Friday, June 20, 2008

WSOP Day 22 - Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I am the luckiest guy in Las Vegas today.

At 3:02pm, I got into an accident on Rainbow and DI when a fire truck sped through intersection. I'm OK. I walked away from the accident and refused medical attention.

I'm currently dealing with insurance crap and the rental car company.

I will be back to posting as soon as possible. For now, I'm fine and feeling super lucky that I walked away from the wreck without a scratch on me.

I'm definitely the luckiest guy in Vegas today, by far.

* * * * *

5 events today and two final tables.
Event #34 $1,500 PLO with Rebuys - Final Table
Event #35 $1,500 Seven Card Stud - Final Table
Event #36 $1,500 NL - Day 2
Event #37 $10,000 Omaha 8 - Day 2
Event #38 $2,000 PL Hold'em - Day 1
And there are two final tables including a big one for the PLO event which included Ted Forrest, Layne, Flack, and Dario Alioto.
Event #34 $1,500 PLO with Rebuys - Final Table:
Seat 1: Frank Vizza (Cold Spring Harbor, NY) - 378,000
Seat 2: Dario Alioto (Palermo, Italy) - 659,000
Seat 3: Tim West (Los Altos, CA) - 187,000
Seat 4: Daniel Makowsky (Zurich, Switzerland) - 493,000
Seat 5: Kyle Kloeckner (St. Louis, MO) - 845,000
Seat 6: Jacobo Fernandez (Hollywood, FL) - 348,000
Seat 7: Layne Flack (Las Vegas, NV) - 601,000
Seat 8: Michael Guzzardi (Melbourne, Australia) - 751,000
Seat 9: Ted Forrest (Las Vegas, NV) - 757,000

Event #35 $1,500 Seven Card Stud - Final Table:
Seat 1: Levon Torosyan (Los Angeles, CA) -- 114,500
Seat 2: Al Barbieri (Philadelphia, PA) -- 252,500
Seat 3: Max Troy (Los Angeles, CA) - 88,500
Seat 4: Michael Rocco (Las Vegas, NV) - 255,000
Seat 5: Giacomo D'Agostino (North Providence, RI) - 123,000
Seat 6: Andre Boyer (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) - 106,000
Seat 7: Jeffrey Siegal (Daly City, CA) - 150,000
Seat 8: Danny Kalpakis (Ajax, Ontario, Canada) - 55,000
* * * * *


OK, a little under 4hours since the accident, I finally made it to the Rio. My 22nd day in the row and I wasn't about to let a car wreck deter me from covering the WSOP.

Event #34 $1.5K PLO Rebuys final table: Down to six. TMay420 already busted out. Ted Forrest is alive... but barely. He has a $1 million prop bet with Phil Ivey that he'll win a bracelet before Ivey. The Suicide King missed a couple of weeks ago when he took second. Forrest is gonna need some help if he wants to win this bracelet. Layne Flack is the current chipleader, while WSOP-E PLO bracelet winner Dario Alioto is second in chips.

Event #35 $1.5K Stud final table: Down to three. Al Barbieri has the chiplead.

* * * * *

8:41pm... Thanks to everyone for their kind words in the comments and in emails and in text messages and in voicemails and for the phone calls. I'm lucky to have amazing friends and followers. Thanks a bunch.

Event #34 $1.5K PLO Rebuys final table: I picked Dario Alioto to win it before the final table began. I'm just riding the Italians wave of good luck. Alas, Alioto will have to wait to win his second bracelet. He was just busted in 4th place. Down to 3. Flack has a monster lead.

* * * * *


Event #34 $1.5K PLO Rebuys final table: Layne Flack won the bracelet. Congrats to Flack. You know he's gonna be partying it up tonight.

Event #35 $1.5K Stud final table: Mike Rocco and Al Barbieri are heads up for the bracelet. Rocco has a 2-1 chiplead.

Chris "Triple Draw" Fargis stopped by the pressbox. He's been absent so far from the WSOP but was in town to specifically play the Triple Draw event. He's my darkhorse to win it. He hasn't played in months but he physically looks great.

* * * * *


Event #35 $1.5K Stud final table: Mike Rocco win the bracelet. Nice score, bro.

* * * * *


I turned down a visit to strip club and opted to go home and write instead. Been a long day. I need pharmies.

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