Thursday, June 05, 2008

WSOP Day 7 - Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Today marks the last day of the first week at the WSOP. As I walked into the Rio, I had a brief encounter with one of the floor supervisors.

"What's new?"

"Nothing. Same shit. Different day," he said.

The honeymoon is over across the board for players, media, and tournament staff. It's just another day at work. This is the part where we start to see who can really hack and who will quickly fade away.

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Flipchip posted some 2008 WSOP photos.

Change100 has two posts... Optimistic and The Satellite.

Shamus and F-Train have posts up about their first few days working for Poker News.

Six tournaments today... two final tables, two re-starts, and two new events...
Event #5 $1K NL w/ Re-buys - Final Table
Event #6 $1.5K Omaha 8 - Final Table
Event #7 $2K NL - Day 2
Event #8 $10K Mixed Championship - Day 2
Event #9 $1.5K NL Short-handed - Day 1
Event #10 $2.5K Omaha 8/Seven 8 - Day 1
DonkeyBomber from fame is the chipleader in Event #8.

Here's the final table info for today...
Event #5 $1K NL w/ Re-buys - Final Table:
Seat 1: Michael Banducci (Traverse City, Michigan) 1,655,000
Seat 2: Jonathan Aguiar (Las Vegas, Nevada) 361,000
Seat 3: Michael Binger (Las Vegas, Nevada) 186,000
Seat 4: Steve Gross (Marlboro, New Jersey) 112,000
Seat 5: Jamie Rosen (Boca Raton, Florida) 475,000
Seat 6: Jeff "yellowsub" Williams (Dunwoody, Georgia) 683,000
Seat 7: Alan Jaffray (Silver Springs, Nevada) 1,222,000
Seat 8: Peter Gould (London, United Kingdom) 702,000
Seat 9: Lyric Duveyoung (Fairfield, Iowa) 659,000

Event #6 $1.5K Omaha 8 - Final Table:
Seat 1: Chris Falconer (Canton, Ohio) 331,000
Seat 2: James Pritchard (Duluth, Georgia) 155,000
Seat 3: Thang Luu (Las Vegas, Nevada) 560,000
Seat 4: Mark Wilds (Biloxi, Mississippi) 226,000
Seat 5: George Guzman (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) 196,000
Seat 6: Scott Clements (Mt. Vernon, Washington) 315,000
Seat 7: Craig Sabel (Grand Junction, Colorado) 160,000
Seat 8: Spencer Lawrence (London, United Kingdom) 226,000
Seat 9: Greg Jamison (Las Vegas, Nevada) 333,000
Keep an eye out for Scott Clements in Event #6 and Jeff "YellowSub" Williams in Event #5.

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Just got a massage from Tiffany Michelle. Unreal. She's the best in the business.

The dorks at Wicked Chops Poker took photos of the back of my head and Michalksi's head. We have matching bald spots. Stay tuned.

By the way, Michalski will be providing updates on DonkeyBomber in Event #8 over at Pokerati.

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Check out a cool new site called...! The concept is unique... a place where you can follow the best of poker via Twitter.

Event #9 Shorthanded Update: over two-thirds of the field is already busto! 400+ left out of 1236 runners. I always felt that all NL events should be shorthanded.

Event #10 10K Mixed: Durrr has taken over the chiplead. Gus Hansen in second. DonkeyBonber slipped to third.

Eskimo Watch: He's is everywhere today. When I first found Eskimo, he was sitting in a chair across from the Sapphire Stripper booth waiting to get noticed. When I went to the Poker Kitchen he wandered inside.

Smoking with the Dealers: I hope to have a new running series where I reveal some stories that I overheard on the smoker's porch or had dealers tell me during one of their breaks. Yesterday, I heard some not-so-good things about the 25/25 PLO and the 50/100 Omaha 8 tables. One dealer described them as horrible tippers. Those high limit Omaha tables were "the worst games to deal at the Rio" because "the players bitch about everything, even when they're running good."

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Today's smoke break is sponsored by Truckin'. The June issue has been published.

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Event #5 1K Rebuys Final Table: Down to 6. Michale Binger = busto.

Event #6 1.4K Omaha8: Scott Clements out in 9th place. He owns bracelets in 2006 and 2007 and was trying to win one in 2008.

Event #7 2K NL: Lina Olofsson from Sweden is 15th in chips. She's been crushing the games online recently and is also a member of the Swedish press.

Lina Olofsson

Event #8 10K Mixed: DonkeyBomber still third in chips. Durrr leads the pack. 55 players left out of 192.

Eskimo Watch: He has been spotted playing in Event #10 2.5K Stud 8/Omaha 8. No word on who staked him. He seemed pretty happy to be playing.

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Terrance "Not Johnny" Chan is one of my daily reads. Terrance recently posted about a scary story and ethical dilemma in Event #5.

Event #5 NL Rebuys Final Table: YellowSub is third in chips with 6 to go.

Event #7 2K: The lovely Lina Olofsson is out. No reason to follow that tournament anymore.

Event #8 10K Mixed: DonkeyBomber slipped. He's around Top 20 in chips. Durrr is still in front of the pack. Ivey just busted.

Event #9 Shorthanded: Tao of Poker reader Andrew Webking is playing in the shorthanded event. He went deep last year. Jan Von Halle is second in chips. Gobboboy and Rizen both have big stacks. 220+ remaining.

Event #10 Stud 8/Omaha 8: From the press box, I can see table #20 where Shirley Rosario is playing. She has a tough draw including Scott Clements and Alex Kravchenko. She's currently getting a massage. Next to her table is where Tony G is playing. He's unusually quiet and looks totally bored. The loudest table in the Amazon Ballroom is whatever table Mike Matusow is sitting at. He constantly needs attention... from his tablemates, from fans, from media, and even from Jeffrey Pollack. The commissioner was showing around some VIPs which included some of the new owners of Harrah's. Matusow screamed across the room to get his attention.

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The highlight of my day was having Lacey Jones give me a hug in the press box.

Welcome to the Tao of Pokerati! Michalski and I have decided to put out a podcast which we reluctantly titled the Tao of Pokerati. We're gonna keep the episodes brief (around three minutes in length) which will give us more incentive to do one every day... provided that Michalski actually shows up.

Just a heads up that the production quality for Tao of Pokerati is extremely low. We really don't have time for a professional broadcast so you're lucky we're even doing it!

Anyway, check out Episode 1: Game On! We discuss Tom "DonkeyBomber" Schnieder at the 2008 WSOP including his stint as chipleader in Event #8, his bad run in cash games, and even the guy who picks up his dry cleaning. Stay tuned for more episodes of Tao of Pokerati.

Click here to listen to Tao of Pokerati - Episode 1.

Right click here and click "save as" to download the mp3 file of Episode 1 to your hard drive.

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Here's a new list of five...
Last 5 Pros I Saw Getting a Massage:
1. Joe Tehan
2. John Juanda
3. Robert Williamson III
4. Kristy Gazes
5. Tony G
Event #5 NL Rebuys Final Table: YellowSub has taken over the chiplead with six to go.They are on dinner break.

Event #6 Omaha 8 Final Table: Still seven hand. That one will be going on late into the night. I'm setting the over/under at 4:30am.

Event #8 10K Mixed: Durrr is still the chipleader. Gus Hansen second. Johnny "Fuckin' Chan is 6th and DonkeyBomber back in contention in 7th place with 34 to go.

Event #9 Shorthanded: Jan von Halle is the chipleader. Under 200 left.

Event #10 Stud 8/Omaha 8: And the G comes tumbling down. When I last saw Tony G, he was in the middle of a getting a massage. I left his event and wandered over to the other side of the room. Schecky told me that the G got injured. I guess he was too loose after his massage ended. He stood up and sat back down, except the seat fell right through. The G was sitting on a faulty chair and when it broke, he banged up his leg pretty good. Perhaps it was chair sabatoge from one of his many mortal enemies? Like a trooper, the G is playing on. His buddy Alex Kravchenko came over to check in on him. The G was showing off his battle scars. "No more White Russians for Tony G," said Snoopy.

Oh and I forgot that a devoted reader stopped by the press box to drop off a gift. I had not arrived yet and she thought that Michalski was me! That's the second time in two days that that happend. Of course, Michalski forgot her name (we think it's chenzilla) so I don't know who exactly stopped by. Thanks for the gift of seven pens, whoever you are! I'm sure I'll lose them all by the time the WSOP ends because only users lose drugs and pens. I gave Michalski one pen... and it has cool sparkling lights. That's great because Michalski likes shiny things. The pen that Michaslki got is a from a drug company pitching Seroquel. We had no idea what that drug was used for so Michalksi googled it. Seroquel is used to treat schizophrenia.

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Event #5 NL Rebuys Final Table: Four to go. YellowSub second in chips.

Event #8 10K Mixed: Durrr is still the chipleader. I have been cutting and pasting that line all day. One media rep stopped by the press box and said, "Durrr is raping Sam Farha." Oh, and DonkeyBomber is still in the Top 10 with 30 to go.

Capt. Tom has been lurking around on his break. He had a bluetooth. I wonder if he got his penis one too?

Change100 and I overhead a dealer talking into her cellphone, "Oh my God! I dealt quads four times today. One board was Ace-Ace-Ace."

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Event #5 NL Rebuys Final Table: Three to go. YellowSub was second in chips but just got crippled.

Event #8 10K Mixed: Vanessa Rousso just busted. Four tables left. The table with the most railbirds was #47. Sam Farha sported an ugly paisley shirt that Change100 would kill me if I ever wore it. He seemed animated as he charmed the table with a story while Durrr maniacally ruffled his chips. DonkeyBomber stood up a lot and inspected the stack sizes on other tables. Greg "FBT" Mueller and Gus Hansen were chatting about something important enough that they did it away from the tables. A railbird rushed over to a group of her friends and immediately pulled out her cellphone. She had just taken a pic of Howard Lederer and proudly showed everyone.

This could be the quote of the day... "Wow, Skalansky is persona non grata around here, huh? Everyone is ignoring him," observed Michalski.

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Event #6 O8 final table update: Thang Luu wins bracelet. I know, I know. Luu who? I always wanted to write this... congrats to Thang Luu... he's gonna get laid tonight!

Event #7 2K NL: Down to 13. Shannon Shorr is second in chips.

Event #8 10K Mixed: Durrrrr lost the chiplead. DonkeyBomber top 10 in chips. 25 left as play has reached the money bubble.

Event #9 Shorthanded: Tao reader Webking busted near the bubble. Sick bad beat too.

Event #10 2.5K Stud 8/O8: 232 remaining. Daniel Negreanu and Jesus are both out. And everyone's punchline Norman Chad has hit the rail.

Eskimo Watch: Dead Eskimo walking... Addict, Michalksi and myself spotted Eskimo Clark doing the walk of shame out of the Amazon Ballroom after busting out of Event #10.

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Mickey Applebaum is wearing his uniform... the same jacket and cargo shorts that I have compulsively seen him in for the last four years. Sometimes he wears the head band, sometime not. I wonder who Mickey bet on tonight in the NBA finals? The Celtics won game 1 by ten points and covered the three point spread. Of course, you can't bet on Celtics games in the Rio's sportsbook.

Michael Craig wandered up to the press box and said that he got into a verbal spat with Jeff Lisandro during a Stud hand.

"Make sure you get someone to start your car tomorrow," I suggested to Craig.

Event #5 final table: Three-handed. Still. YellowSub was shortstacked and stormed back. The young gun is second in chips after doubling up on the better side of a coinflip.

Event #8 10K Mixed: 20 left. Johnny Chan = chipleader. DonkeyBomber is 8th in chips. Doyle Brunson eliminated in 21st place. I caught Doyle Brunson walking out into the hallway after his bustout. One fan stopped him to shake his hand, "Sir, I wanted to say thanks for everything you've done." Texas Dolly flashed his trademarked smile and said, "Thanks, kid."

* * * * *


Event #5 final table: It's all over. Michael Banducci won a bracelet as Jeff "yellowSub" Williams finished in second place.

Event #8: DonkeyBomber is among the final 18. Two tables left. Durrr is back on top.

Event #10: Max Shapiro is on the rail sweating Barbara Enright, the only female to make a WSOP final table. The Grinder is among the chipleaders in the event.

At this point, the final table(s) are over. The last bits of the final table crowd filtered out. The majority of the tables in the Amazon Room are empty. Only two events are running. The cash game tables are in full effect. Most of the announcements over the PA system is for "immediate seating... 2/5 NL."

Eskimo Watch: Eskimo wander by the press box looking as gloomy as ever.

* * * * *


Event #8: DonkeyBomber is short stacked after he lost a pot to Durrrr. 14 players left.

Event #10 Stud 8/O8: Kristy Gazes is out. She said, "So fucking sick. Yucko." That event is done for the day.

Michalski's mouth was drooling over a hot dealer. She was standing up ready to push the dealer at a cash game table nearby the press box. We spotted David Sklansky. He honed in on the dealer. He could have taken several different routes to exit the Amazon Room but purposely made a bee line towards the hot dealer. He passed behind her and took a long glimpse at her ass.

"He's gonna make another pass by," said Michalksi.

He whirled around and was about to walk past the table again, but the hot dealer sat down. Sklansky left the room. We had a nice chuckle in media row. Sometimes, life imitates cliches.

"That guy is creepy," said Snake who wandered up to the press box smelling dirtier than a $40 crack whore who trolls the parking lots of the Redneck Riviera.

As the day turns into night and the night turns into day, we're resorted to writing about poker cliches like a busto Eskimo wandering the hallways in search of buy-ins or Sklanasky trying to rub up against a hot piece of ass. But as one of m favorite writers once wrote, "cliches pay as good as pearls."

I love writing updates at this hour because no one is following along and I can write stupid shit and no one even notices. Except Snoopy. He gave me guff for spamming his gnail account with an email blast about the latest issue of Truckin'.

* * * * *


Event #8: Down to 12. They are playing NL. DonkeyBomber is shortstacked. Matt Glantz is the chipleader. Gus Hansen,, Durrr, Jeff Madsen, Eli Elezra, Sam Farha, and David Oppenheim are all trying to be the elite eight who advance to the final table.

The 3 o'clock hour is where I can ramble on, sort of like a beat poet drunk on his own wit and I can say anything that passes through the hallways of my mind, like the smell of desperation from the poor schmucks trying to get unstuck in the cash games all the way on the far side of the moon. The cleaning crews have been scouring the area looking for empty water bottles and reinserting chairs to the tables that were used for the shorthanded event. The roaring sounds in the Amazon Ballroom have dulled down a bit since the room is no where near capacity. The distant clattering of poker chips sound like mellow crickets and are being drowned out by the Mexican guys in the hallway pushing around industrial vacuums as those vibrations echo and reverberate and form harmonies with the growling sounds of my stomach. The 3:30am munchies have invaded my short term memory and all I can think about is a nice juicy steak or a greasy bacon egg and cheese sandwich from my local diner in New York City. My mind is drowning in food flashbacks and my selfish side is praying to the poker gods for cold decks to bust out the last four guys in the last remaining event, so I could go home and write some more before the pool in the last moments before sun rise.

And just as I finished up the last sentence, a dejected Michalski returned to the press box... "DonkeyBomber is out in 12th place." The 2007 WSOP Player of the Year will not make a final table.

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You know it's a long day at the WSOP when 4:20 passes you by twice. This late night version of a smoke break is brought to you by...

Download PokerStars

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Good morning East Coasters. It's Friday for you and action continues at the Rio with one more event...

Event #8: Gus Hansen busted out in 10th place. There are nine players left. Final table bubble. Since this is a mixed event, final table is eight handed.

Go see pics of gingers at Wicked Chops Poker. For 2008 WSOP pics visit Flipchip.

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Event #8: David Oppeneheim bubbles off final table. Day 2 complete.

That's it. You've been a great crowd. See you tomorrow.

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