Monday, June 27, 2005

Event #28 $5,000 Limit Hold'em -- Event #27 $5,000 PLO w/ Rebuys Day 2 -- Event #26 $1,000 Ladies Event Final Table

I should be sleeping and dreaming about leggy lingerie models downing shots of tequila with me at a beachside bar in Virgin Gorda. Alas, I'm back in press row at the Rio with the rest of media folks ready to cover the conclusion of the Ladies Final Table. The powers to be stopped play around 4:10am earlier this morning and now action resumes at the TV table. ESPN's second unit is taping this for the archives. I dunno when it will be aired.

Monday was supposed to be a blow off day where I was going to try to pick up strippers at the spa are at the Redneck Riviera or catch up on writing. After last night's crazy schedule where I covered four tournaments and three final tables, I was anticipating a day off. Nope. No such luck.

I got about three hours of sleep after staying up until the wee hours crafting two final table updates and an article for Fox Sports while most of you were sleeping or on their way to work. Ah, I'll catch up on sleep after the main event.

To make matters worse, I haven't been reading my favorite poker blogs (I'm an admitted skimmer these days... please for the love of Buddha stop posting hand histories or bad beats) or my daily newspapers or my gossip rags like I'm used to. I've also stopped reading my former internet crush's blog. I haven't seen her nipples in weeks. I've been living in a bubble here. At least I get to leave the Rio. Otis and Jay Greenspan technically live upstairs and I dunno if they have stepped outside in weeks. Plus I'm getting a heavy amount of email from new readers, bloggers, spammers, and shills alike which has been backing up over the last three weeks. If I haven't answered your email... please understand than I have less than twenty minutes a day to sort through it all. Oh and if you have a new blog and want a link up, you'll have to wait until after the WSOP before I can even begin to tweak my blogroll.

However, make sure you go read my brother Derek's poker blog. He's been posting quality content out there since he's gotten back from Vegas. I chatted with Iggy today and he said that Derek is posting his best stuff to date. I agree.

And you have to go visit the blog of the Boy Genius. He has serious self esteem issues and if he doesn't see a spike in traffic, he bitches and moans about it. Yes he's a special needs blogger, so go stop by and stroke his ego on the day after his birthday.

Day 2 of the PLO w/ Rebuys is going on with some big names still alive in that event. Plus Day 1 of the $5K Limit event started. My coverage on both will be light. I'm only here today to cover the Ladies event and to snag a few free cocktails from the Full Tilt Suite.

****** Live Blogging Update *******

3:41pm... Ladies Event Final Table update: Here's who is left:
Seat 1: Jennifer Tilly (Harbor City, CA) $ 449.6K
Seat 2: Ann Le (California) $ 88.6K
Seat 3: Cecilia de Mortensen (Madrid, Spain) $ 36.3K
Seat 4: Carolyn Ancheta (Washington State) $ 31.5K
4:00pm... Ladies Final Table update: Both Cecilia Mortensen and Carolyn Ancheta doubled up against Jen Tilly in early action.

4:10pm... Ladies Event Final Table update: Cecilia de Mortensen was knocked out by Ann Le in 4th place. Cecilia had 99 but Ann Le flopped the Wheel with A-3 on a board of 4-2-5. Cecilia de Mortensen won $38,220 for her efforts.

4:16pm... Ladies Event Final Table update: Jen Tilly called Carolyn Ancheta's all in bet. Carolyn had KJ and Jen showed A7. The flop was A-8-7 and Carolyn's hand failed to improve. She won $43,680 for third place. We reached heads up play!

Here are some random pictures of today's final table courtesy of Flipchip. Don't forget to go visit his 2005 WSOP Photo Gallery. I have seen plenty of these images posted/stolen/borrowed on other poker blogs and websites without proper credit given to him. The Poker Prof and Flipchip and myself don't mind if you want to use his photos. In fact we're all flattered. But please give credit for their hard work and providing many of you free masturbation material.

Carolyn Ancheta and Ann Le

Cecilia de Mortensen and Jen Tilly

Here are some scenes from the PLO Day 2 event:

Ladies Final Table update: Jen Tilly won her first bracelet. She pushed all in with A7 versus Ann Le's KJ. Congrats to Jen. "This is better than an Oscar. I'm hooked on poker. I'm not going to stop playing until I lose all my money," she said during her acceptance speech.

2005 WSOP Ladies Champion: Jen Tilly
10:00pm... PLO w/ Rebuys Day 2 update: Action is down to two tables. Doyle has been knocked out. Here's who remains: Ram Vaswani (chipleader), Toto Leonidas, Allen Cunningham, Phil Ivey, Avi Freedman, Phil Hellmuth, Robert Williamson III, E.C. Cohen, Bruno Jais, Edgar Skjervold, Joel Mick, Sigi Stockinger, Tony G, Ross Boatman, Richard St. Peter, Surinder Sunar, Eddy Scharf, Davood Mehrmand, and Mickey Appleman.

Phil Hellmuth is looking to make his first final table at this year's WSOP.

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