Friday, June 13, 2008

WSOP Day 15 - Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Well, I survived the first two weeks of the WSOP and escaped bodily harm and avoided a mental breakdown. I also managed to stay clear of the Otis Rash although I had the Vegas cough for a few days. The lux digs at Scheckytown has a lot to do with my positive mental state. That and the ability to make my own schedule and take random trips out to Red Rock Canyon.

It's Day 15 at the WSOP and I've been here everyday. Day 14 was one of my favorite days so far at this year's WSOP and it will be tough to top.

Day 15 consists of six tournaments including two final tables.
Event #21 $5,000 NL - Final Table
Event #22 $3,000 HORSE: - Final Table
Event #23 $2,000 NL - Day 2
Event #24 $2,500 PLO/PLH - Day 2
Event #25 $10,000 Heads Up - Day 1
Event #26 $1,500 Razz - Day 1
Here are today's final table:
Event #21 $5,000 NL - Final Table:
Seat 1: Anders Henriksson (Stockholm, Sweden) - 311,000
Seat 2: Jacobo Fernandez (Hollywood, FL) - 848,000
Seat 3: Rajesh Vohra (Lake Worth, FL) - 1,040,000
Seat 4: Ben Sprengers (Plantation, FL) - 441,000
Seat 5: Adam Geyer (Austin, TX ) - 645,000
Seat 6: Scott Freeman (Los Angeles, CA) - 423,000
Seat 7: Scott Seiver (Las Vegas, NV) - 2,512,000
Seat 8: Chuck Sklar (Los Angeles, CA) - 439,000
Seat 9: Dave Seidman (Chicago, IL) - 653,000

Event #22 $3,000 HORSE: - Final Table:
Seat 1: Rostislav Tsodikov - 140,000
Seat 2: Doug Ganger - 405,000
Seat 3: Jennifer Harman - 271,000
Seat 4: Steve Zolotow - 180,000
Seat 5: Jens Voertmann - 485,000
Seat 6: Jared Davis - 185,000
Seat 7: Hoyt Corkins - 595,000
Seat 8: Marcel Luske - 572,000
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We have a brand spankin' new episode of Tao of Pokerati.

Episode 7: Brasilia Time
For more episodes check out Tao of Pokerati Archicves.

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Event #25 $10K Heads Up: 256 players. The event was sold out. I sweated Jamie Gold and Mark Muchnik's tables. Guess what? I'm the cooler because they both busted out of round 1. Muchnik is a Tao of Poker reader and was the runner up in last year's event.

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Slacker day today. After 14 straight days, I'm totally slacking off today. It's Friday, right? BamBam and Pebbles from Canada stopped by and offered to buy me a drink. I could not say no, so we headed over to the Hooker Bar. One turned into two and then I forgot that I promised Benjo that we'd go to In & Out Burger. So I blew off writing and devoured a triple-cheese burger and Benjo fawned over one of thw cute girls who worked behind the counter calling out numbers.

"She looks like a porn star," joked Benjo.

Event #25 $10K Heads Up: Round 2 just began. On the way back into the convention area from the parking lot, Jen Tilly stepped out of PT Cruiser. The Unabomber was the wheel man. She rushed up the steps and he sped away. Wait, the Unabomber drives a PT Cruiser? I hope it's just a rental.

Event #26 Razz: The 5pm event just kicked off. I think FTrain is playing. I saw Jen Creason lurking around. She went deep in the Razz event in 2005. Yeah this is one of those existentialist days when I look out onto the Amazon floor and I think... what a bunch of fuckin' sadists. Only those twisted souls who thrive on pain are into this event. How do you prep for a Razz event at the WSOP? Wear a cup and invite all the neighborhood kids to come over and take turns kicking you in the junk. If you survive, you have balls of steel and can withstand the brutal insanity of Razz tournaments.

Phil Ivey busted out in Round 1 of the Heads Up event and bought into the Razz event. He's trying to chase down that bracelet and has played almost every event so far at the WSOP. I can see Ivey's table from the press box. He's getting a massage and one guy at the other end of his table looks like he's ready to die. I think they let him out of the hospice to play.

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Poker playing Tim Russert died of a heart attack. Michalksi was all over the story. News of stuff like that might be splashed all over the TV all over America, but current events are an afterthought in Vegas. Most of the time, it's life in a vacuum.

Event #21 5K NL: Down to four. Some dude named Scott Seiver is the chipleader.

Event #22 3K HORSE: Still eight to go. Marcel Luske is the chipleader. Jen Harman is short stacked. Harman was the runner-up at the HORSE event at the 2007 WSOP-Europe.

Event #23 2K NL: 59 to go. mlagoo is the chipleader.

Event #24 PLO/PLH: 55 to go. Italian Pirate is among the chipleaders. Erik Seidel recently busted.

Event #25 $10K Heads Up: Vanessa Selbst, Theo Tran, Isaac Haxton, ZeeJustin< Gavin Griffin, NeverWin, David Williams, Carlos Mortensen, Brandon Adams, Alexander Kostritsyn, and Alex Jacob all advanced to Round 3.

* * * * *

Event #21 5K NL: Down to three. Scott Seiver is the chipleader.

Event #22 3K HORSE: Down to 6. Jen Harman out in 8th place.

Event #23 2K NL: 48 to go. Maridu going deep!

Event #24 PLO/PLH: Down to 46. Joe Hachem is out. Minh Ly lurking near the top.

Event #25 $10K Heads Up: Sammy Farha, Antonio Esfandiari, OMGClayAiken, Phil Gordon all advanced to the next round. The G is on his bike pedaling home after he got busted.

Event #26 Razz: FTrain near the top of the leaderboard with some dude named Phil Ivey. He has 4,100.

Well, this might be the last entry for a while. I'm heading out to a launch party at Bare (the topless pool) at the Mirage. I might be updating the party via Twitter.

You can always follow me on Twitter.

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Mihalski got me into the swanky Thrillist party at Bare at the Mirage. No boobies at the party. Lots of hot chicks, though. Smoking model-types handed me a Dos Equis as soon as I walked into Bare. Party was sponsored by an airline company, a vodka company, a cable TV company and a Mexican beer company. Since they ain't paying me to shill, fuck 'em. Free beer was clutch. The aps were lame and messy.

OK, since the party was sponsored by a cable TV company, they gave everyone a sneak preview of the first episode of the brand new season of Weeds. It's one of my favorite shows, so I was pumped. They handed out little brownies with the Weeds logo. They tried to make it look like it was a pot brownie, but after eating two, I knew right away, there was no drugs in there... aside from cocoa of course. I hung out with Jen and Aaron and bumped into Jen's friend Mary and Dan Druff.

At one point, the most wasted guy at the party chatted me up. He was ripped to the tits on something and he kept asking me if I had any cocaine. He must have asked me fourteen times inside of two minutes. I never met anyone who had such a short attention span.

Anyway, while I was gone...

Event #21 5K NL: Scott Seiver won a bracelet.

Event #22 3K HORSE: Down to 3. Marcel Luske is shortstacked but just doubled up.

Event #23 2K NL: Down to 21. mlagoo is still the chipleader.

Event #24 PLO/PLH: 24 to go and the Italian Pirate Max Pescatori is out in front. Arghhhhhh!

Event #25 $10K Heads Up: Vanessa Selbst, The Grinder, Alexander Kostritsyn, Brandon Adams, Isaac Haxton, and Kenny Tran all advanced to the next round. Neverwin and OMGClayAIken are both out.

Event #26 Razz: 240 left out of 453. FTrain is still alive with 3,800. He was just moved to Pearljammer's table. Johnny Mushrooms is out.

* * * * *


Event #22 3K HORSE: Marcel Luske out in 3rd. Jens Voertmann wins the bracelet.

Event #26 Razz: FTrain advances to Day 2! Barry Greenstein = chipleader.

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