Monday, June 16, 2008

WSOP Live Blog - Day 18

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Having serious technical difficulties... please stand by.

OK, there are only five events today. No 5pm tournament. So there is only one new event, two days twos, and two final tables.

Here's what is going down on Day 18...
Event #27 $1,500 NL - Final Table
Event #28 $5K PLO with Rebuys - Final Table
Event #29 $3K NL - Day 2
Event #30 $10K Limit - Day 2
Event #31 $2,5000 NL SHorthanded - Day 1
Sick final table today.
Event #28 $5K PLO w/ Rebuys:
Seat 1: John Juanda (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 694,800
Seat 2: Phil Hellmuth (Palo Alto, California) - 119,000
Seat 3: David Benyamine (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 1,041,000
Seat 4: Kirill Gerasimov (Moscow, Russia) - 558,000
Seat 5: Phil Galfond (Madison, Wisconsin) - 1,393,000
Seat 6: Daniel Negreanu (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 460,000
Seat 7: Brian Rast (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 1,176,000
Seat 8: Adam Hourani (East Lansing, Michigan) - 300,000
Seat 9: Johnny Chan (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 624,000
* * * * *


Mega-tech-tilt. I'm trying to fight through it.

Event #28 $5K PLO w/ Rebuys: The big boys are busto. No second bracelet for Negreanu. He went out in 7th place. Phil Hellmuth will have to wait for another chance to win bracelet #12. Juanda went out in 6th. Down to 5. Johnny "Fuckin" Chan has over 2.2 million in chips and is the overall leader. Wow, can this be the night Chan wins his 11th to tie Hellmuth?

Event #29 3K NL: Kristy Gazes out in 55th. She cashed. Gobboboy just busted in 33rd place. David Singer = chipleader. Bond18 is still in the top 10 in chips.

Event #30 10K Limit: Liz Lieu is out. Hoyt Corkins is the chipleader.

FYI... I'm on vapors as far as battery juice goes. Lost my power source. Drove back home. It wasn't there. Went to Fry's. Saw two guys getting arrested for shoplifting. I bought a replacement. Found out tit didn't work. On tilt. Have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday to get a new adapter mailed to me. Trying to figure out MacGuyver-esque ways around this issue.

There is a very distinct possibility that I will be unable to provide live updates. If I lose laptop capabilities, follow me on Twitter. I'll be posting there.

* * * * *


Thanks to Todd and Marissa for offering up their laptops and cords! For now, I have a temporary solution... switching out with Change100 who is covering the final table. We have similar laptops. Back at Scheckytown, Schecky has an extra laptop. My tech-tilt is slowly subsiding and I have a brand new adapter coming later this week.

Event #27 $1,500 NL: Tao of Poker reader Kenneth Terrell (from Lawrenceville, Georgia) made the final table. He shook my hand a few seconds ago hoping it will bring him good luck. Gee, I hope so! I hate to be the cooler.

Event #28 $5K PLO with Rebuys: Sweated the final table. Kirill Gerasimov has these braces around his wrists. Seems like the Ruskie has been playing too much online poker and picked up carpal tunnel syndrome. "He had a terrible pot limit omaha incident," mentioned Schecky.

* * * * *


Eskimo Watch: No sighting of the one we call Eskimo today. I saw him yesterday sitting in front of the poker kitchen bumming smokes from players on their breaks.

Ambush Autographs: There's one guy that has been seen waiting outside one of the bathrooms trying to get autographs of pros. He found out that was the best place to catch them.

Smoking with the Dealers: Overheard near the dealers smoker's area...

"I'm so glad he didn't win a bracelet. He's such a little shithead," one dealer said.

"Yeah, just wait. This year you're dealing to him at a final table. He'll be broke in a year and you'll be dealing him into a 1/2 NL game at the Mirage."

Event #27 $1,500 NL: Six players left. Kenneth Terrell is in the middle of the pack.

Event #28 $5K PLO with Rebuys: Four to go. Kirill busto. OMGClayAiken has more chips than everyone else at the final table. Johnny Chan is shortstacked but brought in a batch of lucky oranges to help out.

Event #29 $3K NL: Down to 26. Bond18 is 4th in chips.

Event #30 $10K Limit: EFro and The Grinder are at the top of the pack.

Event #31 $2,5000 NL SHorthanded: 190 to go. Devilfish and the Italian Pirate are among the chipleaders

* * * * *


Event #28 $5K PLO with Rebuys: No bracelet for Johnny Chan. He's back to pitching energy drinks in the hallway.

The Amazon Room seems empty with all the other events on a break and no 5pm tournament.

Michalksi was seen eating a Ben&Jerry's ice cream in the press box. The flavor? Half-baked.

* * * * *


Event #27 $1,500 NL: Kenneth Terrell is shortstacked with 4 to go.

Event #28 $5K PLO with Rebuys: OMGClayAiken is the chipleader with 3 to go. He has as many chips as Frenchie and the other guy.

Event #29 $3K NL: 14 left. Bond18 is second in chips.

Event #30 $10K Limit: Andy Bloch is the chipleader.

Event #31 $2,500 NL Shorthanded: 132 to go. Fear the Italians. Scarf boy Dario Minieri and the Italian Pirate Max Pescatori are among the chipleaders.
* * * * *


LJ came to visit me in the pressbox. She's fresh off winning a seat in the Main Event on Full Tilt. Last night, Iggy also won his seat. Pretty sweet, I must say. Welcome to the big show.

Event #27 $1,500 NL: Kenneth Terrell busted out in 4th. Down to 3.

Event #28 $5K PLO with Rebuys: Au revoir David Benyamine. He busted out in 3rd place.

Event #29 $3K NL: Bond18 slipped to sixth in chips. Lee Childs (remember that guy) is among the last 12 along with David Singer.

Event #30 $10K Limit: Andy Bloch and The Grinder are among the chipleaders.

Michalksi is telling us a story about getting offered a $4 blowjob for a chubby crack whore in Dallas.

* * * * *


The after midnight edition... is not as exciting as you think.

Event #27 $1,500 NL: Heads up for the bracelet. Brett Kimes vs. Vitaly Lunkin. We'll talk about one tomorrow and the other will fade into obscurity.

Event #28 $5K PLO with Rebuys: OMGClayAiken is heads up and has a 3-1 lead. It's a matter of time before he wins his first bracelet.

Event #29 $3K NL: Final table bubble. 10 to go... Bond18 soooooooooo close to making a final table. David Singer and John Phan are also left.

Event #30 $10K Limit: 21 to go. Andy Bloch and Jerrod Ankenman are chipleaders.

Event #31 $2,500 NL Shorthanded: 79 to go. Dario Minieri and Bill Chen among the chipleaders.

* * * * *


Almost full moon. Sitting by the pool. Gentle breezes. Pharmies kicking in. No complaints.

Event #27 $1,500 NL: Vitaly Lunkin won the bracelet in a donkament. Go figure.

Event #28 $5K PLO with Rebuys: OMG! Yes, Phil Galfond won his first bracelet.

Event #29 $3K NL: FInal table set... Matt Vengrin, Johnny Neckar, Alex Bolotin, Stewart Newman, John Phan, Tony "Bond18" Dunst, Thuyen Doan, David Singer, and Sebastian Segovia.

Event #30 $10K Limit: Down to 16. Andy Bloch out in front. Can this be the event where Bloch breaks through?

Event #31 $2,500 NL Shorthanded: Dunzo for Day 1. Adorable Dario among the chipleaders.

That's it for tonight. Thanks for coming. See ya tomorrow for more hijinks.

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