Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WSOP Live Blog - Day 19

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Well we're back in black for the 19th straight day at the Rio for the World Series of Degenerates. I have several outstanding sports bets today ranging from a four-team baseball parlay, a couple of bets on European soccer, and a slew of action on the NBA finals. Sweat is the word for today.

I have been slacking off at the secret bar or watching the games in the sportsbook. I just got back from the Palms sportsbook. I can't bet on Celtics games at the Rio and had to go across the street to get my fix on Game 6. My bet is insignificant compared to what Phil Ivey is sweating.

Anyway, five events today including two final tables.
Event #29 $3K NL - Final Table
Event #30 $10K Limit - Final Table
Event #31 $2,500 NL Shorthanded - Day 2
Event #32 $1,500 NL - Day 1
Event #33 $5,000 Stud 8 - Day 1
And one of the final tabls includes a devoted Tao of Poker reader... Bond18. David Singer is also at his table and trying to win his second bracelet this year.
Event #29 $3K NL - Final Table:
Seat 1: Sebastian Segovia (Guatemala) - 128,500
Seat 2: Alex Bolotin (Brooklyn, NY) - 534,000
Seat 3: David Singer (Las Vegas, NV) - 334,000
Seat 4: Thuy Doan (Williamsburg, VA) - 369,500
Seat 5: John Phan (Stockton, CA) - 396,500
Seat 6: Matt Vengrin (Red Hook, NY) - 1,007,500
Seat 7: Stewart Newman (Coral Gables, FL) - 398,000
Seat 8: Johnny Neckar (Madison, WI) - 796,000
Seat 9: Tony "Bond18" Dunst (Melbourne, Australia) - 333,000

Event #30 $10K Limit - Final Table:
Seat 1: Andy Bloch (Las Vegas, NV) - 370,000
Seat 2: Rob Hollink (Groningen, Netherlands) - 893,000
Seat 3: Tommy Hang (Seattle, WA) - 578,000
Seat 4: Cy Jassinowsky (Johannesburg, South Africa) - 231,000
Seat 5: Jerrod Ankenman (Avon, CT) - 441,000
Seat 6: Chris Vitch (San Diego, CA) - 201,000
Seat 7: Brock Parker (Silver Spring, MD) - 166,000
Seat 8: JC Tran (Sacramento, CA) - 247,000
Seat 9: Aaron Katz (Seattle, WA) - 1,232,000
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Michalksi posted two new episodes of Tao of Pokerati podcast. Both are short clips. In episode 8 we talk about some of the online players at the WSOP. I was pretty faded when we did that one and it's not my best work. Episode 9 was a lot of fun. We did it outside around 4am and you could hear the crickets in the background.
Episode 8: Online Sharks::Salmon (3:08)
Episode 9: Do You See What I See? (3:58)
Tao of Pokerati Archives
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Event #29 $3K NL: Down to 3. John Phan is the chipleader. Bond18 busted out in 8th place. No second bracelet for David Singer as he headed to the rail in 5th.

Event #30 $10K Limit: Down to 7 at the final table. Andy Bloch still alive.

Event #32 $1.5K NL: Gobboboy is Gobbobusto. He's among the latest causalities.

Eskimo Sighting: Eskimo is barely alive in the donkament with a super short stack.

Sweat Factor: I went 2-0 betting on the European Championships thanks to Italy's 2-nil victory over France and Holland shuting out the Romanians. Three out of four of my MLB teams are currently playing. The Yankees, White Sox, and Orioles are all winning.

* * * * *


Event #29 $3K NL: Heads up for the bracelet. John "Razor" Phan has almost a 3 to 1 chiplead.

Event #30 $10K Limit: Andy Bloch busto in 7th place. Down to seven players. Holland's Rob Hollink = chipleader.

Event #31 $2.5K Shorthanded: Bruno Fitoussi is among the chipleaders along with Dario Scarf Boy.

Sweat Factor: I'm losing two of my three MLB games. D'oh! Laker-Celtic game tipped off. Celtics up by 2 in the first quarter.
* * * * *


Been sweating the Lakers/Celtics game like a whore in church. I got the Celtics. I have also keeping a keen eye on my baseball bets. The Yankees won and the White Sox were up, but the Orioles were down by 1 before they scored two in the bottom of the 8th inning to take the lead.

When I'm not checking score, I have been jumping back and forth from the various final tables... John Phan is heads up and Rob Hollink is the chipleader with 5 to go in the Limit event. That might take a while.

* * * * *


Sweat Factor: OK, I won the first three games on my MLB parlay. The Yankees and White Sox crushed their opponents while the O's came from behind to win. All I needed was Arizona to come up big against the A's. Alas, I got bit on the ass on the last game of my four-game parlay. It always happens that way.

By the way... thank you, Boston Celtics. I hit a big bet, nothing like Ivey, but it will definitely make your head spin if you found out how much I had riding on Game 6.

OK, enough about my degenerate sports betting. There are five events being played out including two final tables that have yet to determine a winner. Let's go around the horn...

Event #29 $3K NL: Heads up for the bracelet. John Phan is behind 2 to 1 in chips to Johnny Neckar. Sounds like a name from a Woodie Guthrie protest song.

Event #30 $10K Limit: Down to three. Jerrod Ankenman has more chips than both of his opponents combinded. Might go late this one since it's a limit hold'em snooozfest.

Event #31 $2.5K Shorthanded: Down to 17. Scotty Nguyen making a late run. He's among the top 10 in chips with Bruno Fitoussi and Dario Minieri.

Event #32 $1.5K NL: 482 left out of 2304. Man, fishes out of water die quickly, eh? The life gets sucked right out of them as the flop around on the ground gasping their last breaths before they croak and get flushed down the toilet with the rest of the raw sewage. Phil Hellmuth is being Hellmuth. He has chips and putting on a ego-stroking seminar.

Event #33 $5K Stud 8: David Benyamine is out in front again. He finished in third last night int he PLO final table, took some time off, played online (that's a given), and then amassed the chip lead in the 5pm event. Kristy Gazes has a nice stack and Phil Ivey is super short stacked. Sadly, the DonkeyBomber was one of the first notables to bust out.
* * * * *


Event #30 $10K Limit: Jerrod Ankenman and Rob Hollink heads up for the bracelet.

Event #29 $3K NL: John Phan outchipped 5 to 1 in heads up play for the bracelet. He needs help.... fast.

* * * * *


Event #30 $10K Limit: Dutch pro Rob Hollink won the bracelet. He's most famous for winning the 2005 EPT Grand Finale in Monte Carlo. The runner up in that event? Brandon Schaefer.

Event #29 $3K NL: What a difference an hour makes. John Phan was on the verge of extinction, but he's stormed back. He holds a slight chiplead.

* * * * *


Event #29 $3K NL: John Phan won his heads up battle and collected his first bracelet.

Event #31 $2.5K shorthanded: Scotty Nguyen bubbled off the final table in 7th place.

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