Tuesday, June 07, 2005

After Midnight: First Thoughts About My New Job

I'm exhausted. A four day bender in Vegas with seasoned alcoholics was probably not the best thing for me immediately before I begin a job with no days off for the next six weeks.

I moved into my apartment. I'm staying at the Budget Suites just a few blocks west of The Strip. I'm a few blocks away from The Orleans casino. I live walking distance from a Wendy's and an In and Out Burger. I'm pretty excited. There are no Wendy's where I used to live in NYC.

Having a media pass is pretty fuckin' cool. I have access to so many areas that the normal public does not have. I've already met a dozen pros. For you non-poker enthusiasts, imagine you being able to be able to walk up to talk to your favorite baseball player or your favorite actor while they are working.

The Rio has set up Wi-Fi internet access and I can blog and surf websites during my down time. In fact, I have my computer set up a few feet away from where ESPN is taping the "final table" of this particular tournament. There's a heavily armed security guard standing over the cash prize money a few feet away from me.

It's amazing to think how much cash is in this huge ballroom. I tried to figure out exactly the average cash stash in the pockets of all the players combined.

Derek stopped by the Rio to say good-bye before he caught his flight home. He sat in the stands for a little bit and watched the final table. During one of his breaks he mentioned that he noticed I was "working pretty hard."

I'm on a break now. There are four players left at this final table and I took some time to jot down these thoughts about my first day on the job.

Feel free to read my articles about last night's event on Poker Player Newspaper and Lasvegasvegas.com.

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