Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Big Pimpin' and Radio Free Pauly
"Play perfectly all night and get beat in four hands by some donkey who can't spell the game!" - Phil Hellmuth while he kicked over a chair after a suckout
In case you went to bed early, you missed a Hellmuthian tantrum last night. Make sure you read last night's updates because his antics were classic Hellmuth. Too bad ESPN wasn't taping the event.

Go read my article on Fox Sports called WSOP: First Impressions.

Thanks to Amy for the shoutout yesterday in her blog. While I was covering the final table last night, she was giving me shit about my penchant for malcontent blondes.

My best thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Iggy and his family today.

Go read my brother Derek's blog. He posted one of the funniest recaps of the blogger Vegas trip from three weekends ago.

Stop by Charlie's blog and send him your best wishes. I am overwhelmed by the response from Las Vegas pros who are constantly asking me how Charlie is doing.

Go visit Flip Chip's World Series of Poker photo gallery. Some of his pictures also appear on Fox Sports. By the way, Mrs. Flipchip hit a royal flush in video poker at the Rio. She felt bad that I was working so hard that she gave me a cut of her winnings!

Thanks to everyone who helped back me in the Wednesday $1500 event! 20 of my friends hooked me up. Thanks to: Maudie, Al CantHang, Tanya, Derek, Briana, Otis, Senor, Iggy, Joaquin, Human Head, Obie, Joe Speaker, Wil, Spaceman, Sean & Brent from Lord Admiral Radio, Chad, Halverson, Gracie, April H., and Poker Prof & Flipchip. They all get a cut of my winnings.

Radio Free Pauly

I taped my interview with Sean on early on Saturday morning for the Lord Admiral Card Club Radio Show and Podcast. If you don't know by now, it's the best podcast dedicated to poker in the universe. Over the last few months, I've become a huge cult figure in Canada. I'm happy to be a part of their amazing show.

Sean and Brent are working hard every week to get their podcast done (for free) so stop by and show your support.

You can download the MP3 of this week's show... Episode 31: Here.
You can download the MP3 of last week's show... Episode 30: Here.
You can read this week's shows notes... Here.

My interview starts at 26:30. We talk about the second week of WSOP action.

If you want to catch up and listen to previous episodes, please visit their archives over at Brainscat. Stop by their site and download the extra nuggets. Thanks again to Sean and Stacks for having me on.

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