I need an intern, dammit! According to Poker Wire, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi has over $11K in chips.

4:28pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: In late position, David Pham raised it up to $24K. Shane Schleger raised $63K, he was all in with 66. Pham called with 22. Pham did not catch any cards and he doubled up Shane. Curently, Chuck Thompson is the chipleader with $650K. CT Law has almost $500K.

4:40pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Players are on 15 minute break. I bumped into Jesus in the bathroom. Where else can I get away with saying that? Here are the quick chip counts:
David Pham = 190K
Shae Drobushevich = 321K
CT Law = 496K
Mike Gracz = 160K
Shane Schleger = 191K
Pacsal Perrault = 306K
Chuck Thompson = 657K
Players are returning soon. I saw Phil Gordon interviewing Phil Hellmuth for his podcast.

4:50pm PCT... Seven-card Stud update: Here's a chip count, courtesy of Poker Wire:
1 Minh Nguyen $105K
2 Greg Mascio $80K
3 Abe Almalhi $63K
4 Robert Glenn $61K
5 Kirill Gerasimov $60K
6 Murray Reinhart $51K
7 Leandro Alvarez $45K
8 Glenn J. Engelbert $42K
9 Evgeny Kafelnikov $35K
10 Dr. Mark Burtman $32K
11 Rydell Willis $30K
12 Richard Tatalovich $28K
13 Cliff Josephy $25K
14 Randy Holland $16K
15 Thor Hansen $14K
4:58pm PCT... $2K NL update: I spotted Toby Maguire playing in the 2K event. I can see him from my seat here. 550 players are left.

5:09pm PCT... Seven-card Stud update: Evgeny Kafelnikov eliminated Randy Holland in 16th place. Holland was all in with trip 8s but Kafelnikov rivered a 10 to win with trip 10s. Kafelnikov is en feugo after he knocked out Robert Glenn in 14th place.

5:11pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Still have seven players. The blinds are $6K/$12K with $2K antes.

5:20pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Shae Drobushevich raised preflop and CT Law called. The flop was: Qd-5h-2c. Shae D check-called CT Law's $25K bet. When a King hit the turn, both players checked. On the river, a ten hit and Shae bet out about $40K. CT Law called and showed AT. Shae had pocket 8s and got rivered.

5:26pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: On an all diamond flop of 8-6-4, Pascal Perrault moved all in over the top of Mike Gracz. CT Law called with Ad-2d and Gracz folded. CT Law flopped the nut flush. Pascal had 8-5o and finished in 7th place. He won $88,070.
Quick Chip Counts:
1. CT Law $900K
2. Chuck Thompson $715K
3. David Pham $225K
4. Shane Schleger $158K
5. Mike Gracz $157
6. Shae Drobushevich $135K
CT Law took the chip lead.

4:37pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Shae D was just knocked out in 6th place. Shae was the shortstack and pushed all in prelfop with A6. CT Law called with AQs. CT Law flopped a queen and Shae's hand did not improve. He takes home over $110,090 for his work. CT Law now has over $1 million in chips.

5:46pm PCT... Seven-card Stud update: We're down to 11 players. Richard Tatalovich was just knocked out in 12th place. Thor Hansen was eliminted in 12th place. Minh Nguyen is the chipleader with over $112K.

5:47pm PCT... $2K NL update: Richard "The Quiet Lion" Brodie was knocked out when his Big Slick did not improve against pocket kings. "The Grinder" has over $22K in chips and he is at the top of the chip count of notable players (thanks to Card Player). Harry Demetriou has about $20K. Erick Seidel has about $14K. Jesus is hanging on with a shortstack. Tobey Maguire has roughly $6K in chips.

6:01pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Shane Schleger was just knocked out by Mike Gracz. Shane won $132,110 for fifth place. Shane raised preflop to $36K and Gracz called. The flop: 8-7-3 rainbow. Both players checked. On the turn, a 7 fell. Gracz checked and Shane moved all in for $121K. Mike Gracz eventually made the call with AT... and just an ace high. Talk about one helluva read! Shane showed KJs. He didn't hit any of his outs and Gracz even hit a ten on the river. Four players are left.

6:08pm PCT... $2K NL update: There are 386 players remaining.

6:18pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Karina Jett turned around and asked me and Flip Chip if the table in the corner with a stack of prize money was real. "Yes, it is," I assured her. She suggested it was a bad idea to televise the huge stacks of money because it would encourage a gang of thieves to rob the joint. I'd love to see Danny Ocean and his crew try to knock over the Rio during the WSOP. That could be the plot line for Ocean's Thirteen. Personally, I think I'm working in one of the most secure places in Las Vegas. I'm not worried. But there has been a rash of pick-pocket incidents at the Rio due to the high volume of crowds. So if you are coming out here for the first time at all over the next few weeks, be careful where you hold your bankroll and wallets.

6:20pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Chuck Thompson raised to $36K on the button. CT Law called. The flop: K-10-3. Both guys checked. When a two fell on the turn, CT and Chuck checked again. When an ace spiked on the river, Chuck bet around $30K. CT Law called. They both had aces, but CT Law's A9 outkicked Chuck's A6. CT Law added more chips to his monster stack.

6:37pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: David Pham's was just knocked out by CT Law who flopped a set with 88. The flop was A-Q-8. David Pham had A5 and his top pair was not good enough to win. He finished in 4th place and wins $154,125. Here's a quick chip count:
CT Law $1.5M
David Gracz $428K
Chuck Thompson $381K
The players are on a dinner break until 7:45pm PCT.

7:00pm PCT... Seven-card Stud Day 2 update: Leo Alvarez was knocked out in 11th place. We have 10 players remaining. Murray Reinhart won a monster pot worth about $35K against Minh Nguyen. Murray showed trip kings.

7:15pm PCT... $2K NL update: The Grinder has been accumulating chips over the last few hours. He's got a little under $50K right now. Minneapolis Jim Meehan is looking strong. There are 298 players remaining on 30 tables.

8:00pm PCT... Dinner break is over for all three events.

8:05pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: The blinds are 8K/16K with 2K antes. Chuck Thompson was just knocked out in 3rd place by Mike Gracz. Chuck raised $80K. Mike pushed all in. Chuck thought about it for a while and called with AJ. Mike showed 88. They were both all in preflop. The flop: A-K-8. Yeah, Mike flopped a set. But Chuck still had some outs. The turn was a king and Mike's railbirds including Chip and Karina Jett were rooting him on. The river was a blank and Mike's full house stood up. Chuck Thompson won $176,145 for third place. Currently, CT Law has a little under $1.5M in chips. Mike Gracz has $847K. We're now heads up!

8:24pm PCT... Seven-card Stud Day 2 Update: Glenn Engelbert was eliminated in 10th place. Evgeny Kafelnikov was booted in 9th place by Abe Almalhi. Kafelnikov rivered a flush but Almalhi caught a full boat on the river to improve his hand as well. The players have redrawn for seats at the final table. Here are the chip leaders:
Seven-card Stud Final Table Chip Count:
1 Abe Almalhi $137K
2 Cliff Josephy $130K
3 Greg Mascio $122K
4 Murray Reinhart $86K
5 Kirill Gerasimov $84K
6 Minh Nguyen $60K
7 Ardell Willis $58K
8 Dr. Mark Burtman $33K

Entrants: 472 Players
Total Prize Pool: $651,360
8:37pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: ESPN had to set up the final table and it seemed like it took forever for them to get their shit together. They brought all the cash over to the final table and had the players shift their seats in order for a better camera shot. Mike Gracz won the first hand when he raised on the button to about $50K. CT Law reraised him to $216K and Gracz called. The flop: K-J-10 rainbow. Both players checked the flop. An ace fell on the turn and Mike Gracz bet $100K. CT Law thought for a minute and folded. Mike took down a huge pot in the first heads up hand. Mike Gracz closed the gap considerably. CT Law's chip lead is now only $200K.

8:53pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table update: Monster hand that Mike Gracz just won. He had A5 and rivered The Wheel on CT Law. On the button CT Law raised $40K with Big Slick. Mike Gracz called. The flop: A-2-7. CT Law bet $50K and Mike Gracz called. The turn was a 3. Mike Gracz check-called $200K. The river: 4. When CT Law bet $200K on the river, Mike Gracz check-raised him $430K. CT Law reluctantly called and showed AK. Mike Gracz caught a huge card on the river to win a pot worth over a million and he crippled CT Law's spirit and stack in the process. CT Law has $600K and Mike Gracz has $1.7M.

9:07pm PCT... $2K NL update: There are 207 players left. The Grinder is still picking up pots. On a flop of J-6-8, his opponent moved all in. The Grinder made a great call with 10-8s. His opponent showed 8-7s and The Grinder ended up hitting two pair on the river, although he didn't need the help since he had him outkicked on the flop. The Grinder has over $73K in chips. Harry Demetriou has about $36K and Marcel Luske is still in it with $23K. Allen Cunningham, Erik Seidel, Freddy Deeb, Kristy Gazes, Phil Laak, and Perry Friedman are all still playing.

9:27pm PCT... Seven-card Stud Final Table update: A few minutes after he doubled up Kirill Gerasimov, Minh Nguyen's flush knocked Murray Reinhart in 8th place. Murray won $17,585.

9:36pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table Update: On the board of: 2-2-5-6, Mike Gracz bet $60K and CT Law came over the top for $120K. Mike Gracz re-raised all in. CT Law took his time to think about the call. The crowd was a little tense. One writer in media row was hoping for a call because he had dinner reservations. CT Law finally called and flipped over 3-6. He had top pair. Mike Gracz showed J-5. He had a gutshot draw with a few more outs if he caught another 5 or a jack. His hand did not improve and CT Law doubled up.

9:59pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table Update: According to BJ from Card Player, here are the approximate chip counts: C.T. Law = $1.53M and Michael Gracz = $795K.

10:00pm PCT... $2K NL update: There are 160 players remaining. The top 140 pay. Phil Laak is standing behind me talking to Andy Bloch and said he had $23K. I just took a stroll through that area and saw that Minneapolis Jim Meehan had a healthy stack along with Cindy Violette, Men "The Master" Nguyen, and Freddy Deeb. The Grinder is still looking powerful with a big stack.

10:11pm PCT... Seven-card Stud Final Table update: The young Russian Kirill Gerasimov won two huge pots off of Abe Almalhi. He won one pot with a better two pair... Aces and Jacks over Abe's Tens and Kings and won another when his trip sevens beat out Abe's pair of Kings. Abe is now the shortstack. Here's a quick chip count courtesy of Poker Wire:
1. Cliff Josephy $254K
2 Kirill Gerasimov $143K
3 Minh Nguyen $104K
4 Greg Mascio $78K
5 Ardell Willis $60K
6 Dr. Mark Burtman $53K
7 Abe Almalhi $ 24K
10:30pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Table Update: This could have been a hig hand but the players ended up chopping it. On a board of 5-6-5-J CT Law pushed all in on the turn with 8-7 and an open ended straight draw. Mike Gracz called with 22. The river was a 6, which hurt Mike and both players ended up "playing the board" to chop the pot.

10:43pm PCT... NL w/ Rebuys Final Update: After two hours of heads up play, we have a new winner. Mike Gracz won his first WSOP bracelet when he took down TC Law. On a flop of 8-5-J he moved all in. TC Law took a few minutes to ponder his decision. He finally called and showed QJ. Mike Gracz had Q8s. One of his friends on the rail asked for an 8. He certainly got it. An 8 spiked on the turn and the river was a 6. TC Law played great yesterday and he got outdrawn on that big hand. He finished in second place and takes home $311,555. Mike Gracz won $594,460.

2005 WSOP $1,000 NL w/ Rebuys Champion: Mike Gracz

Congrats to Mike. For complete results and a list of money winners in this event visit the 2005 WSOP Tournament Results page courtesy of Poker Player Newspaper.

One final table down, one more to go.

11:00pm PCT... $2K NL update: 140 players remaining. We're in the money. Cindy Violette is doing very well with $55K in chips. Erik Seidel has $42K. My main man Freddy Deeb has $41K. The Grinder and Marcel Luske both have around $40K. The tournament director annouced that players are not allowed to used head phones and listen to music once they get into the money. I asked Johnny Grooms, WSOP tournament director, to clarify the rule and he said that some players can plug head phones into cell phones and get messages from friends on the rail. In order to avoid any controversy, the WSOP outlawed cell phones at the table and the use of musical devices (iPOds and CD players) with headphones once players make the money.

11:15pm PCT... Seven-card Stud Final Table update: Minh Nguyen has been eliminated by Cliff Josephy in 7th place. He won $24,750 for his efforts. We're down to 6.

11:25pm PCT... Seven-card Stud Final Table update: Ardell Willis was knocked out by Dr. Mark Burtman. Willis finished in 6th place and he won $31,265. And a few minutes later, Kirill Gerasimov knocked out a short stacked Abe Almalhi in 5th place. Yeah, we're down to 4.

11:50pm PCT... $2K NL update: I heard that John Bonetti had over $100K in chips. Cindy Violette was looking strong with $69K.

12:01am PCT... Seven-card Stud Final Table update: Greg Mascio doubled up twice against the young Russian Kirill Gerasimov. Amy Calistri remarked that she was impressed with Kirill's Stud skills.

12:15am PCT... Seven-card Stud Final Table update: Cliff Josephy eliminated Greg Mascio in 4th place. He won $48,200.

12:40pm PCT... Seven-card Stud Final Table update: The players are on a short break. Cliff Josephy is the chipleader with $520K. Dr. Mark Burtman has $130K. Kirill Gerasimov is the short stack with $64K.

1:04pm PCT... $2K NL update: There are 79 players left on 8 tables. Minneapolis Jim Meehan was cracking me up while he was getting his slip before he cashed out. The line was pretty long and he wanted to skip it. He held a half-empty bottle of beer. Seriously, he's probably the funniest poker pro I've observed at this year's WSOP.

1:20pm PCT... Seven-card Stud update: We're heads up. Dr. Mark Burtman from Columbus, Mississippi (also a noted author) was knocked out by Cliff Josephy in 3rd place. He won $63,180.

I got to interview Dr. Mark and I realized that his publicist had sent me an advanced copy of his book about a month ago. By far, he was my best interview of the WSOP. We spoke for about 15 minutes about a few topics ranging from enduring bad streaks to the similarities between being a doctor and being a poker player.

"As a physician you have to evalute risk," he said, "and the same principles apply to poker."

He also spoke about how in poker you can take a gamble on something which you are only 50% sure of, however, it is something you cannot afford to do in medicine especially when you are risking patient's lives.

1:30am PCT... Seven-card Stud update: Cliff has a nice chip lead over Kirill.

1:59am PCT... Seven-card Stud update: We have a winner. Cliff "Johhny Bax" Josephy knocked out Kirill Gerasimov. Kirilli's pair of 5s did not improve and lost to Cliff's pair of aces. The young Russian won $108,775 for second place and Cliff took home $192,150 and a gold bracelet. Congrats to Cliff!

For complete results and a list of money winners in this event visit 2005 WSOP Tournament Results.

2:59am PCT... $2K NL update: Play has stopped for today and will resume on Saturday at 2pm. There are 43 players left. Toby Maguire was knocked out in 54th place when his A7 lost to pocket aces. Perry is kicking ass. Marcel is still alive. Here's a chip count courtesy of Poker Wire:
End of Day 1 Notable Chip Counts:
1 Perry Friedman $ 154,000
2 Cyndy Violette $ 133,000
3 Morgan Machina $ 123,100
4 Francois Saffiedine $ 110,500
5 Nicholas Finamore $ 104,900
6 Christopher DeMaci $ 102,800
7 Ezra Udoff $ 92,200
8 Mark Owens $ 84,100
9 John Kabbaj $ 80,300
10 Chau Giang $ 77,900
11 Ayaz Mahmood $ 72,600
12 Percy Regimbal $ 69,000
13 Ray Foley $ 67,300
14 J. Dalton McCulley $ 67,100
15 Kenny Robbins $ 67,100
16 Dutch Boyd $ 63,500
17 Paul Sexton $ 63,500
18 Mike Carson $ 61,600
19 Erik Seidel $ 60,800
20 Joel Chang $ 60,500
21 Mark Ketteringham $ 59,500
22 Bill Blanda $ 59,100
23 Andy Church $ 52,600
24 Harry Demetriou $ 52,300
25 The Grinder $ 48,400
26 Kevin Fox $ 48,400
27 Ray Morgan $ 46,900
28 Danny Fuhs $ 46,200
29 Dani Awad $ 45,300
30 Tom Galella $ 43,600
31 Ken James $ 42,700
32 Chris Wunderlich $ 41,200
33 John Bonetti $ 38,700
34 Bill Gazes $ 38,200
35 Joe Awada $ 37,300
36 Joe DeNiro $ 35,600
37 Marcel Luske $ 35,500
38 Fred Berger $ 35,400
39 Ashok Surapaneni $ 34,400
40 Richard Grijalva $ 32,800
41 Edgar Henry $ 31,900
42 Paul Vinci $ 31,000
43 Jan A. Bloxham $ 31,000
44 David Plastik $ 30,100
45 Soulier Fabrice $ 27,900
46 Steve Dunning $ 25,900
47 Atlani Maurice $ 22,600
48 Lee Markholt $ 21,000
49 Matt Lefkowitz $ 16,300
See ya tomorrow. The Limit Hold'em event n Saturday is going to drive me nuts.

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