Friday, March 26, 2010

Link Dump: Tony G Staking Isildur1, Potheads in the NFL, Denny Crum, UIEGA, and Las Vegas Cabbie Stories

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Happy Friday. Here are some random links to keep you entertained....
Tony G offers to stake Isildur1. He also said he could play live games with a Kermit the Frog mask to hide his true identity Good lord, what good could come from this? Isildur1 can run up a stack but he implodes every time and Brian Hastings vacuums up the last of his roll. (Party Poker Blog)

Since we're on the subject... Luke Schwartz outs Isildur1 and reveals the Swede's true identity, but nothing shocking here, he's simply telling us the obvious. (Poker Player UK)

Oh, if you didn't know, The G responded to a recent Tao of Poker post involving him, Phil Hellmuth, and a Rudyard Kipling poem. Read The G's reactions in Pauly's Pen. (Tony G Poker)

Heart-warming video of little girl asking former Louisville hoops coach Denny Crum to recant his worst bad beat story. Crum tells her something that happened during the WSOP. (Pokerati)

I don't spend too much time thinking about the political stuff, but luckily my friends do. Check our Shamus' astute take on the political climate and the storm that's a brewing... Thinking About June 1 (& the UIGEA). (Hard-Boiled Poker)

Never mind the roidheads, here come the potheads! NFL is not cool with the latest batch of college players who are marijuana addicts. And hey let's overlook all the steroid and painkiller abuse, not to mention all of those booze-fueled run-ins with the law. (Sports Illustrated)

Another Cheating Scandal? Another hysterical take on multi-accounters, forums, and online poker. (The Melted Felt)

MtFunkMD, my favorite Vegas taxi blogger seems to be posting regularly again. XLVII and XLVIII are must reads. (Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles)

I'm now a contributor and west coast correspondent for Upstate Frolfer. Feels amazing to write about non-poker things once in a while. Check out my first post, a review of Chavez Ridge at Elysian Park. Ah and I have a second post titled The Pink Disc. (Upstate Frolfer)

I started a new category on my regular blog called hockey fights. I posted two recent fights from the NHL and from the minor leagues in Canada. (Tao of Pauly)
Have a fun weekend. I hope you get laid. Now get the hell out of my office.


  1. Johnny Hughes10:16 AM

    ....So, I did this long interview last night with John Hartness a.k.a. Falstaff, and Curtis Kummel a.k.a. Special K. Thanks to you.  I was terrible switching into my former role as university lecturer. They spoke little, unfortuately. I denounced Michael Craig, a near moron at research and logic, and his handmaiden, the usually wrong Jim McManus. That is when it comes to Texas or the history of poker in Las Vegas. Both of them cite source material they have never read. This cut and paste mentality has ruined poker history. I said Jon Bradshaw's Fast Company is the worst case of plagiarism I have ever seen. Neither Craig nor the hapless Jim McManus have read Benny's oral history, the obit and eulogy at Nick the Greek's funeral, or incredibly enough, Nick the Greek's biography.

  2. Johnny Hughes10:21 AM

    ., These two dolts, Craig and McManus, are the only grownups alive that have never heard of the mafia and their control of the Strip in the day.

    They asked me my favorite poker writer after I'd trashed them. I said Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire and told of Lost Vegas. They asked if there was anybody else, and I said no, and told them of Lost Vegas again. I plugged Truckin'  They said you had been a fabulous guest and were holding back some heavy, juicy, inflammatory revelations until the book Lost Vegas came out. Voyeaurism and scandal are selling this year.

  3. Drizztdj5:31 PM

    That cabbie story about college.  Spot on.  While it may blow the minds of the poker bloggers, I do enjoy Accounting and its the reason why I'm going back to school.  To learn about the subject and get education needed to get the right accounting position (not the crap I'm doing now).

  4. The Blue Knave2:29 PM

    "recant" is probably not the word you're looking for in the link to the Denny Crum story. Probably meant "relate"?