Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A Decent Run... and I'm Now a Local!

I had a nice string of cards last night and posted my first winning day since day 1. I'll write more later. Not to Fear... I turned the corner and my losing streak is over.

I played in a World Series of Poker satellite at Binion's and came in 4th place. I shall write more info later.

When I sit at the poker tables, everyone asks me if I'm from Vegas. That's awesome. Both locals and tourists... I guess I don't look like a tourist. Haley suggested that sometimes "you have to look the part", so I dress semi-casual, like a well-to-do gambler would wear... I started saying, "Yeah.. I live on the other side of the Valley."

It's even better when the dealers and cocktail waitress call me by my name: "Pauly, you're turn to bet..." or "Pauly, sweetie, another ginger ale with two cherries?"

One dealer named Sang calls me, "Mr. Pauly", and sounds more like, "Meeeee-stahhhh Pawwwww-eeee."

Vegas rocks. Tourists are so stupid... if they were smart, they would have vacationed elsewhere.

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