Friday, April 09, 2004

Another Day at the Tables & Derek's Straight Flush
"Always look out for #1. But don't step in #2." - Rodney Dangerfield
My brother hit a straight flush on Party Poker the other day. I forgot to blog it... a low limit game and he chased for the hell of it, pissing off a guy who flopped a nut flush. Way to go bro. I have never done that. Last time we were in Vegas, Derek also got a straight flush at the Luxor.

HDouble told me that he got four aces on his birthday. Nice, very nice.

Earlier today, I won a $5 SNG. I also got rocked this afternoon on the NL ring games... including flopping a fullhouse then losing to a four of a kind... runner-runner. A hand like that makes me wanna jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Alas, I watched Maduie play a few hands (she won two big pots back-to-back with AJ!) and then ended up back on a NL ring table. I was joined by Bad Blood Poker and of course Stinky Pants was on the rail cheering me on. They saw me take down a huge pot, which brought me back to even for the day.

Another Big Slick Adventure... AK vs. Small Pairs

$25 NL ring game... UTG I get AKo. I bring it in for a raise of $2. Next to my left, short stacked guy went all-in for $5 more. The big stack called, as did the other small stack in LP. I went over the top... all-in. The big stack called and the other small stack folded. AK vs 33. Another classic matchup... a coin toss. I flopped an A and it was history. I won a $60 pot which was sweet since I had most of my good hands cracked the last two days.

Now, I'm done with poker for a little bit (meaning the rest of today) .... work, writing, and a busy social schedule dictates my life the next 72 hours.... I have a couple of home games to play in... and then on Tuesday... I'm off to Vegas for one week. Which reminds me that I have to do laundry. See ya on the flip side.

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