Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Event #21 $2500 Omaha Hi-Lo Day 1 and Event #20 $5000 Pot Limit Hold'em Day 2

Today was a half day for me. I'm finally well rested. I got eight hours of sleep in. Actually it was five hours and then I went back to sleep for three more. Lucky for me the room next door to me at the Redneck Riviera has not been rented out yet. They are still wiping down the walls from the last tenants.

I'm glad that Steve and Amy at Poker Pages dug my last rambling entry about the "inbred pot-bellied kids" by the pool. I wish I could say more about the rambunctious little ones that populate my dwellings that hasn't already been said before. It's been a slow day at my apartment complex. In the last two days, I only saw one police cruiser and was disappointed that only two crack whores solicited their damanged goods my way. Few things in this world are more sobering that crack whores in G-strings.

I played in a $100 MTT on Party Poker this afternoon. Out of 130, I came in 86th place when my AA was cracked by a donkey's KQo. I ran into Glenn and he said he had AA cracked twice today in satellites here at the Rio. Even Jay "Big Shot" Greenspan had his AA cracked by KQ in a satellite as well. Pocket aces are not holding up today. My advice to you: fold the fuckers.

Moving on...

Today is a half day like I said. Flipchip had to go to the doctor and I'm playing in the $1500 NL event tomorrow, so we're taking a lax approach towards today's coverage. I'm gonna focus less on chip counts today that some behind the scenes stuff that goes on here at the World Series of Poker.

There are two events going on today that I'm going to provide minimal coverage on:
1. $2,500 Omaha Hi/Lo Day 1
2. $5,000 PLH Day 2 Day 2
There are 239 players who bought into the $5K PLH event. There are 259 in the Omaha Hi/Lo event.

Here are some picture of places where I spend a lot of time here at the Rio. Note that I can't take pictures of the closest bar, because I might get some of my fellow writers, photographers, and media types in trouble from their employers.

Empty Media Row

Beverage Table in the Media Room

The first picture is ESPN's TV set. Most of the final tables are played there, especially the ones ESPN tapes. It's empty because most there's no final table to cover today.

The second picture is my favorite sight here at the Rio. I wish they handed out free booze to us, but water is almost as important as liquor. I was pumped to find a Dr. Pepper in the mix. I don't drink soda, but I've been digging Dr. Pepper so I snag one whenever it appears.

****** Live Blogging Updates ******

8:30pm... PLH Day 2 update: We're in the money. Howard Lederer and Ted Lawson were just busted. Devilfish walked up to Steve Hall and said he was going to switch gears since there's no major monetary difference in between 18th and 10th place ($15K to $10K). Beware the Devilfish. He'll be bullying everyone around the next few hands. Allen Cunnigham, Erik Seidel, Eli Elezra, John Gale and Cyndy Violette are all still alive. (Thanks Heafy!)

9:45pm... Bouncin Round the Room: The chick on the loudspeaker is calling "Otis, your 10-20 seat is ready. Otis." Funny thing is, that seat is not for Otis. He uses his real initials. I ran over to the deli by the sports book for some chili with extra cheese and onions. I also had a bunch of curly fries. The chili surpassed expectations. I spotted Humerto Brenes, Carl Frommer, and Peter Alston playing in the satellite area. I chatted with Felicia who was sweating Max Pescatori and Ted Forrest in the Omaha Hi/Lo event. I then went over and made fun of Otis for five minutes, which is always fun. Have I told that one of the cool things about my job is now getting sit next to Otis in press row?

10:00pm... PLH Day 2 update: We're down to 9 players and action was suspended until tomorrow. The final TV table will be taped by ESPN and start at 2pm. Here who's going to be playing tomorrow: Cyndy Violette, Steven "Lucky" Lui, Brian Wilson, Joe Sebok, Allen Cunningham, Tony Cousineau, Burt Boutin, John Gale, and Derek Leforte.

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