Sunday, April 25, 2004

Quality Blogs

Grubette posted a little diddy called Young lady, I don't play crap cards on her brother's site The Poker Grub. I got to see him at the tables on Party Poker today, which is always a treat.

HDouble over at The Cards Speak is one of my favorite (overall) blogs due to the quality of writing, in addition to the quality of content. Anyone who quotes Shakespeare is "the Dude" in my book. Speaking of the Dude... check out his Big Lebowski posts: The Dude Abides: More Lebowski Wisdom and Zen and the Art of the Dude. Here's my favorite part:
The Nihilist is the typical tourney player who complains about a bad beat. Accept that short term luck is the most important factor in tourneys. Your AA is a big favorite, but not that big. Suck it up and get ready for the next tourney.
By the way The Poker Prof posted a report on the first day at the WSoP. Check it out.

The Poker Penguin is back with a post. He's a great writer. Here's what made me chuckle:
Once again I am in de Nile, and the water smells like every single Egyptian is trying to take a piss on my head. I am a better player than these idiots. One rocket scientist called three bets pre-flop with T3 off only to kick my KK in the head with a runner runner flush. I mean someone's got to be scripting this shit right? Online poker is rigged, and it's rigged to kick me square in the junk whenver I have just gotten over the last time it kicked me in the junk.
In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson... "It's funny because it's true." Check out his entry about The Seven Deadly Sins.

Alas, both Iggy and Chris Halverson got shoutouts on Wil Wheaton's blog. Very cool.

Earlier this morning, I watched Maudie take down two huge pots in a NL ring game. It was awesome! Good job grinding it out there. Maudie. And what's a Sunday morning without Al Can't Hang sending me pictures of one of my favorite Canadian actresses?

And lastly, I think Paul's Burbon had to put his cat to sleep. RIP... Lola.

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