Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Early March Link Dump: Derailed F-Train, Falling Skies, IPOs, Zee Germans, RIP Boner, Nacho's Punta Victory, and Other Uruguayan Musings

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Although it's an amazing feeling to finally wake up in your own bed, I'm always a mess when I return from an international journey. As I slowly clear up my desk, here's a bunch of items you should check out...
F-Train and I go way back to the old Blue Parrot days in NYC when we played cards every Monday night right around the corner from the Copacabana. Since then, he followed a similar path as me and migrated to Vegas where he cut his teeth as a poker reporter. He's one of the best in the business which is why it was a surprise to many of our colleagues that he got thrown under the bus by some of the Poker Road crew during one of their broadcasts during the conclusion of the NAPT Venetian. F-Train wanted to clear his name since they falsely accused him of writing things that he was not associated with. Read all about the touchy situation... Open Response to PokerRoad Radio's "B Team" and Follow-Up. (Riding the F Train)

Since we're going down the old school poker blogger route, head over to Bill Rini's blog for an astute observation about the vagaries of the industry with The Sky is Falling for Affiliates. (Bill's Poker Blog)

Gaming industry expert David Schwartz sounds off on business news with... Harrah's IPO on the horizon. Yep, the street will own Harrah's, but when? (Die Is Cast)

Satire from the Brits. I love It. Political Storm As Germans Invent Word For 'Fold'. Perfect time too since the EPT Berlin is kicking off as we speak. (Melted Felt)

My brother penned a touching tribute to a fallen former child actor titled RIP Boner. (Poker in the Weeds)

Oh, by the way, in case you didn't know, I went to Uruguay to cover the LAPT Punta del Este for PokerStars. For only the second time in the three-year history of the LAPT, a Latin players was crowned as a LAPT champion. Check out the details... Team Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero Wins First LAPT Title. (PokerStars Blog)

Speaking of Uruguay... here's a personal video titled 55 Seconds in Uruguay and here's my Uruguay photo gallery. (Tao of Pauly, Flickr)

If you like to read about things aside from poker or gambling, then stay tuned for the new issue of Truckin' which will be out very soon soon. In the meantime, I'm re-linking two stories from the February issue.... Lymie Malibu and China Rider. (Truckin')
That's it for now. Get the hell out of my office because I gotta get back to work!

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