Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness: Sweet 16 - Thursday Picks

By Pauly
Manhattan Beach, CA

I'm out frolfing before the games begin.

Anyway, here are Thursday's Sweet 16 picks.

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  1. BlazeFreely6:22 PM

    Posted at 4:20 lol.  Great time to make take a toke i mean make a post but dam Pauly i couldn't wait that long for your majikal picks, had to have action immediatly when i finally sat down at my PC this afternoon.  And shit you did so good for me the opening round of the tourny.  I have Cornell +8, Kansas State -5, West Virginia -4.5, and Syracuse -6.5 with the K-State, W-Viginia, Syracuse Parlay.  

  2. Pauly9:55 PM

    You should have faded my early games. 0-2? I clearly suck. I did hedge in the Cuse game and bet Butler in the 2nd half.