Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Link Dump: WPT Final Table for Phil Hellmuth, Kevin Mathers, Kara Scott, Innovations, and More EPT Berlin Drama

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Heil, Hellmuth

Here are a few odds and ends to chow on before the week ends and the party begins. This is the last free weekend before March Madness kicks off next Thursday, so enjoy this semblance of peace and non-hoops.
Sign of the Apocalypse? Or is this the effect of the kinder and gentler Phil Hellmuth? Regardless, Hellmuth (aka God aka the coolest thing since sliced bread aka the world's greatest hold'em player aka God) advanced to the final table of the WPT Bay 101. Here's a video of Matt Savage with Hellmuth at the end of Day 2. Read Marty's recap of Hellmuth's pursuit of his first WPT title as he begins today's final table second in chips. (You Tube, PokerListings)

Oh, and you can follow along with BJ and Andy's live updates of the WPT Bay 101. I already have a huge bet that Hellmuth doesn't win. Anyone else want action? (World Poker Tour)

D'oh! Short-stacked Shamus scooped me and interviewed my buddy Ilya "ilushan" Gorodetsky before I could. Ilya, one of the top players and regarded as one of the best journalists from Russia, was going deep at the EPT Berlin during the moment of the robbery. Check out what Ilya and Shamus had to say about the Fright at the Feature Table. (Betfair Blog)

Let's be honest. Kevin Mathers is the real genius behind Pokerati and doing all the heavy lifting while Michalski gets all the accolades, hookers, and meth. Good to see Kevin Mathers finally get his due. Mathers, one of the mods at 2+2, was a guest on Jesse May's radio program, The Poker Show. Listen to Mathers here. I have never met Mathers, but it was cool to hear his voice. Keep up the great work, brah! (Pokerati)

Top 10 Online Poker Innovations is a two-part series written by Change100. Part 1 is up and it's an interesting read. (Poker News)

AlCantHang was the latest guest on the Gambling Tales podacst, spearheaded by Special K and Falstaff. Awesome work, gents. And three cheers for ACH. (Gambling Tales)

By the way, I enjoy anything that Kara Scott does, especially her dual blogging duties. (Card Runners, Party Poker Blog)

What's the point of a link dump, if I can't pimp my own stuff? In addition to Tao of Poker's facelift, my original blog got one too. Take a peek at the new and improved Tao of Pauly. I also revamped Truckin' and added a quick link to every short story that I've ever written for Truckin'. Lastly, you can view a complete list of Truckin' authors who shared their stories over the year.
That's it for now. Now, get the hell out of my office!

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    I appreciate that you said please with your request -- but unfortunately you're going to have embrace the change. For reasons beyond my control, I had to migrate to a new template. If I stayed the same, I'd lose almost 50% of my archives.