Wednesday, June 01, 2005

On the Road

I haven't slept too much in the past week. I've had too much on my mind. Everyone keeps asking me if "I'm nervous about moving to Vegas." Should I be?

Here's a link to a couple of cool pics of where I'll be working the next two months. The sight of the Rio gets me all fired up. Thanks to Flip Chip for the photo.

The world is changing before our eyes. Paris is engaged. Deep Throat has been identified. And my fellow bloggers are heading to Vegas with their entourages and cliques.

There are 70+ poker bloggers heading to Las Vegas, CJ made up a handy list of people's arrival info, hotel, and cell phone numbers. I went down my list yesterday and ended up crank calling my fellow bloggers. I spoke in an Hindu accent and pretend to be Janeesh from Party Poker. All the bloggers know that Party Poker outsources their support staff to India, so when you have to contact them you always get someone with an accent. Anyway, Chris Halverson nailed me right away when I tried to crank call him.

Derek and I arrive in Vegas at Midnight tonight. I still havent's finished packing. I cashed out a few bucks on Party Poker and I consolidated the majority of my bankroll to cash.

Before I leave, some closing thoughts... I wonder who will be the first blogger to puke? Who will be the first blogger arressted? Who will be the blogger who gets the most lapdances? And how many bottles of SoCo will AlCantHang drink by himeself?

FYI, here's my tenative plans. On Thursday AM, I'm going to the Rio with Flip Chip and the Poker Prof to pick up my media credentials. I'll be at the Excalibur on Thursday afternoon with Derek if anyone is looking for me. Thursday night, I'll stop by the MGM Grand for cocktails and poker. I'll be gambling and watching the NBA playoffs when I can. So if any of you are sports bettors, come find me and we'll watch the game in a sports book somewhere.

Oh and how about a bounty or two? If you come in last place in the blogger tourney, you get a Gigli DVD. If you knock out Al Cant Hang... come see me because I have his bounty. If you knock out me... then go see Al Cant Hang, he has mine. We are doing boutnies for each other. And of course, I'll be running a Hilton Sisters Challenge the entire time bloggers are in Las Vegas (Thursday thru Sunday). If you crack AA with QQ on any table in Vegas on those four days, I will give you an autographed copy of one of my novels.

Here are some pictures around NYC that I took in the last week or so. Consider the following picture gallery part of my last entry in New York for a while.

Damn, I'm gonna miss New York. Anyway, see ya. Thanks to everyone for their support and all the good vibes everyone has sent me. Thanks for reading, guys and girls, and I hope you continue reading about my exploits in Vegas. I really could not have gotten this far without all of you. Thanks a bunch. Next time we speak, I'll be in Vegas!

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