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WSOP Live Blog - Day 20

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Back to the grind for the 20th day in a row at the World Series of Poker. I'm jaded jungle guide, Pauly, and I kindly remind everyone to keep all hands and legs inside the jeep at all times. The animals will nibble off your fingers if given the chance. Everyone is hungry these days, especially the broke ones. By the 20th day of the WSOP, you start to see a lot of desperate faces. And you also start to see people disappear after they shot their wads on buy-in during the first three weeks of the WSOP.

Today is a mellow hump day with five tournaments and only one final table.
Event #31 $2,500 NL Shorthanded - Final Table
Event #32 $1,500 NL - Day 2
Event #33 $5,000 Stud 8 - Day 2
Event #34 $1,500 PLO with Rebuys - Day 1
Event #35 $1,500 Seven Card Stud - Day 1
And could today be Dario Day at the WSOP? If Dario wins a bracelet, everyone at the WSOP wins a free ice cream cone. Just kidding, but if Dario does win a bracelet, he'll be the second Dario since September to win a WSOP event, and the second Italian to win a bracelet inside of a week.
Event #31 $2,500 NL Shorthanded - Final Table:
Seat 1: Kevin Song (Rowland Heights, CA) - 1,173,000
Seat 2: Justin Filtz (Stevens Point, WI) - 891,000
Seat 3: Dario Minieri (Rome, Italy) - 1,721,000
Seat 4: Stuart Marshak (Chicago, IL) - 183,000
Seat 5: John O'Shea (Dublin, Ireland) - 589,000
Seat 6: Seth Fischer (Palm Harbor, FL) - 508,000
* * * * *


Smoking with the Dealers: It was super hot today and by the time I made my way through the burning asphalt called the Rio parking lot, I came upon two dealers braving the elements and getting a quick ciggie break. The topic? Spamalot.

"They cut out the shurbbery scene," she said.

"No fuckin' way," he muttered.

"Yeah, such a let down. Last month my boyfriend and I ate mushrooms and went to Zumanity. That was like the coolest thing ever."

Event #31 Shorthanded: Down to 5. Dario has the chipead.

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Fashion Police: Since Change100 has been too busy holed up in the Brasilia Room, I'm here to do a quick report. I noticed that Devilfish had a makeover. He's wearing those gay Ed Harvey t-shirts that are two sizes too small and he's sporting a "perfectly messy" haircut that probably cost $250 from a flaming hairdresser in London's Soho district. That hair style works if you are the drummer for The Killers, but Devilfish is 54 years old and trying to look like a twenty-something internet player. In the immortal words of Gene Todd, "Dress your age, bro."

Seriously, Devilfish... bring back the pimpin' pinstripe suits and revert to the sophisticated British thug look. Andy Black can get away with wearing sweat pants and t-shirts because he literally plays in the clothes he woke up in. That works for Andy Black since he's a Buddhist and supposed to be shying away from unnecessary material items.

Event #31 Shorthanded: Dario is the chipleader with 4 to go. One of my European sources mentioned that Dario is in the middle of a horrendous losing streak playing pit games at the Wynn. The former Magic the Gathering champion apparently has a jones for action. Degenadario was rumored to be stuck six figures... all away from the poker tables (both live and online). First place pays $528K. I hope that's enough to get everyone's favorite Italian wunderkind unstuck. In the meantime, Dario has been desperately trying to collect debts all week from various online players and circuit regulars who owe him money for one reason or another.

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Sometimes a run to In&Out Burger is just what the doctor ordered.

Event #31 $2.5K Shorthanded: Down to three. Degenadario has almost a 3-1 chip lead.

Event #32 $1.5K NL: 68 donkeys playing in the Brasilia Room. If one of them happens to fall, that's 67 donkeys playing... Fabrice Soulier is among the chipleaders. Phil Hellmuth went out in 71st place as he added another cash to his record setting career numbers.

Event #33 $5K Stud 8: 88 to go. The Grinder is at the top of the leaderboard along with David Benyamine and Chau Giang. The Flying Dutchman is hoping to go deep again after finishing 3rd in the 3K HORSE event earlier in the week.

Event #34 $1.5K PLO with Rebuys: 160 to go. Only 320 runners in this event, where a bevy of Europeans turned out. Layne Flack is among the chipleaders. OMGCalyAiken and Gobboboy also have decent stacks. Jamie Gold, Erick Lindgren, Alex Kravchenko, Rob Hollink (looking a little hungover after his bracelet win last night), and Leif Force are all busto.

Event #35 $1,500 Stud: The Amazon room is filled with the Stud players. I can see Mustapha's favorite player, Paul Darden, sitting a few tables in front of the press box. Jerry Buss looks bored to death, Sam Grizzle has been sporting the same blue dress shirt that he wore in FTrain's Razz event. And the guy who looks like Hurley from Lost is in the event. I wonder if dumb ass chicks give that guy handjobs by mistake? Amnon Filippi is getting a massage in front of me. VietHottie is playing at a table with five guys who could her grandfather's age. Archie Karas is in the event. He busted out early in Stud8 the other night and is looking for his second cash at the WSOP since making his comeback.

Eskimo Watch: Eskimo Clark is in the Stud event. "Where did he get the buy in?" wondered Benjo.

* * * * *


Event #31 $2.5K Shorthanded: Super Dario coughed up what used to be an invincible chiplead. Still three to go.

Event #33 $5K Stud 8: 64 to go and David Benyamine is the chipleader.

Event #34 $1.5K PLO with Rebuys: The Eggman has chips. Beware. Gobboboy is int he middle of the pack. Rizen and OMGClayAiken is busto.

Event #35 $1,500 Stud: The moment of truth? Paul "The Truth" Darden is the chipleader at the first break. VietHottie and David Williams are both out.

* * * * *


Geek Stat of the Day: If you were to buy into every single event held so far (not counting rebuys or add-ons), it would cost you $124,500.

Event #31 $2.5K Shorthanded: Seth Fischer has taken the lead from Dario. They are on their dinner break. I wonder if Degenadario will sneak back to the Wynn and donk off some more of his bankroll?

Event #33 $5K Stud 8: Jesus making a run with 56 left. Dario Alioto and Daniel Negreanu are among the latest who busted.

Event #34 $1.5K PLO with Rebuys: Jesus and Gobboboy both busted out before the dinner break. Gavin Griffin is the chipleader with 113 to go.

Event #35 $1,500 Stud: Archie Karas is busto. Comeback is over.

* * * * *


I left the Rio early to go home and write. Too many distractions.

Just a reminder... that when I'm physically sitting in the press box... I am at work. When I have my headphones on, it means that I'm writing. Please be respectful and help me limit the distractions. Recently, it's been getting out of control. One hour of writing at home is more productive than four hours in the press box.

Also, I don't care if you are an amateur or a pro, if you tell me a bad beat story while I'm writing in the press box, you owe me $1,000. Tony G's thugs will help me collect.
* * * * *


Event #31 $2.5K Shorthanded: Dario Minieri wins the bracelet, and gets unstuck from baccarat! Dario is the second Italian player to win a bracelet this year. He's the second Dario to win a bracelet all time.

Event #32 $1.5K NL: With the exception of Tao reader Court Harrington, I have no clue who any of the 20 remaining players are.

Event #33 $5K Stud 8: Chau Giang among the chipeladers. How many roads must a man walk down? Alex "zimmerman" Jacob is out.

Event #34 $1.5K PLO with Rebuys: 72 left. The Suicide King making a run.

Event #35 $1,500 Stud: Johnny World out in front. Hellmuth has left the building.

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