Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A Stormy Monday at Ferrari's

Another wild night at Ferrari's. Pauly's big hands? Cracked! Ferrari's nightmare? River'd a jillion times. Pauly & Ferrari heads up with AA vs KK... you betcha. And poor Ugarte... lost with a straight flush. Yep, it was one of those nights. Of course I learned a new legal term (thanks to Coach) which I will share with you later.
The Players:
Seat 1: Mike (early)/Dan (late)
Seat 2: Joel
Seat 3: Signor Ferrari
Seat 4: Marie
Seat 5: Coach
Seat 6: Josh (early)/Ugarte (late)
Seat 7: Pauly
8:01pm EST... I dunno what happpened, but less than 30 minutes into the game... I was down $50! Ouch. And of course I went all the way to the river in Stud 8/b and although I had Josh's Jackson Five beat with my two pair Qs & 9s... coach was betting strong with two aces showing. Did he have the third ace or did he have two pair? Either way I was fucked. He had As and Ks. It cost me dearly chasing the fullboat.

9:04pm EST... down -85. Omaha 8 killed me. Had A-2 a few times only to get those cards duplicated. I was considering a rebuy. Joel was on a hot streak. He got a straight flush in Anaconda and won several huge Omaha pots.

9:20pm EST... I had As-Ah-Jh-4s in Omaha 8. I called a preflop raise and saw the flop: 10-J-J. Another 10 fell on the turn and I caught a full boat when a 4 hit the river. It was my first big pot of the night. I won another big pot when I flopped the Wheel!

9:46pm EST... The hand of the night: AA vs. KK.

Preflop, I raised with KK. Everyone folded to Ferrari who raised. I reraised and he played back. Now there was a situation that came up... How many times can you raise heads-up? The rule at Ferrari's is that there is a 3 raise max on multi-way pots and heads-up... it's unlimited raises. However, we never set precedent with that rule pre-flop. Alas, Ugarte cleared it up... before the betting round starts - there has to be two players. Since this isnatnce happened pre-flop... it was capped out at 3 bets. I couldn't tell if Ferrari really had A-A. He was betting like he had them, but maybe he had AKs? Or perhaps he had KK? I couldn't tell but I continued the hand with sincere caution. The flop: x-Q-x. Ferrari bet and I raised, he reraised and I called. The turn: another rag. The river: K. Nice, very nice. Ferrari bet, I raised and he called knowing that his A-A got river'd. Alas, I turned over the COWBOYS and caught my set on the river! It was a huge hand and I went from almost having to rebuy to only down $35.

11:39pm EST... I called a preflop raise from Coach. I should had known that he had a premium hand, but I suspected he had a marginal hand was raising only because he was on the button. Man... was I wrong. I had J-10 suited so I called. The flop: A-K-Q. Coach had trip Aces. I flopped a Broadway straight. I was properly fucked on the turn like a cheap strung out hooker... when a King fell and Coach made his fullhouse. "Oh the humanity!" as Iggy would scream in a drunken tirade! I suspected superhuman strength when he raised me. I just called and prayed for a miracle on the river. Alas, I was drawing dead. He flipped over his cards... and I was smoked. Aces full of Kings. That whooped my straight. I had just fifty cents left... and felt so.... used and abused and had no money left. I should have chosen a career in porn, sure, I'm still just a piece of meat, but at least I would have gotten off few times.

I needed a break before a rebuy. Had to make a few phonecalls and went downstairs. It was pouring outside which sucked. I got some ice cream and went back upstairs. I missed a huge hand... which I'm sure will be one of the highlights of Ugarte's Poker Grovel.

11:48pm EST... Follow the Queen is called and Ugarte was heads up with Marie. Ugarte had a starigh flush and bet out. Of course, Marie though she only had four of a kind... but when Ferrari looked at all of her cards... he discovered that she did in fact have... five of a kind. Ouch. Poor Ugarte got tapped out the hand right after when his four of a kind in Anaconda lost to a higher four of a kind.

Several of the players left and we only had four players remaining. Ugarte stuck around and acted as dealer the remainder of the night.
Late Night Players:
Seat 1: Dan
Seat 2: Ferrari
Seat 3: Marie
Seat 4: Pauly
We only played hold'em. I reluctantly did a rebuy. Behold... a list of

12:07am EST... AKs lost to 99. The flop: A-K-9. Yeah I walked into that one.

12:11am EST... AK lost K-8s when the board read: 3-8-3-8-J. Ouch. I was down -150 for the night.

1:10am EST... AKs lost to Ferrari's A-5. Ouch, double ouch. Big Slick getting maliciously beat down like a Russian dissident.

OK, I made a decent run despite all the bad beats... I won a pot with AK and a bigger pot with 66 when I flopped a set. I was only down $60 at one point. But that was short lived.

1:50am EST... Pauly sees AA and knew they were gonna get cracked. I didn't have to call Mistress Cleo to get the skinny. The flop: 2-3-4. Of course, as if one cue, another 2 hit the turn. And I lost to Dan's A-2. Ouch, double ouch, triple fuck.

I suffered a slew of bad beats. My repuatation of a loose-aggressive player hurt me big time. Even when I slowed down and only played big hands... my raises were not enough to drive people out.

Of course the MVP was Coach. He won big Omaha hands and smoked me with his AA. He did very well. He taught me a new legal term: Mopery.

What is mopery? Mopery is the act of exposing yourself to a blind person. Thank goodness for Coach... now I know it's a crime and I will stop flashing the kids at the NY School for the Blind.

Ferrari had a bad night. He rallied back, but he still was off his game, mainly due to a series of several river cards that spelled his doom. Alas, Ugarte had been on a sweet run since he got back from his holiday in Paris & Pakistan. But last night... was an evening I'm sure he'd like to forget. Me too.
The Final Tally:
Coach +206
Joel +93
Josh +19
Mike +14
Dan -17
Marie -40
Ferrari -70
Pauly -75
Ugarte -119
Off for Vegas, with $75 less in my bankroll. D'oh!

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