Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday Link Dump: Heads Up Odds, WPT/NAPT, Banning the Paradinha, Truckin' and LOST

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

A couple of quick links for ya...
Check out the betting lines for the NBC Heads Up Championship this weekend. That Ivey clown is the favorite. Also in the Top 10 are familiar faces... Huck Seed, Jesus, durrrr, Hellmuth, Negreanu, Patrk Antonius, Allen Cunningham, John Juanda, and Gus Hansen. (Party Bets)

If you are a fan of the TV show Lost, then you must read the outstanding recaps from Julius Goat. (The Goat Speaks)

Shamus waxes about the two major tournament series in North America not named the WSOP. Go read about the WPT vs. NAPT, Round 1. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

Tax time. Time to pay the piper. Do you want gambling tips from the IRS? If you're actually gonna file your taxes this year and not protest with the Tea Baggers, then perhaps some of the tips will be helpful. (The Die Is Cast)

Should the Paradinha be banned? The Brazilians are a wild bunch of angle shooters. They invited the 'paradinha' style penalty kick and it's not outlawed by FIFA and might be seen at the World Cup this summer. Should the deceptive kick be banned? As a former goalie, I say... fuck yes. But kudos to the Brazilians for exploiting an edge. But I gotta say this... Pele didn't have to angle shoot. He was that fuckin' good. (Wall Street Journal)

The March issue of Truckin' has been published for your viewing pleasure. Fiction is a lost art, but we're keeping it going. My contribution to your favorite literary rag is a short story titled Purple Pajamas. This month's issue also includes a pumpkin story from Change100, a Texas road tale from Johnny Hughes, an alleged fire in Auckland set by Chris Hall, and a Norwegian ghost story by my buddy Sigge. (Truckin')
That's it for now...

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