Monday, April 05, 2004

Idea for a TV Show: Late Night Poker with Pauly

I just talked to a Hollyweird insider and picthed them a great idea for a new reality based TV show called... Late Night Poker with Pauly. Very similar to and inspired by the hit show on Comedy Central called Insomniac where comedian Dave Attel drinks in bars all over the world and America and they film it.

Well, my idea is slightly better. I will be traveling all over the world... playing poker, in casinos, in home games, in airports, in illegal backroom games, on Indian reservations, in frat houses, even online. Think about it. I already do it already... why not get paid for time and humorous musings that I encounter on my journey through life. Old guys at a dog track in Miami. Laywers in NYC. Plumbers and college students at Foxwoods. Tourists and pros in Las Vegas. French industrialists in Amsterdam. Sherpas in Nepal. Minor league hockey players in Calgary. Phish roadies in Wisconsin. Lifers at Folsom County Prison. You get the jist.

Hey Wil Wheaton... I know you read my site, let's pitch this idea to a production company quick! You can be my first guest player. Of course I'd love to get a mix of poker bloggers (The Fat Guy episode when I show up in Texas with Paris Hilton would be hilariously insane), B-celebrities, and poker pros.

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