Saturday, June 04, 2005

From Gigli to WPBT Champion

Congrats to Bill Rini. Just two days ago, Bill was passed out in my room and now he's the next champion on the WPBT. He beat CJ heads up to win it all. I'll have more specific tourney recaps later. I came in 45th place when my TT were cracked Chad's 99. I put a wicked bad beat on Chris Halverson when my AK beat his KK.

But for now, check out this photo gallery and pay special attention to Mrs. Otis hanging in our suite with a bottle of SoCo. I never thought I'd hear a fine southern woman utter the word super cunt twice inside of thirty seconds. She was cracking me up with her advice on women and her thougths on Otis' gambling.

"Roll them dice, Otis! It's soooo hot!"

Al and the Fat Guy playing video poker

My Bounty courtesy of Al Cant Hang

Poker Geek minus the light saber.

Miss T74's card cappers

The Poker Prof moves all in...

Joaquin flexes while Spaceman calculates pot odds

Flip Chip in action

The Final Two: G-Vegas vs. LA

The New Gigli

Al does a huge shot.

Bobby Bracelet's shirt

Al wears Heather's tiara
Stay tuned for more updates.

Update #1: Currently turning a six person SNG in our suite with Derek, Halverson, Spaceman, Human Head and Mrs. Head. Derek knocked me out when I slowplayed top pair. He slowplayed a set and I was knocked out.

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