Monday, April 19, 2004

WPT Championships at the Bellagio: Day 1

My brother and I met NYC Poker Babe at the Bellagio and watched a few hours of the WPT Championships. The celebrites I saw: James Woods, Al from Home Improvement, Mimi Rogers, Ben Affleck, and Ming Na from ER. All the girls/tourists were trying to snap photos of Ben.

Phil Ivey & Phil Laak (the Unabomber) were at the same table. I saw Clonie Gowan. I saw Jen Harmon talking to Doyle Brunson at the break. Jesus walked by me.

Other notables: Paul Darden, Mel Judah, Dan Harrington, Sam Grizzle, Devil Fish... I'm sure I'm forgetting some people.

My brother was smaoking a cigarette and Scotty Ngyen slapped him high five. I never saw my brother so excited! I also shook his hand and he seemed happy to see us. My brother struck upa conversation with two random railbirds... who happened to be related to Hoyt Corkins. they loved Derek after he told them he knew who Hoyt was... and even more so after Derek tooled on Phil Hellmuth in front of the Corkins clan.

Jeez, I'm sure I'm missing some players... but I'll wrote more later!

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