Sunday, April 04, 2004

PJK2... 2 Hours Away

In two hours, it's time to head over to Planet Poker and play in Felicia's Sunday Night PJK tourney. I hope to improve upon my 13th place finish last week.

For a great write up of last week's event, visit Mean Gene and check out his entry: If I had a hammer...I'd knock out Pauly. As always a stellar post from MG. Here's a bit:
The action was folded around to me and I limped in, and I mean limped. Now, I had Pauly next to me, and he was down to about $800, and I just KNEW he'd go all in. Of course he did, but I figured that it was worth the kick just to maybe double him up with the Hammer, and maybe, just maybe, even take him out.

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