Thursday, June 26, 2008

WSOP Live Blog - Day 28

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Today is gonna be one of those crazy, hazy, summer days at the World Series of Poker. Hookers trolling the floor. Spain vs. Russia. Day 2 of HORSE and sweatin' the DonkeyBomber. Erik Seidel chasing down his 9th bracelet. Plenty of action everywhere. Lots of friends in town. A quick trip to the Rhino for the afternoon shift. Oh and it's Change100's birthday.

Back to five events today.
Event #43 $1,500 PLO8 - Final Table
Event #44 $1,000 NL w/ Rebuys - Day 2
Event #45 $50,000 HORSE - Day 2
Event #46 $5,000 NL Short-handed - Day 1
Event #47 $1,500 Stud8 - Day 1
Erick Seidel will be trying to win his 9th bracelet after he made his 26th final table at the WSOP. He's running hot this year. Runner-up at Aussie Millions. He won a WPT event at Foxwoods. Now this...
Event #43 $1,500 PLO8 - Final Table:
Seat 1: Joseph Haddad (Portland, OR) - 135000
Seat 2: Tom Chambers (Chicago, IL) - 263,000
Seat 3: Larry Wright (McQueeney, TX) - 117,000
Seat 4: Chad Burum (Grants Pass, OR) - 117,000
Seat 5: Michael Fetter (Vallejo, CA) - 288,000
Seat 6: Casey Kastle (Chicago, IL) - 188,000
Seat 7: Jon Maren (North Andover, MA) - 377,000
Seat 8: Martin Klaser (Rheinbach, Germany) - 337,000
Seat 9: Erik Seidel (Las Vegas, NV) - 340,000
And Anguila is in Vegas to play Event #46 but he's conflicted because his hometeam Spain is playing Russia at the same time that the event kicks off at noon. I told him to grease a floorguy to put on the game for him.

Also playing today are a couple of Blue Parrot alum... Coach and Dawn. They are battling in Stud8 which starts at 5pm. The BlueParrot was a regular home that I used to play in back in New York City hosted by our buddy Ferrari. Both FTrain and I have cashed in previous WSOP events and we're hoping that two more BlueParrot players can do the same.

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Poolside at Scheckytown. Waiting for Spain vs. Russia to kick off. Today is Change100's birthday. Stop by her blog, Pot Committed, and send her birthday wishes

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Wow. Scoreless first half. Tied 1-1 0-0 at halftime. I love that Irish guy doing the studio halftime report. You know he's got a cocktail underneath his desk and sweating a huge bet on Spain.

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Go Spain. 3-0 over Russia. Weeeee. Spain vs. Germany in the finals.

BadBlood is here and we're gonna do the Procedure. Drinking. Strip Club. Poker. I can't bring my laptop into the Rhino, so you'll have to follow along on Twitter.

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Returned from a visit from the afternoon shift with Bad Blood and MeanGene. I drew the drunk stripper who said that she's been on Prozac for three days. Sloppy is the best way to describe her. As far ability goes... she was below average. Stories? Man, she had an abundance and wouldn't shut up. Stay tuned for another installment of Existentialist Conversation with Strippers.

Event #43 PLO8 Final Table: Down to 6. Seidel is third in chips. Casey Kastle is the chipleader.

Event #44 NL Rebuys: Down to 83. Almost bubble time. Brandon Schaefer busted out recently and did not cash. Joe Tehan out in front.

Event #45 50K HORSE: 13 to go. Three people busted on Day 2; David Levi, Chris Bjorin, and Diego Cordovez are busto.

Benjo updated our prop bet list...
Barry Greenstein : 153,700
Doyle Brunson : 137,000
Mike Matusow : 103,300
David Chiu : 71,700
David Singer : 17,900

Rob Hollink : 149,400
Mike Sexton : 141,700
Andy Bloch : 101,100
Marcel Luske : 96,200
Daniel Negreanu : 54,200
Of course, the guy I tooled on yesterday, Chris Reslock, is in first place in chips. Erick Lindgren and Finnish boy toy are also at the top of the leaderboard.

Event #46 5K Short-handed: Hevad Khan is one of the chipleaders. No reports of random outbirts and crazy dudes running around with chairs on their heads. Gobboboy is still in but shortstacked. The Eggman and the Unabomber just busted. Shaniac, Liz Lieu, Phil Hellmuth, and Fabrice Soulier are also dunzo.

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Today's smoke break is sponsored by PokerStars!

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Event #43 PLO8 Final Table: Still 6 to go. Seidel third in chips. According to Pojo, he's only played like 4 hands today.

Event #45 50K HORSE: Ray Dehkharghani. Get to know that name. He's the chipeader, and holds a slight lead over Bill Chen.

Tom Schneider is in full blown DonkeyBomber mode as has the hoodie up. He has 138K and stuck at a tough table with Mike Wattel, Andy Bloch, Johnny Chan, and David Grey.

Michalski sighting...

My brother sent me a text and said that my beloved NY Knicks got an Italian player. I'm not thrilled. Is this the next Fredric Weiss?? At least Isaiah the Cancer is no longer with the organization.

The intertubes have been acting up. "It's been great for 27 days. But today it sucks," explain Nolla Dalla to the Rio's tech guy.

Massages: Bruno Fitoussi, Katja Thater, Patrick Bueno, and Nick Schulman are all getting rub downs.

Bill Gazes was fiddling around with his backpack before he pulled out a huge notebook. He scribbled something down in between hands.

Johnny World, Rafi Amit, and Jack Effel were joking around about something.

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Event #43 PLO8 Final Table: Down to 5. Seidel is 4th in chips.

Event #45 50K HORSE: Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is one of the chipleaders.

Down to 125. Recent eliminations include... Annie Duke, Andy Black, Frank Kassela, David Grey, David Woo, and Ram Vaswani.

Tony G on life support. The G is one of the shortstacks. He's about to get on his bike and pedal home.

Isabelle was moved to Patrik Antonius and Daniel Negreanu's table.

More spectators on the rail taking pics with flash. The floor guys have to give them a friendly reminder every time a white light goes off. Of course, when that happens, I get a minor flashback.
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Event #43 PLO8 Final Table: Down to 4. Seidel is third in chips with Casey Kastle up front. We will see just how bad Seidel wants the bracelet. He knows that you don't get too many chances these days, so this might be his only shot this year.

Event #44 NL Rebuys: Down to 41. Denmark's Rene Mouritsen is the chipleader. Scandi leading the rebuy event? Yep.

Event #45 50K HORSE: 121 and counting. Players are slowly busting out like Tony G, David Singer, and Soheil Shamseddin.

Benjo's pick David Singer is busto. I hold a slight edge in our bet.

Isabelle likes her new table. She went from one of the middle stacks to one of the bigger ones.

Lyle Berman getting his shoulders worked on by a masseuse.

DonkeyBomber has the hoodie up and is getting his back worked on. He has about 130K.

Event #46 5K Short-handed: Gobboboy still alive.

Event #47 Stud8: Coach had 2800 the last time I checked.

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Event #45 50K HORSE: Down to 112 players. Young Russian Alexander Kostritsyn is the chipleader. Isabelle 6th in chips. That makes Mean Gene happy.

Several more bustouts including Bruno Fitoussi, Brian Rast, Hoyt Corkins, Johnny World, Jesus, and Chau Giang.

Sherkhan Farnood is shortstacked and getting a foot massage. Dario is getting one too.

DonkeyBomber still hovering around 130K.

Matusow has been warming up over the last 30 minutes. You can hear him ranting and raving from all the way up in the press box. He seemed much more calmer and subdued yesterday. Wonder if it is time for more Adderall?

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Listening to Jerry Garcia Band.

Event #43 PLO8 Final Table: Down to 2. Seidel busted out in 4th place. No 9th bracelet for EK. Boooooo. I was hoping he'd win one this year. I suddenly lost interest in the final table. In case you were one of the hordes of Tao of Poker readers from German, Martin Klaser has a decent lead over Casey Kastle for the bracelet.

Event #44 NL Rebuys: Down to 21. Nordberg is still alive. JC Tran recently busted along with Nicolas Levi from France.

Event #45 50K HORSE: Players are back from dinner break.

Down to 109. Recent eliminations? Alex Kravchenko and Eli Elezra.

Shortstacks? The brother of the Grinder and Gus Hansen.

DonkeyBomber had 130K. He's had that all day it seems.

Abe Mosseri and some dude named Doyle Brunson are the chipleaders. Isabelle still running strong and in the Top 5 in chips. She left Las Vegas for a couple of weeks to attend to her ill mother. She returned just in time to play HORSE.

Event #46 5K Short-handed: 210 left out of 805. 2+2 vet Steven 'Cornell Fiji' Ware is the chipleader. Elky is up near the top of the leaderboard. Gobboboy is still alive. Antonio Esfandiari and Beth Shak recently busted.

Event #47 Stud8: Coach is out. He ran into some tough hands. BWOP is shortstacked and Dawn is up to 5K. Johnny Mushroom has chips. "Stud hi/lo is my game!" he joked.

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"Benjo has lost it," deadpanned Otis. "He's tossing water bottles around like a monkey chucking his own feces."

Event #43 PLO8 Final Table: Martin Klaser won the bracelet. Third bracelet for Germany and another bracelet for the Europeans.

Event #45 50K HORSE: Down to 98.

Recent bustouts: Gus Hansen, Mike Sexton, David Benyamine, Howard Lederer, Perry Friedman, and Jason Gray.

Chipleaders: Patrick Bueno, Barry Greenstein, Doyle Brunson,, and Alexander Kostritsyn.

Maureen Feduniak and Tom McEvoy wandered over to say hello to TJ. Nick Schulman is sitting next to TJ. I dunno if he was alive when McEvoy won the Main Event in 1983.

Girl on girl action! Isabelle Mercier is getting a massage from one of the hot masseuses. Both Jan von Halle and his wife Katja Thater are getting simultaneous massages of two different tables.

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Just got rivered playing PLO on Full Tilt. Booooooooooo.

Event #45 50K HORSE: Down to 91. Currently on Level 10. Will play two more levels tonight. Should get down to around 83 or 84 tonight.

Recent eliminations: Allen Cunningham, Greg Raymer, Patrik Antonius, Nick Schulman, Hasan Habib, Tim Pham, David Chiu, Markus Golser, John D'Agostino, and the brother of the Grinder.

Big stacks: Patrick Bueno, Erick Lindgren,, Douglas Ganger, and Raymond Davis.

"Yes, yes, yes!" screamed Mike Matusow before he jumped up and unleashed a couple of fist pumps. I didn't see the hand, but I heard Matusow's reaction to it. Everyone in the Amazon ballroom heard it. When I caught up the table, the dealer was pushing two mounds of orange chips towards Matusow.

Photo courtesy of

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The after midnight edition. By now, the room is only filled with drunks and degenerate gamblers. Only the diehard media reps are here covering the last level of play in HORSE.

Event #45 50K HORSE: 75 players left.

Recent bustouts: Last year's champion is out. Freddy Deeb = busto. Jennifer Harman, Dario Alioto, Kirill Gerasimov, Johnny Chan, Bill Gazes, Toto Leonidas, Jan von Halle, and Dewey Tomko.

Big stacks: David Bach, Barry Greenstein, Patrick Bueno, Erick Lindgren,and Mike Wattel

On life support: Todd Brunson and Thor Hansen.

DonkeyBomber Watch: Tom Schneider not looking good. He slipped to 35K.

Benjo was excited since a Frenchman held the chiplead for a while. Although I picked David Benyamine to win it all in an article for PokerNews, he busted out early and it was Patrick Beuno who was out in front of the star-studded field as action passed the Midnight hour.

* * * * *


Event #45 50K HORSE: Down to 69, dude.

Big stacks: Patrick Bueno, Barry Greenstein, Chris Reslock, David Bach, and Mike Wattel

Recent eliminations: Mike Matusow, Ted Forrest, Tom "DonkeyBomber" Schnieder, Todd Brunson, and Change100's favorite player... Too Wang Fu.

Sadly, DonkeyBomber is nevermore. He went out in 75th place. My horse in the HORSE event is out. Oh well. I think it was a worthy investment and I'd take a piece of the DonkeyBomber anytime.

I gotta say that it was a lot of fun having some of my cash in play in the 50K HORSE event. Sure it was only a tiny percentage compared to the staking that some of the big dogs were doing, but that didn't matter. For the first time, I knew what it felt like to be that guy on the rail wanting instant updates on his horse. I had a nice backer's high for almost two days. With DonkeyBomber's departure, I can focus on the Spain/Germany match on Sunday.

* * * * *


That's it. HORSE Day 2 is complete. About 67 players are left. Michael Binger and TJ Cloutier busted out in the last twenty minutes.

Day 3 will start at 3pm local time. See you then.

Thanks for reading. I'm outta here............

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