Saturday, March 06, 2010

EPT Berlin Robbery Video

By Pauly
Greenville, SC

I was hungover when I read tweets from two colleagues (Dana & Donnie Peters) covering the EPT Berlin. Six armed men in ski masks, and one wielding a machete, robbed the event. Luckily, no one was injured. Erroneous reports are flooding the internet/media that the thieves stole up to 800,000 Euros. That information is false. At present moment, a figure has not been released.

A German crew from has raw footage of one of the assailants getting apprehended. Click here for the original video and updates in German.

Here's a YouTube version of the robbery (h/t to Kevin Mathers)...

Here's a report from Gloria Balding...

Hopefully if Benjo has time, he'll give us the scoop with a first-hand account as a guest post on Tao of Poker. He witnessed the events happened as he was recording commentary for the French version of EPTLive.

My buddy, Ilya, was still playing in the event when the robbery went down. Perhaps he can share with us his version as well.

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