Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Bounced 12th... D'oh! No Bellagio for Pauly
"Nobody ever talks about the guy who took his shot and missed..." - Mike McD, Rounders
I was so close... WPT Satellite... bounced 12th out of 312. I had a chance at winning a seat at the WPT Championships at teh Bellagio. Top 3 places would have gotten seats (worth $27,000). Places 4-5-6 got cash. Ah and I blew it. 7-7 vs A-3o. The nimrod caught a 3 on a flop and an A on the turn. Oh well. The coolest part was knowing that I had so many of my fellow poker bloggers, friends, and fans watching... and rooting me on. To all of you about twenty or so... maybe more? Thanks... I might have lost at poker, but knowing that I have an amazing and loyal support system, is a blessing. In life, that makes me a winner. Thanks again. I could never had gotten that far without everyone cheering me on and hangin on every friggin' card! More to come.

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