Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best of Tao of Poker: March 2010 Edition

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

March featured an unexpected and drastic makeover for Tao of Poker and we finally got settled in to the new digs. If you missed the old template which featured a month's worth of clutter on one page, then this post is dedicated to you. Here's a quick recap of some of my favorite posts from this month...
Top 10 Ways to Annoy Chat Beggars - Give into your fervent desires and fuck with the brokedicks on the rail.

Through a Glass Darkly: The Search for Islidur1 - A mock-interview with the abstruse Swedish high stakes pro.

Vans Vote for 2010 TOC; Tao of Poker's Picks - This includes a few illustrious Top 5 and Top 10 lists of distinguished players you should consider voting for.

Lucky - A pedantic re-visitation of an old theme. This excerpt missed the cut for the final draft of Lost Vegas.

White Man's Burden - Phill Hellmuth and Tony G - A Rudyard Kipling poem accurately described the hijinks of The G and Hellmuth.

The Return of the Sun King - Bonus whoring, Big Deuce, and grinding online to fund my intrepid summer adventures.
You can always check out the Best of Tao section to read (or re-read) some of your favorite posts over the years.

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