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WSOP Live Blog - Day 16

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Will this be Allen Cunningham's day?

Over the last three years a couple of week before the WSOP begins, I always predict that Allen Cunningham will win a bracelet. That's such a safe bet that even my most degenerate gambling friends will not take action on me. Allen Cunningham is one of the most consistent players over the last four years and he always steps up his game during the WSOP. Even Ivey bet on Cunningham to win a bracelet, which might be one of the few bets Ivey actually wins this summer.

Cunningham has a tough table with Minh Ly and the Italian Pirate standing in his way. Max Pescatori has become Foiled Coup's whipping boy this summer because of his lackluster performance during the first two weeks. Alas, the Italian Pirate must feel good to make a final table since the last time (and only time) that he won a bracelet was in the 2006 WSOP ont he same day that Italy won the world cup. Plus, I'm digging all the scars on his arm which was attributed to a fight. Gotta love that the Italian Pirate is kicking it old school. He'll rumble with anyone. Argggghhhhhhhh!

Here are today's events:
Event #23 $2,000 NL - Final Table
Event #24 $2,500 PLO/PLH - Final Table
Event #25 $10,000 Heads Up - Day 2
Event #26 $1,500 Razz - Day 2
Event #27 $1,500 NL - Day 1
Event #28 $5,000 PLO with Rebuys - Day 1

Here are today's final tables...
Event #23 $2,000 NL Final Table:
Seat 1: Andrew Jeffreys (Melbourne, Australia) - 1,051,000
Seat 2: Blair Hinkle (Kansas City, Missouri) - 1,030,000
Seat 3: Dominik Kulicki (Amsterdam, Netherlands) - 241,000
Seat 4: Daniel O'Brien (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 456,000
Seat 5: Mark Brockington (Edmonton, Alberta) - 552,000
Seat 6: Chris Bjorin (London, United Kingdom) - 247,000
Seat 7: Dustin Dirksen (Iowa City, Iowa) - 867,000
Seat 8: David Steicke (Hong Kong) - 611,000
Seat 9: Stephane Tayar (Saint Mande, France) - 323,000

Event #24 $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha:
Seat 1: Max Pescatori (Milan, Italy) - 212000
Seat 2: Jonathan Depa (Chicago, Illinois) - 185000
Seat 3: Kyle Hegeman (Jacksonville, Florida) - 198000
Seat 4: Kyle Kloeckner (St. Louis, Missouri) - 494000
Seat 5: John-Paul Kelly (Brighton, United Kingdom) - 79000
Seat 6: Greg Hurst (Tazewell, Tennessee) - 197000
Seat 7: Lennart Holtkamp (Utrecht, Netherlands) - 253000
Seat 8: Minh Ly (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 174000
Seat 9: Allen Cunningham (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 484000
Looks the Europeans are making a strong showing over the last couple of final tables.

Here are today's matchups in Day 2 of the Heads Up bracelet race:
Event #25 $10,000 Heads Up Championship:
Jason Rosenkrantz vs. Brandon Adams
Emil Patel vs. Michael Banducci
Roman Paradiso vs. Sam Farha
Kenny Tran vs. Erick Lindgren
Thomas Lutz vs. John Patgorski
Gavin Griffin vs. Alexander Kostritsyn
Andy Black vs. Michael McNeil
Alex Jacob vs. Jonathan Jaffe
Brian Roberts vs. Alec Torelli
Scott Montgomery vs. Isaac Haxton
Daniel "Ansky" Stern vs. David Williams
Lyle Berman vs. David Podgurski
Jean-Claude Moussa vs. Robert Mizrachi
Jonas Entin vs. Evan Sofer
Cliff Cantor vs. Vanessa Selbst
Matt Giannetti vs. The Grinder
* * * * *


I played a little online poker this morning before work. I played in a WSOP main event freeroll. Three seats were up for grabs. I was eliminated in 1704th place out of 2462. My Queens were ousted by a bloody gutshot...

After that, it was Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. A great turn out this week. Right now, it's on the money bubble.

Event #23 2K NL: The final table started a little while ago. Within the first orbit, there was already one eliminated. Down to 8. Blair Hinkle is the chipleader. That sounds like such a fake name. Blair Hinkle. Sounds like a WASPY villain in a Philip Roth novel.

Event #24 PLO/PLH: Final table starting soon. I saw Melissa Hayden and Allen Cunningham in the hallway. Allen looks as cool as usual.

Event #25 $10K Heads Up: David Williams defeated Ansky. Vanessa Selbst and Gavin Griffin both advanced.

Event #26 Razz: That re-start is why I'm here. F Train made it to day 2 but there's still a little more to go before the money bubble. 104 remaining out of 453 runers. Top 28 get paid. I spotted Lacey Jones in the hallway. She couldn't find her restart area. She said she was super short...

Event #27 $1,500 NL: I hope you brought your donkey repellent to the Amazon ballroom today. Shaniac and Tm Vance are already out. ZeeJustin out to an early lead.

* * * * *


Congrats to OneEyedKeith for winning Saturdays with Dr. Pauly! I missed the action since I was covering an event in a different area.

Event #26 Razz: I wandered over to the Brasilia Room where the heads up and Razz restarts were underway. I sweated F Train's table and he didn't look pleased with his start. He lost over half his stack and slipped to 7.5K after catching a ton of bricks. His table draw sucked... a bunch of nits and David Levi.

"These guys are driving me and David Levi so crazy that we had to put on our headphones," explained F Train.

F Train is alive but needs help with 95 to go.

Lacey Jones started at the same table as chipleader Barry Greenstein and David Sklansky. Of course, Lacey was sitting in the seat across from Sklansky who keep leering her way. I felt bad for poor Lacey, Not only was she shortstacked, she ha d a dirty old man undressing her at the table with his four eyes.

Sadly, Lacey busted along with Gank and Cyndy Violette. Archie "The Greek" Karas is still alive with 20K.

Overheard in the Hallway: A former WPT final table finalist say to his friend, "Can you loan me another five?"

His buddy looked miffed, "I already loaned you fifteen since Wednesday."

"In that case, can you make it ten?"

* * * * *


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* * * * *


Event #23 2K NL: 5 to go. David Steicke = chipleader.

Event #24 PLO/PLH: 7 to go. Allen Cunningham third in chips. Italian Pirate 4th.

Event #25 $10K Heads Up: Sweet 16 is set. Alec Torelli, Brandon Adams, David Williams, Emil Patel, Gavin Griffin, John Patgorski, Jonas Mentin, Jonathan Jaffe, Kenny Tran, Lyle Berman, Michael McNeil, Robert Mizrachi, Roman Paradiso, Scott Montgomery, and Vanessa Selbst all advanced.

Event #26 Razz: DonkeyBomber and Archie Karas are both alive. Dario Alioto and Sam Grizzle were moved to F Trains table. He got up to 17K but still needs help. Alioto just busted. DonkeyBomber among the chipleaders.

Event #27 $1,500 NL: Andrew Webking is still alive. BelowAbove = chipleader. Raymer and Hellmuth both busted.

* * * * *

Event #26 Razz: Sklanasky = out. FTrain was down to 6500 at the break but doubled up. Down to 69.

OK... thanks to Schecky, I have the rest of the night off. Heading to see Stone Temple Pilots at Pearl with a nice posse including Change100, Kristy Gazes, Amanda Leatherman, and Joe Sebok.

I'll be updating STP's setlist via twitter if you are into that.

Check in with Poker News for FTrain updates.

Be back tomorrow.

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