Thursday, June 12, 2008

WSOP Day 14 - Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I know this is the moment you have been waiting for... another new episode of Tao of Pokerati... the best three-minute half-baked podcast on the web. Our topic is yesterday's Deuce-to-Seven final table.

Episode 6: Lowballin'
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Two more final tables today including one with Daniel Negreanu. Can Danny Boy win his fourth bracelet?

The Lakers square off the Celtics in Game 4. All eyes will be on Ivey's eyes watching the game. Can the Lakers win and keep Ivey's head above water? Or will he be staring down the hole of a 3-1 deficit.

Here are today's six events:
Event #19 $1,500 PLO - Final Table
Event #20 $2,000 Limit - Final Table
Event #21 $5,000 NL - Day 2
Event #22 $3,000 HORSE - Day 2
Event #23 $2,000 NL - Day 1
Event #24 $2,500 PLO/PLH - Day 1
Here are today's final tables:
Event #19 $1,500 PLO - Final Table:
Seat 1: Jamie Pickering (Gold Coast, Australia) - 329,000
Seat 2: Eugene Todd (Brooklyn, NY) - 127,000
Seat 3: Mel Randolph (Waikiki, HI) - 117,000
Seat 4: Jamie Robbins (San Diego, CA) - 70,000
Seat 5: Vanessa Selbst (Brooklyn, NY) - 1,047,000
Seat 6: Stanley Statkiewicz Jr (Itasca, IL) - 318,000
Seat 7: Ken Lairson (Oklahoma City, OK) - 16,900
Seat 8: Craig Natte (Hudsonville, MI) - 108,000
Seat 9: Thom Schultz (Littleton, CO) - 144,000

Event #20 $2,000 Limit - Final Table:
Seat 1: David Baker (Katy, TX) - 409,000
Seat 2: Jeremy Kottler (Cleveland, OH) - 47,000
Seat 3: Hien Tran (Sacramento, CA) - 58,000
Seat 4: Ugur Marangoz (Las Vegas, NV) - 402,000
Seat 5: Fu Wong (Chandler, AZ) - 67,000
Seat 6: Greg Wohletz (Henderson, NV) - 301,000
Seat 7: Daniel Negreanu (Las Vegas, NV) - 308,000
Seat 8: Derek Lerner (Montreal, Quebec) - 133,000
Seat 9: Richard Li (Toronto, Canada) - 195,000
Sweet. Danny Boy made a final table with Fu, Ugur, and Hein. Sounds like a German and Chinese law firm/laundromat.

* * * * *


Event #21 5K NL: 121 players advanced to Day 2. Top 72 get paid. The Grinder is among the chipleaders. FBT, Rizen, CK Hua, Ben Grundy, NeverWin, Dmitri Nobles, Layne Flack are all busto.

Event #22 3K HORSE: 133 players remaining. Mark Vos just busted. Shannon Elizabeth is among the chipleaders. Is it getting chilly in hell?

Event #23 2K NL: 800 left. Shaniac was one of the first players to bust. Joe Sebok and Phil Hellmuth aka GOD are among the chipleaders in early action.

Both final tables are starting soon. I'm gonna linger around Negreanu's final table for most of today.
* * * * *


Event #19 PLO Final Table: Down to four. Vanessa Selbst still on top. Aussie Jamie Pickering = short stacked.

Event #20 Limit Final Table: Down to 8. Danny Boy has taken over the chiplead.

Event #21 5K NL: Johnny Mushrooms, Bond18, and Aussie Sarah are still in.

Event #22 3K HORSE: 112 to go. BelowAbove = chipleader.

Event #23 2K NL: Shronk, Nordberg and Benyamine are busto.

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Event #19 PLO Final Table: Three-handed. Vanessa Selbst coughed up her monster lead. They are all even in chips.

Event #20 Limit Final Table: Down to 7. Danny Boy is still out in front. Fu Wong is one of the short stacks. Ugur Marangoz is second in chips. Fear Ugar.

Event #21 5K NL: 73 left. Money bubble. The Grinder is among the chipleaders. Aussie Sarah, Johnny Mushrooms, and VeitHottie are all alive.

Event #22 3K HORSE: Kevin 'BeL0WaB0Ve' Saul no longer chipleader but he's in the Top 5. Billy the Croc is in the Top 10 with Shannon Elizabeth. Gary Benson recently busted.

Event #23 2K NL: 570 to go. Men the Master and TheWacoKidd are out in front. Clonie Gowen and JC Tran are both out.

Event #24 PLO/PLH: The tournament was moved to the Brasilia Room. Harrah's opened up a third ballroom which has 65 tables. I wonder why they waited until today to use that area? I kina like it. Much a smaller version of the Amazon Room. Sam Simon (The Simpsons producer) busted from the 2K and then walked across the hall to play in the 5pm event. Michalski and I taped the next episode of Tao of Pokerati. Early bustouts include Victor Ramdin, Devilfish, and Josh Arieh.

* * * * *


Michalski has been walking around with his fly down for the last hour. He spoke with Jim McManus, Sam Simon, and heather formerly of Poker Wire... with a broken zipper.

Event #19 PLO Final Table: Still three-handed. Vanessa Selbst is trying to come back. She's second in chips.

Event #20 Limit Final Table: Down to five. Negreanu only holds a slight lead.

Event #21 5K NL: A large applause filled the Amazon when the money bubble broke. Less than 70 remaining.

Event #22 3K HORSE: Down to 80. Jen Harman stepped into the chiplead as Mike Sexton headed to the rail. Vanessa Rousso and Michael Craig are also busto.

Event #23 2K NL: 440 to go. Men the Master still the chipleader. Here's a hilarious entry from Snoopy...
Going Bananas

It's all gone bananas here. Noticing that her opponent has a small banana ornament as a card protector, Winamax's Almira Skripchenko pulls out a real banana from her bag and places it on her own cards.

I don't know why, but along with Johnny Chan's moldy orange, the World Series of Poker seems to act as a magnet for a host of fruit based card protectors.
Event #24 PLO/PLH: Joe Hachem in the house. He just took his seat. I believe that's the first Hachem sighting at the WSOP. It's Hachem's second appearance at the WSOP according to Kevin Mathers.

Random thought... several folks at the WSOP are total angle shooters. Before one event went on a break, the floor person got on the PA system and told players to use the walkways to exit and to specifically "not walk through areas where other tournaments are playing." The majority of players followed the rules, but a decent size group pretty much gave the finger to the floor and cut through the prohibited areas. I have seen this happen everyday.

* * * * *


Event #19 PLO Final Table: It's a zoo over there, sort of like a frat party meets the WSOP. Vanessa Selbst is heads up with Jamie Pickering. I met Pickering in Australia. He's a strip club owner from the luxurious Gold Coast of Australia. He won an event during the Poker News Cup. He has his mates on the rail with him and his girlfriend who is a hot Aussie chick in a skimpy outfit. The Aussies are a fun bunch and have been knocking back drinks all afternoon. Pickering recently did a shot and then moved all in blind. He doubled up and almost pulled even in chips with Selbst.

(As I type this, I can still hear the hootin' and hollerin' from all the way from the other side of the Amazon Room.)

When I walked over, I think I saw them in the middle of discussing a deal. Vanessa was crunching some numbers and Pickering kept getting her to committ.

"Come on, have some balls!"

That got a large laugh out of the crowd, who now stood five and six deep on the rail. A bevy of them behind Selbst were drunk. I couldn't tell if they were her friends or just random drunk guys who decided to cheer for her and goad the Aussie. Regardless, it was oneof the more festive final tables that I have seen thus far at the WSOP.

Pickering played the next hand blind. Selbst could not believe it, but he insisted that he did not look at his cards. He bet the pot and she called. He checked the turn and she bet the pot. He decided to look at his cards despite the chorus of screams, shouts, and chants from the rail.

"Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!" one shouted as he tried not to spill his drink on me.

Selbst was smiling and sipped her beer as the railbirds let Pickering have it when he decided to look at his cards.

"I'm dead. Oh shit," he said. "I got a gutshot to the Wheel."

"Gamboool!" screamed one drunk.

"Run it four times!" screamed another as they clinked cups.

"Get him another shot so he calls," shouted someone else from the rail.

"Let's finish this and go to the Rhino!" exclaimed another.

By then a gaggle of media surrounded the table. Flipchip was in the middle of the menagerie of photographers. There was also an ESPN second unit filming the hilarity. Railbirds stood up on chairs to catch a glimpse of the action.

Pickering peeked at his cards one last time before he shook his head and tossed them into the muck. Selbst showed her hand then stacked up all of Pickering's chips. She was ahead and won the pot to regain her chiplead.

* * * * *


Event #19 PLO Final Table: Vanessa Selbst wins a bracelet. It's her first. She and Pickering had a huge embrace after she won. She took winner's photos with her two black duck perched up on her chip stack.

Gadzooks was on the rail with Carol watching the last couple of hands.

By the way, big thanks to Carol and Dave from San Diego for stopping by the press box. Carol baked me cookies and Dave brought beer. Awesome combo. I shared with folks in media row. Thanks again for your generosity.

Event #20 Limit Final Table: Down to three. Negreanu second in chips. Ugur Marangoz shortstacked.

* * * * *


Event #20 Limit Final Table: Negreanu won the bracelet. It is his 4th. He also won a prop bet with Phil Ivey. I heard one rumor it was 600K. Others close to Negreanu said it was around 200K. If you count all the bracelet props that Negreanu had with other people, he definitely won more money with his props than winning first place prize money of $247K.

Event #21 5K NL: Down to 32. VietHottie is out in 33rd place. Bond18 eliminated in 46th place. Both cashed.

Event #22 3K HORSE: The bubble is approaching. Ivey just lost some chips. He totally looks ill after Negreanu winning a bracelet and the Lakers losing within minutes of each other. Never seen him so dour.

Event #23 2K NL: Down to 270.

Event #24 PLO/PLH: David Benyamine is the chipleader with Allen Cunningham not too far behind. Ted Forrest is also near the top.

* * * * *


Event #22 3K HORSE: They are in the money. Jen Harman is the chipleader. Phil Ivey is second in chips. DonkeyBomber cashed in another event. He's trying to make his second final table this week.

* * * * *


Event #22 3K HORSE: Down to 27. Ivey slipped and is in the lower half of the field. Jen Harman and Blair Rodman are at the top. Billy the Croc and Marco Traniello were recent casualties.

* * * * *


Event #22 3K HORSE: Ivey out in 23rd place. Jen Harman second in chips.

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