Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WSOP Day 12 - Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Three bracelets will be awarded at the WSOP today. Six events are running including the pro-heavy field in the Deuce to Seven event. Durrrr begins the day as the chipleader.

Here's today's lineup:
Event #15 - $1,000 Ladies NL Hold'em World Championship - Final Table
Event #16 - $2,000 Omaha8 - Final Table
Event #17 - $1,500 NL Hold'em Shootout - Final Table
Event #18 - $5,000 NL 2-7 Draw Lowball w/Rebuys - Day 2
Event #19 - $1,500 PLO - Day 1
Event #20 - $2,000 Limit - Day 1
Here are two of the final tables for today...
Event #17 $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout:
Seat 1: Casey Coleman (Kingston, Canada)
Seat 2: Matthew Giannetti (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Seat 3: Thomas West (Los Altos, California)
Seat 4: Rory Monahan (Carbondale, Illinois)
Seat 5: Kyle Bowker (Walton, New York)
Seat 6: John Strzemp III (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Seat 7: Mike Schwartz (Encino, California)
Seat 8: Sergey Rybachenko (Moscow, Russian)
Seat 9: Jason Young (Suffern, New York)
Seat 10: Alexander Triner (Rockville, Maryland)

Event #15 $1,000 Ladies NL Championship:
Seat 1: Patty Till (Avon, Indiana) 312,000
Seat 2: Roslyn Quarto (Edison, New Jersey) 73,000
Seat 3: Marla Crumpler (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) 163,000
Seat 4: Svetlana Gromenkova (New York , New York) 553,000
Seat 5: Sue Porter (Houston, Texas) 211,000
Seat 6: Debbie Mitchell (Miramar, Florida) 224,000
Seat 7: Christine Priday (Denver, Colorado) 448,000
Seat 8: Yesenia Garcia (Modesto, California) 210,000
Seat 9: Anh Le (San Jose, California) 191,000
The final table for Event #16 $2,000 0maha8 has not been set yet. Still two tables left there.

* * * * *


According the the hombres at Wicked Chops Poker, there's a high stakes golf match going on at TPC Summerlin. Daniel Negreanu vs. Patrick Antonius for $500K. Stay tuned for more info.

Event #15 Ladies Final Table: Down to 7. Sweet Svetlana lost some chips, but she's still the chipleader. The final table is on the stage and being taped by ESPN360. I sat in the stands for a bit and spotted Cyndy Violette in the crowd.

Event #16 08: The re-srated Day 3 with 18 players and the final two tables. Two busted and they are down to 16. Gobboboy is alive but one of the short stacks with 14th in chips.

Event #17 Shootout: Snoopy and Dana were here to 8am covering this event. And they are back. Snoopy looked like Death and refused to eat until the event is over. I had to buy him a sandwich.

Event #18 Deuce-to-Seven: I have been lurking on the rail in this event. 33 players left. Phil Ivey is among the first players to bust out today. I wonder if he hopped a flight to LA so he can go see the Lakers game. The Lakers are a 9.5 favorite by the way. Oh, back to the event, Mike Matusow and David Benyamine are among the chipleaders. DonkeyBomber is a part of the lead pack.

Event #19 PLO: This event always brings out the Europeans and action junkies. I spotted the Eggman in the field. Eskimo was among the first players to bust in this event. He was last seen lurking the halls trying to score buy-ins. Bikom, who won a Saturdays with Dr. Pauly event, is in today's event. He stopped by the press box to say hello. BWOP busted Raymer. He flopped a flush. She flopped top set and rivered the boat to send Fossilman packing. He was last seen talking politics to the guys running the PPA booth. Homer has about 4K. "Two-thirds of the field is out. It's pretty crazy," said Homer. "All the Brits I know are doing good."

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Back by popular demand...
Last 5 Pros I Pissed Next To...
1. Bob Feduniak
2. Durrrr
3. Tom McEvoy
4. Ted Lawson
5. Barny Boatman
Event #15 Ladies Final Table: Down to 7. Sweet Svetlana still on top.

Event #16 08: Down to 11. Gobboboy is so close to making a final table.

Event #18 Deuce-to-Seven: 29 to go. Matusow = chiplader. Durrrr is second. OMGClayAiken is busto.

* * * * *


Net issues for some. None for me. I had to use my aircard since the wifi at the Rio crapped out It's been shitty the last 24 hours.

Event #15 Ladies Final Table: Down to 6. Sweet Svetlana is the chipleader.

Event #16 08: 11 to go. Action is hand-for-hand. Gobboboy alive and trying to make his first WSOP final table. According to Foiled Coup, Allen Kessler and some other pros are on the rail sweating one of the players who is supposedly owes them a bunch of money which he had borrowed over the years and failed to repay.

Event #17 Shootout: Still 8 left.

Event #18 Deuce-to-Seven: 28 remaining. 14 get paid. Durrr back on top. This event has the most railbirds in the room.

Event #19 PLO: 201 remaining. BWOP still has about 10K.

* * * * *


Event #15 Ladies Final Table: Down to 6. Sweet Svetlana lost the lead to Anh Le.

Event #16 08: Down to 9. Gobboboy made the final table. Scott Clements out in front.

Event #17 Shootout: Down to 8.

Event #18 Deuce-to-Seven: Durrrr on top. He took out Lederer. 24 to go. One media bigwig called the remaining three tables the "jerk-off tables" since several players remaining have well-known reputations of being world class jerkoffs. He was joking but I got the point. There are definitely a handful of asstards remaining in that event.

Event #19 PLO: Rafi Amit from Israel in the house and among the chipleaders. He's one of the best young PLO guns in the world.

Event #20 Limit: Phil Ivey is in the limit event. He has big bucks on the Lakers/Celtics game. He greased somebody $200 to turn the game on one of the big plasmas that was being used for a tournament clock.

Smoking with the Dealers: The scene... three degenerate dealers. The subject... cash games.

Dealer 1: "I flopped a straight flush last night at the MGM. I only won fuckin' $10."

Dealer 2: "At least you didn't have your top set lose to a runner-runner straight flush. Happened to me at the Orleans. Lost a $1,200 pot."

Dealer 3: "I had to call the floor on one guy the other night at Sunset Station. I cracked some guy's Aces and he kept threatening to kill me. I was on such tilt that I donked off all of the psycho's profits. I left the game stuck $100 and he still wanted to kill me."

* * * * *


Event #15 Ladies Final Table: Heads up between Sweet Svetlana and Anh Le.

Event #16 08: Gobboboy = Gobbobusto. He's out in 9th place. Down to 8.

Event #17 Shootout: Down to 3.

Event #18 Deuce-to-Seven: 21 left. Durrrr out in front with Lindgren second in chips.

Event #19 PLO: Bikom holding on with a short stack. BWOP made it to the dinner break.

Event #20 Limit: Ivey has been getting a massage since the event began. He's been keeping both crazy eyes on the Laker game.

New prop bet with Parvis. We did another last longer, this time in 2-7. Here's our players...
Parvis: Durrr, Mike Matusow, Layne Flack, Sheiky, and Jeff Lisandro

Pauly: Erick Lindgren, Jesus, Donkey Bomber, David Benyamine, and Dario Alioto
* * * * *


Event #15 Ladies Final Table: Sweet Svetlana takes down Ladies Event and wins her first WSOP bracelet!

Event #18 Deuce-to-Seven: Down to 17. Jesus, Sheiky, and Layne Flack are busto. I'm up 4-3 against Parvis.

Event #20 Limit: LA Lakers win by 6, but don't cover. Spread was 9.5. Lakers trail Boston Celtics 2-1 in NBA Championships. Phil Ivey actually smiled when the Lakers won.

* * * * *


So much happened in the last three hours. I had a deadline in the morning so I went home to write by the pool. Schecky got the pump fixed and our waterfall is back.

Went to Red Rock Casino with Change100. Avoided the temptation to bet on more European Championships games and play Pai Gow. I ate chocolate fudge pie then got a wicked acid flashback. Intense colors in such a short span of time.

Talked with Michalski. Our next podcast of Tao of Pokerati should be up soon.

So let's bring you up to speed...

Event #16 08: Four remaining. The Suicide King is the chipleader. Ted Forrest needs to get some of his money back after he paid Matusow $100K to lose a shitload of weight. With Scott Clements out of the mix, the bracelet is Forrest's to lose.

Event #17 Shootout: Poor poor Snoopy and Dana. They were at the Rio until 8am and came back to cover the final table which is still heads up as the Midnight hour approaches. Jason Young has the lead over Mike Schwartz. One of them will win a bracelet tonight.

Event #18 Deuce-to-Seven: 11 players remaining. Matsuow has a slight chiplead over Durrrrr. DonkeyBomber, Lindgren, David Benyamine, and Dario Alioto are all alive. I got them on my last longer with Parvis. I'm up 4-3. Recent bustouts included Doyle Brunson, Nick Schulman, and Michael Binger.

Event #19 PLO: 64 to go. They're in the money. Vanessa Selbst and Chau Giang among the chipleaders. Now there's a cute couple. BWOP busted just before the bubble.

Event #20 Limit: 50% busto. 240 left out of 480 runners. Danny Boy is the chipleader with PearlJammer not too far behind.

* * * * *


Event #16 08: Three-handed. Suicide King still in the lead.

Event #18 Deuce-to-Seven: Durrrr bubbed off the final table. Erick Lindgren, Mike Matusow, Jef Lisandro, Barry Greenstein, Tony G, David Benyamine, and DonkeyBomber all made the final table and will come back tomorrow. Congrats to DonkeyBomber for making another WSOP final table... in another non-NL event. He's proving that he's one of the best all-around players on the circuit.

* * * * *


Event #16 08: Ted Forrest heads up for the bracelet. He's looking for #6.

Event #17 Shootout: Jason Young wins the bracelet. My sincere compliments to Snoopy and Dana who covered a three-day event in two-days. Well done.

Event #19 PLO: Day 1 is complete. 46 players remaining. Man, that PLO field went quick. Vanessa Selbst and Gene Todd are among the chipleaders.

Event #20 Limit: 130 left out of 480. The Donator out in front. Bill Chen. ZeeJustin, and Cyndy Violette are all busto.

* * * * *


Event #16 08: Andy Brown (not Black) wins bracelet in Event #16 Omaha8. Ted Forrest eliminated in second place.

Good night everyone. You have been a great crowd. See you tomorrow for the exciting Deuce-to-Seven final table featuring DonkeyBomber.

* * * * *


I just played like a maniac in a Round 1 freeroll on PokerStars. I won a seat to the next round.

Here's proof that the sun shines on a dog's ass every once in a while.

I advanced to Round 2 on Saturday to a satellite where PokerStars are giving away 3 seats to the WSOP main event.

1148 entrants were in my freeroll and the top 50 won seats to Round 2. I gobbled up chips early on and stayed near the front of the pack for the entire tournament. I got lucky when my Aces held up in a four-way pot. That put me in the Top 5 with 100 to go. At one point I was chipelader with 56 to go. I was third in chips on the bubble when it broke. The entire turbo pushfest took 90 minutes. Totally worth it.

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