Saturday, April 10, 2004

Iggy Does Good and Another Profitable Saturday

Congrats to uber-player Iggy for his feat today. You rock bro.

Alas, I had an interesting day as I watched the Yankees game and the Masters and hit the tables at Party Poker. First up, I played at the NL ring game with Grubby. He's my hero... playing three $30 SNGs at the same time while sitting in the ring game with me. He saw me get my first ever four of a kind! I had 10-10, flopped a 10 and told Grubby I was going to hit the quads... which I promptly did on the river. A huge pot for sure.

Played NL with Stinky Pants for a little bit and one of Al Can't Hang's buddies... Lanlow. When I was playing multiple tables, NL and $2-4 with Maudie... I hit my second four of a kind of the day in the NL game.
PaulyMcG balance $75.75, bet $60.60, collected $75.75, net +$15.15 [ 6s 6h ] [ four of a kind, sixes -- 9c,6s,6h,6c,6d ]
Four sixes this time. I was on a roll. (Party Poker failed to email me my other hand history with the four 10s.)

I had a $22/hr win rate at the NL ring games. I had a +9BB performance at the $2-4 table and then bumped up to $3-6 to test out the games that I have been hearing about. I did fairly well, up 15BB for the session. I think my bankroll is almost at a point where I can play those games with more frequency.

Before I left for the day, I played a $5 SNG with Jerry and placed second. Played one with him on Friday and won it all. Alas, I had one of my best days on Party Poker. Every game I seemed to play, I hit flops with my good cards.

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