Thursday, April 08, 2004

Blogger Party on Party Poker... Hanging with Halverson, BG, and Iggy McBoobs

Party Poker is an amazing place to play. In the last two nights I was able to sit at tables with some of my fellow bloggers. (I hope to build up my bankroll someday to hit the $5-$10 tables with HDouble and Grubby!) Last night... it was me and Chris Halverson. I noticed he was on two 50c/$1 tables and I joined on for a little bit. He had a great entry called: Vegas Bound and Playing with Pauly. Chris had a monster night. Read all about it.

And then... just a few moments ago, I had the pleasure of playing a $10 SNG with both Iggy and Boy Genius. The players at that table had no idea what they were running into. I didn't win and busted on on the bubble... but it was one of the most hilarious games I ever played online. Between Iggy being drunker than Ted Kennedy on St. Patrick's Day... and Boy Genius hell bent on setting one player on tilt through the chat... I was having a blast. Yeah, I myself... the non-drinking (while playing) poker player had a few cocktails with NYC Poker Babe after work (gotta love the top shelf vodka at the bar in the Time Hotel) and was a little tipsy when I hit the tables.

On the very first hand I set a player all-in with K-10 when I had K-K. Astonished, I doubled up on the first hand and didn't do anything the rest of the SNG. Alas, BG got a run of shitty cards and ended out in 5th. I followed next and Iggy... well of course Iggy won the whole thing when he went heads-up against tilt-boy. Here's some of the crazy chat with a guy I'll refer to as Tilt Boy:
Tilt Boy: games not over yet bro, we will see the competence level i posses as oppsed to u
Tilt Boy: dont judge me by what u dont know
Iggy: let me guess
Iggy: public schools tilt boy?
Boy Genius: phonics monkey?
Tilt Boy: no, i go to the largest business school in new england
Tilt Boy: didnt know i had to spell words correctly for u morons to read what i write
Tilt Boy: but i be more careful from now on
Tilt Boy: and competence is judge based on a type-o?
Boy Genius: no, it's judgeD based on a typo
Tilt Boy: well i would like to say im pleased to be in a room full of brilliance
Boy Genius: good to see the largest B-school in all of NE can help you identify genius
Tilt Boy: no, someone made a comment about public schools
Iggy: i did!
Boy Genius: i'm the freaking ron popeil of poker
Iggy: shouldnt you be on a ledge somewhere?
Tilt Boy: wtf is this the spanish inquisition
PaulyMcGrupp: hey tough guy tilt boy, do u go to harvard b-school?
Boy Genius: no one expects the spanish inquisition
Tilt Boy: no, bentley college
PaulyMcGrupp: then stop talkin smack
Iggy: sometimes when i sneeze i pee
Boy Genius: yeah, b-school certainly trains the next wave of independent thought
Tilt Boy: what do you do for a living bro?
Boy Genius: all you need to know is that i like two things
Boy Genius: bubble gum and kicking some ass
Boy Genius: and i'm all out of bubble gum
So all this crazy shit-talkin' banter was over the course of the first two levels of the SNG. It was too freakin hilarious. I haven't read through the enitre hand history, but BG had some funny shit to say. Both he and Iggymiester were hazing the shit out of Tilt Boy. A fun night for sure.

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