Monday, April 26, 2004

Coach's Corner: SNG Lessons Learned

The following is another installment of Coach's Corner. Enjoy!

I just played a $5 SNG on Poker Stars. My goal was a warm up for tonight. It was something for everyone to say the least.

1) You know you're in trouble when the lead player on the table, sitting in the 1 seat no less, has photo which is all white with the three letters G O D in it.

2) You know you're in more trouble when you have AA on the button, people are raising into you left and right, and, when it's just down to you and one other caller, with a possible flush on the board, you *both* flip over AA and tie. I've never seen two AA in the same hand before, have you?

3) G O D was a massive chip leader, with three of us left. I managed to outlast #2, and drew dead even with G O D. How many players, religious or not, can say that?

4) G O D put a whupping on me, but did not knock me out, when he successfully soft-played J6o with a 6-6-J flop. (I had QQ).

5) I then beat G O D, and took first, on two very luck draws back to back. I had 87h, and the flop came 5c-6s-Q-d. He pushed all in, and when i called, he flipped 5s-6c. The river was a 9, saving my bacon and making me 2-to-1 chip leader.

6) Next hand, I had my least favorite cards -- AQo. He went all in again with K4c. Flop was 5c, 8c, Kh. Not only was he in the lead, he had a great draw. Turn was very kind, showing As. Only a 4, K, or c could save him. He didn't get it. 3d.

That's a lot of writing for a $22 prize, but as I said, something for everyone.

Thanks Coach. Best of luck tonight!

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