Friday, April 30, 2004

"It's Friday. You ain't got no job. You ain't got no shit to do!" - Smokey
Bored? Hit the tables at Party Poker and tell them Pauly sent ya. Going away for the weekend, be back soon, might sneak away to play a few hands... in the meantime, visit your friendly neighborhood bloggers, like...

Boy Genius who was gracious enough to hook me up with some insight in this Saturday's Kentucky Derby! I like Tapit. Visit BG to find out who he likes, after all his blog is all about: random thoughts and thoroughbred selections.

Felicia posted three excellent parts (I - II - III) to her entry into the $1500 Stud event at the World Series of Poker. I'm proud of her play... and that she made it as far as she did even with Barry Greenstein and Ted Forrest at her table. Great write up too.

Check out Glenn's Poker Journal. I like how he writes about poker.

And Cheap Thrills finally completed his home made poker table and it looks kick ass! He has pics linked on his blog.

But make sure you pick up on HDouble and his tips on counting cards and winning at Blackjack.

Al Can't Hangover is at it again... he's on a wicked bender. See what kinda hijinks he's been up to!

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