Thursday, April 22, 2004

Halverson's Hammer

I got home last night and watched the WPT Tunica (Jack Binion Open) at my brother's, while I had Party Poker fired up! I won a $10 SNG and joined Chris Halverson's table. He was a folding machine. Alas, I got the hammer and tried to play it. Alas, one guy got disconnected and he had to go all-in. He won with 7-9s versus my 2-7o. Oh well. I must have inspired Halverson because without mentioning it, he played a hand, then showed the hammer! It was awesome and I was going apeshit, screaming and hootin' & hollerin'. Check out his version of his amazing hammer play. I think I won $3 playing 2 hours. I was down a bunch, but rallied back when I caught a flush with A-Qo.

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