Sunday, June 15, 2008

PokerStars WSOP Satellite

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

FYI... stay tuned for a Day 16 recap and the Day 17 WSOP Live Blog.

I'm currently sitting poolside and playing in that 200 seat guaranteed Main Event satellite on PokerStars.

If you don't hear from me in a while... it's a good thing. Otherwise, I'll be back to writing after some nimrod cracks my Kings with Jack-off.

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1:30pm... $350 + 20. I bought in directly. 8076 runners with 226 seats at stake. I was playing from my aircard since Schecky was also in. Serious connection issues to start. Started to slide into tech-tilt.

1:54pm... Tilt averted. Didn't get that connectivity isse cleared up until 24 minutes in! I only lost 165 in chips. Stacks started at 5K. At least I wasn't the first player out.

2:07pm... Basking in the sun, clutching the glass lightning rod, I won my first pot with 10h-10d. I flopped a set and rivered a boat. I picked up 2.5K and increased mys tack to 7K. I was 960th out of 7377. I had a feeling that might as high as I'll get... in the tournament.

2:31pm... At first break, I had 6.4k. 2003 out of 7162. Over 10% of field was gone. Schecky on tilt... he's down to 2K.

2:36pm... On first hand after the break, I slipped to 4.7k when I played a hand poorly.

2:43pm... Ac-Ad snapped off by 3s-3h. Blind 50/100. UTG limped. The small blind called. I raised to 500. UTG called and the SB folded. The flop was As-4s-2s. I bet 2/3 the pot. UTG called. The turn was the Qs. I checked. UTG checked. The river was the 8h. We both checked. He won with his baby flush. I played that hand badly on the turn and river. More aggression. Any substantial bet and I get get him to fold. If he makes a hero call with the smallest flush on the board, well so be it. Alas, I put him on a bigger flush card and got scared. At least I didn't go broke with Aces. I didn't have too much time to dwell on the hand. I had 3.3K and need to focus on accumulating chips. I slipped to 5783 out of 6867.

3:10pm... I had 2.7K when I found As-Ad. Aces twice inside of 100 minutes. I was due to win this batch. I raised from the cutoff. Small blind re-raised. I moved all in for 2.7K total. He called with Qs-Qc. He turned a gutshot but missed and my Aces held up. I increased my stack to 5.6K. 3200 out of 5972. Out of hot water, still lots of work ahead of me.

3:16pm... Jacks held up in small pot. 5.6K with avg stack at 7.1K. Laptop running out of juice. Back inside with golf on in background.

3:22pm... Flopped top set from the button with 9-9. Won pot even with scary flush on board. Up to 8.5K and above average. 1755/5400 and moving up.

3:31pm... Schecky was short and doubled up with Kings to get up to 3.3K. I got moved to new table. I was 5th in chips at new table with three big stacks to my left. 8.2K. 1948/5001.

3:36pm... At second break. Under 7.9K. Just a bit under the average of 8.3K. 2108/4800.

3:52pm... More technical issues. My laptop froze twice now during the tournament. Tech-tilt!

4:05pm... Schecky out. I won our last longer. Still not online.

4:06pm... Finally back online. Down to 7K. Avg 10K.

4:14pm... Was down to 5.5K. Won small pot and up to 7.9K. Avg is 12K. 2430/3363 left. I need to double up soon to stay average.

4:20pm... Today's smoke break is brought to you by Fantasy Sports Live!

Bonus Code: Pauly

4:25pm... Woke up to Queens in the big blind. One guy shoved. I called. He had J-J. My Queens held up and I increased my stack to 10K. 1480/3200. My brother and BadBlood were on the rail sweating me.

4:42pm... Flopped a straight flush with 5s-3s. Didn't get paid off.

4:44pm... 11.3K. Avg 15.4K. At the third break, I was 1547/2570.

5:03pm... Moved tables. Shortest stack at 8.2K. 1844 out of 2257.

5:05pm... Out in 2190. 9h-8s lost to 8c-7c. Top pair flushed out.

No WSOP main event for me. Dreams crushed. Reality sinks in. Back to the grind.

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