Monday, June 23, 2008

WSOP Day 25 - Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

The Seniors event is today which means lots of players with decades and decades of life experience.

I'm not going to out my fellow media reps, but I must say I was rather disappointed that several people decided to show up late. And the ones that did cracked geriatric jokes. I gave them crap for being ageists. Respect your elders, bitches!

This is another mellow day with four tournaments and only one final table.
Event #39 $1,500 NL - Final Table
Event #40 $2,500 Triple Draw - Day 2
Event #41 $1,500 Mixed Hold'em - Day 2
Event #42 $1,000 Seniors NL - Day 1
And here's the only final table today...
Seat 1: Eric Beren - 640,000
Seat 2: David Woo - 1,090,000
Seat 3: Habib Khanis - 645,000
Seat 4: Michael Glasser - 495,000
Seat 5: Curtis Early - 1,225,000
Seat 6: Jim Paras - 535,000
Seat 7: Matthew Wood - 675,000
Seat 8: Thom Werthmann - 1,600,000
Seat 9: Thanhdat Tran - 1,255,000
* * * * *


Michalksi sighting in the press box. Shocker.

Event #42 Seniors: The most touching moment of the day was when Charlie the floor guy took the mic and asked everyone to stand up (that was not wheelchair bound). They were going to see who was the oldest person.

"If you are 55 and under, please sit down," he said.

"If you are 65 and under, please sit down," he said a few moments after. Almost two-thirds of the Amazon Room had taken their seat.

Then Charlie started getting specific... 68. 70. 72. 75. 80. 85.

And then he hit the 90s.

Spaceman and I were standing in the press box peering out over the crowd to see if anyone was left standing. It was down to two gentlemen standing in the same section.

"91," said Charlie and one of the guys slowly took is seat.

Charlie walked over the the guy still standing. It was Harold Waite and he was born in 1917.

The room gave Harold a standing ovation. That was the most touching moment at the WSOP thus far.

* * * * * *


Event #40 Triple Draw: 30 players started Day 2 and seven have busted already included Bill Chen and Antony Lellouche. Fossilman started the day as the chipelader, but hie's slipped a bit. Everyone's favorite poker Lothario, David Sklansky, is still in the hunt for a bracelet... and an 17-year old girlfriend. Then again, aren't we all?

Today's smoke break is sponsored by PokerStars!

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There's a HORSE mega-satellite going on for $2,250. I only see 14 players signed up so far. That might be the only satellite where you see named pros playing in a live setting. Plenty of them are trying to qualify for the Main Event online. Although the satellite area across the hall in the Tropical Room is considered the "lost city of gold" according to poker scribe Michael Craig. The other night he was telling me about a guy who was literally passing out at his table and had to be woken up by the floor person when it was his action. He thought the guy was super sleepy after a long session. I was convinced the guy was riding the H train. Chasing the dragon. Popping the Oxycontin or what the kids used to call hillbilly heroin. Craig was happy to have the waste of life as an opponent. How come I can't get a got to nod out at my table?

Event #39 $1.5K NL Final Table: Down to 6. Chipleader is Woo. Second place is Wood. I wanna see a Woo vs. Wood heads up match. Thanh Dat Tran busted out in 7th place. Say that fourteen times really fast. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran. Thanh Dat Tran.

Event #40 Triple Draw: Ray Davis is a fixture in the LA casinos. He's always pimpin' with a cool lid. He's second in chips. The brother of the Grinder is moving up on the chart. The legendary Billy Baxter is my pick to win it. Fossilman and the always controversial David Sklansky are both shortstacked.

Event #42 Seniors: Official numbers are in... 2,218 runners which is a new record. Top 198 get paid. Tom McEvoy and Men the Master are among the chipeladers. Eskimo Clark is nevermore and among the first players to bust out. Eskimo is another casualty of global warming and will slowly melt away with the ice caps and drown in a violent death like the Al Gore's adorable polar bears. Every time you drive your SUV, another bit of Eskimo dies. Eskimo is doomed unless the hippies come to save him.

* * * * *


Event #39 $1.5K NL Final Table: Down to three. I might get my Wood vs. Woo heads up match after all!

Event #40 Triple Draw: Down to 14. My new main man Ray Davis busted out in 14th place. According to Christian, he said that Ray Davis and Billy Baxter made a $500 last longer bet. At the time Baxter had 5K in chips and Davis had 35K... and Baxter still took the bet without odds. Man, Baxter won. Unreal. F Train mentioned that he started the day as a shortstack and took over the lead with three tables to go. Fossilman and Dirty Old Man Skalansky are still in the hunt. Did you know that "Fossilman" in Cherokee is loosely translated into "wears socks with sandals."

Event #41 Mixed Hold'em: 55 to go. Fabrice Soulier just busted and is in media row talking with French reps about his bust out hand. Of course, I could be making all of that up since my French is bad and Benjo is not here to translate. Rumor has it that he's on a date with an upstanding woman with a graduate degree in pole dancing that he met the other night. Michalski said that he could neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

Event #42 Seniors: Down to 610. Almost 70% of the field is busto. Capt Tom's Penis is the chipleader. According to Tassie Devil who is covering the event, a lot of the players are here because of their "Bucket List" of things to do before they die. I'm going to write a screenplay... The Bucket List meets Rounders.... where two codgers con the Russian mob and take the money they stole to play in the WSOP. There will be a cameo from Neil Patrick Harris and Sam Farha. And yes, the entire second act takes place at The Rhino.

* * * * *


I limped down the hallway and walked past the Sapphire Pool booth. A five-foot two Latina beauty with the tits the size of beach balls handed me a free drink coupon.

"Get a free drink at Sapphire pool," she said with a coy smile.

"Will you be at the pool?" I asked

"Yes," she said.

"You fuckin' liar! Your advertising is a false as your num nums" I muttered.

Event #39 $1.5K NL Final Table: I'm almost jizzing in my pants. I might have to put on a condom so I don't wet myself. At last... Wood vs. Woo heads up matchup. Woo holds a slight lead over Wood.

Event #40 Triple Draw: The brother of the Grinder is on top with 12 to go. The Razor has been flying under the radar and trying to make another final table and win his second bracelet this year. Fossilman is shortstacked. He made two final tables last year and is trying to make his first one this year.

I wandered by the HORSE mega satellite and spotted a few familiar faces including Maureen Feduniak, Yosh Nakano, Sheiky, Dr. Roy Winston, and Sabyl Cohen. We'll find out just how many players are broke this year, or simply will not want to fork over 50K of their own money. I don't blame them in such a tough field. It's going to be a a battle among the big stakers and their many horses. A couple of European fat cats will most likely put a few horses in the race.

* * * * *


Back by popular demand...
Last 5 Pros I Pissed Next To...
1. Paul Darden
2. Tony Ma
3. Jon Little
4. David Chiu
5. Max Pescatori
Event #39 $1.5K NL Final Table: Wooooooooo is the winner. Woo defeats Wood for the bracelet. Another American of Asian-ancestry takes it down.

Event #40 Triple Draw: Dario "I'm not the gay-scarf wearing Italian named Dario" Alioto went out in 11th place. Fossilman busto in 10th. The Razor and Billy Baxter are out in front while Sklanasky is on life support.

* * * * *


Degen of the Day: The latest bracelet winner, David Woo, actually made a final table in a donkament last year. He was so pissed off with his performance (5th place) that he took all of is 188K winnings and blew it all playing blackjack... in less than thirty minutes. Whatever casino got that score was lucky.

Event #40 Triple Draw: Billy Baxter bubbled off the final table in 7th place. The final table of six is set and consists of three virtual unknowns; Ben Ponzio, Shun Uchida, Gioi Luong... who are up against three big dogs; David Sklansky, the brother of the Grinder, and the Razor... John Phan.

Event #41 Mixed Hold'em: 20 to go. The brother of the Binger is the chipleader. DanDruff is still alive.

Event #42 Seniors: Capt. Tom's Penis is trying to get back on track with the chiplead. He slipped to second.

So Sklansky made a final table and Capt. Tom's Penis is one of the chipleaders in the Seniors event... on the same day. Brandi must be rolling around in her grave right now.

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